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Baroness of the Treasure Realm

Greed, Baroness of the Treasure Realm is the mistress of all Treasure Goblins. Greed lives up to her namesake, and does not take kindly to intrusion into her realm. She is never satisfied, and sends her minions out to find gold constantly. The incoming gold in turn has to be tallied. And the existing gold must be inventoried to make sure none of it has gone missing. Plus, Greed takes a bath in all her gold every three hours. She is obsessed with all things valuable, and is compelled to increase her wealth.

If you are not familiar with Greed, here is a video of the Treasure Realm and the encounter with Greed in Diablo 3.

When Greed entered The Nexus she set her sights upon a new currency: experience. It's not enough that she should have the most - - her enemies must be denied theirs as well.

Greed's trait is Treasure Goblins; minions she can spawn to head to other lanes and soak experience. These goblins have respectable health, and they need it. The experience they soak gets stored up, only counting to Greed's team's total experience if they can manage to return it to her after their duration expires. Enemies will want to kill these goblins if possible as they soak experience at twice the rate of a normal hero. Either way this works in Greed's favor: a Treasure Goblin returns safely and she receives experience for her team or her enemies spend time chasing her goblins instead of attending to other issues.

Greed can assist in a team fight by smashing enemies with her Q, 'Avarice Strike', but her main strength lies in pushing lanes and securing a level lead for her team. Greed does not have an especially large health pool so she must amass a large shield with her W ability , 'Hoard'. To do this she may not-so-accidentally kill off friendly minions, but this is offset by her ability to summon Vault Sentries. These strong goblins more than make up for allied minions that were killed to strengthen Greed, Baroness of the Treasure Realm.

Combat Trait

Treasure Goblin
Spawn a Treasure Goblin at a target location. The Treasure Goblin will try to avoid damage, but will stay within the general area it was assigned to. 45 second cooldown.

After 20 seconds the Treasure Goblin will run back to Greed. If the Treasure Goblin arrives at Greed without being killed Greed's team will be rewarded with the experience that the Goblin was able to soak during its life.

- Treasure Goblins have a minimum distance; they must be spawned a long distance away from Greed.

- Treasure Goblins move 20% faster than heroes.

- Treasure Goblins soak experience 2x faster than heroes

Cosmetic: A Treasure Goblin with a lot of experience to return to Greed will have a larger sack of gold/goodies, indicating that they are an important target.

Primary Abilities

Avarice Strike
Strike an area with your gilded club, dealing high damage and causing enemies hit to drop gold piles, up to three. 12 second cooldown. Gold piles last 4 seconds.

Gold piles are consumed when Greed walks over them.
After a short delay deal damage to enemies, friendly minions and summoned units in the small target area and gain a permanent shield equal to 20% of the damage done, to a maximum shield equal to 30% of your health. 12 second cooldown.

Hoard deals double damage to friendly minions and summoned units.
Vault Sentry
Summon a Vault Sentry to patrol by your side and attack enemies near you, preferring heroes, for 9 seconds. 12 second cooldown.

The cooldown of Vault Sentry is reduced by 1 second every time Greed walks over a gold pile.

Heroic Abilities

Royal Finery
Permanently outfit yourself in the finest golden trinkets, gaining two effects:

- Golden Idol: Nearby allied minions and mercenaries deal 75% more damage.

- Opulent Visage: Damage you take from all non-heroic sources is reduced by 75%.
Golden Chests
Cause Golden Chests of loot to drop from the sky and burst open when they hit the ground, spilling items that your allies can walk over to pick up and gain temporary bonuses. 90 second cooldown.

Chest loot drops as "personal loot"; that is to say each player on your team sees different loot and can pick it up without preventing their allies from picking up loot. Each ally will have access to 5 of each type of item:

- Legendary Items increase basic attack damage by 3% for 12 seconds.

- Set Items increase ability power by 3% for 12 seconds.

Cosmetic: These items will glow under a ray of light like they do in Diablo 3.


Level 1:
Bribe: Enemy minions or captured mercenaries near your hero grant you stacks of Bribe. Use 20 stacks to Bribe target mercenary, instantly defeating them. Does not work on Bosses. Maximum 50 stacks.
Excessive Reach: Reduce the cooldown of Avarice Strike by 2 seconds and increase its length by 20%. This does not change the distance of your gold piles.
None For You: Allied minions hit by Hoard do not provide experience to the enemy team if they die within 2 seconds.
Give & Take & Take: Your basic attacks against structures destroy 1 ammo.

Level 4:
Greed Is Good: You can now pick up enemy health globes. These globes only benefit you.
All For Me: Allied minions hit by Hoard have a 35% chance to drop a pile of gold if they die within 2 seconds.
Inheritance: Vault Sentries that die or expire grant nearby friendly minions a shield for 35% of their health for 2 seconds.
A Mighty Need: Increase all experience you gain by 15% while you have a shield from Hoard.

Level 7:
First Aid: Activate to heal for a percentage of your max health over 6 seconds.
Loot Pinata: Treasure Goblins that are killed drop a pile of Loot. Loot piles can be picked up by any allied hero to reclaim 50% of the experience the Treasure Goblin had soaked. Loot piles last for 10 seconds.
Pride: Avarice Strike deals 100% more damage to non-heroic enemies.

Level 10:
Royal Finery: Permanently outfit yourself in the finest golden trinkets, increasing the damage dealt by nearby minions and mercenaries by 75% and reducing the damage that all non-heroic sources deal to you by 75%.
Golden Chests: Cause Golden Chests of loot to drop from the sky and burst open when they hit the ground, spilling items that your allies can walk over to pick up and gain temporary bonuses. 90 second cooldown.

Level 13:
Treasure Trove: Reduce the cooldown of Treasure Goblins by 15 seconds.
Greedy Goblin: Enemy heroes near a Treasure Goblin soak 20% less experience.
Decadence: Avarice Strike can spawn 1 additional gold pile.
The Harder They Fall: Vault Sentries' basic attacks against heroes deal additional damage equal to 0.5% of that target's maximum health.

Level 16:
Portal To The Treasure Realm: Treasure Goblins returning to Greed open a portal and teleport to Greed once they are within X yards of her. (About the same radius as Azmodan's Globe of Annihilation cast radius)
Sloth: Enemy heroes that walk over a gold pile are slowed by 60%, decaying rapidly over 1.5 seconds.
Amass: Increase the maximum shield provided by Hoard to 40% of your maximum health.
Pillagers: Vault Sentry's basic attacks increase their duration by 0.75 seconds.

Level 20:
Grossly Incandescent: While wearing Royal Finery enemy minions and mercenaries that are killed by your basic attacks drop 1 gold pile.

Golden Coffers: Each Golden Chest now drops 2 gold piles and the duration of item effects is increased to 15 seconds.
Gilded Goblins: Treasure Goblin gains a second charge and they now move 30% faster than heroes.
Fury of the Storm: Every 5 seconds your next basic attack will deal additional damage to your target and deal damage to nearby minions and mercenaries.


Avarice Strike spawns gold piles at three seperate but predictable points. In the following picture we can see the cursor that appears while the Greed player is aiming Avarice Strike. The circles are where the gold piles will spawn.

If the player takes 'Decadence' (the talent that increases the number of gold piles spawned by Avarice Strike) then the pattern of gold piles is changed as follows:



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Koetetsu (4) | February 3, 2016 12:26am
I like it. Good concept. Will she have as big of a hit box as Azmodan?
kid-karma (2) | February 3, 2016 9:19am
Koetetsu wrote:
I like it. Good concept. Will she have as big of a hit box as Azmodan?

She's massive in Diablo, but I was picturing her as roughly the same size as the butcher in HotS, maybe a little larger. She'd have to be big enough for the Treasure Goblins that are riding on her back to look somewhat proportional.
Tatanka (3) | January 31, 2016 3:39pm
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