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Last Updated: Sep 9, 2021
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The Witch

"We do not know much about Hagatha’s true nature. Is she indeed the source of the curse, as rumored? Or is she merely another one of its victims? Was she a survivor of some great battle who dragged herself deep into the forest and fell prey to dark magic? A wicked manifestation of the forest’s anger, furious with intruders and despoilers? An unusually skilled shaman, whose ambition and desire for vengeance have outstripped all good sense? Somewhere, on the bank of a dank and deadly swamp in the depths of the forest, she waits. When she speaks, every malignant thing in the woods bends an ear to listen. When she breathes, coils of glowing mist drift between tangled branches, and restless spirits wake from timeless slumber. When she rages, gnarled trees with jagged grins uproot themselves, and whole hillsides rise to lumber into the night. She is terrifying, but she isn’t a mindless force of nature, nor is she all-powerful. She is lucid, cunning, and plotting."

Hagatha is a Bruiser with a great zoning potential.

Health: 2230
Health Regen: 4.62
Attack Range: 1.5
Attack Speed: 1.25
Attack Damage: 104
Unit Radius: 0.88

Combat Trait

Heart of Corruption (D)

Cooldown: 2 seconds
Cast for 2 seconds to corrupt a targeted area near terrain for 12 seconds.
The terrain within becomes covered with Corrupted Roots, and the area itself Slows enemies within by 10%. Maximum of 3 corrupted areas at a time.
Range: 40
Area Radius: 5.5

You can cancel the cast as any other channel cast in the game.
Corruption doesn't affect Structures.
Corruption disappears if the corrupted area loses every corrupted terrain.
Corrupting an already corrupted area doesn't increase its Slow, but refreshes the duration of Corruption.

Primary Abilities

Ritual Dagger (Q)

Mana: 50
Cooldown: 7 seconds
Hurl a dagger that deals 92 damage to the first enemy hit. It collides with terrain.
If the dagger collides with Corrupted Roots, it returns to Hagatha after 0.25 seconds, dealing 138 damage to enemies it passes through.
Range: 13
Hitbox: 0.6x0.8
Missile Speed: 20

Bewitch (W)

Mana: 40
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Deal 70 damage to nearby enemies, then deal 70 damage to enemies within every corrupted area. Restore health equal to 100% of the damage done.
Radius: 4

Damage within corrupted areas is dealt after a 0.125-second delay
Witch's Cauldron (E)

Mana: 60
Cooldown: 6 seconds
Place a Cauldron with 540 health on the ground. If it's placed within a corrupted area, the corruption won't disappear until the Cauldron is destroyed. Cooldown starts once the Cauldron is destroyed.
Range: 4

Heroic Abilities

Witch's Brew (R1)

Mana: 120
Cooldown: 6 seconds
Use on Cauldron to spend all stacks of Brew and restore 60 health over 3 seconds. Healing is increased by 60 for each stack spent.
Passive: Killing a Minion grants 1 stack of Brew. Takedowns grant 10 stacks.
Maximum - 60 stacks.
Range: 4

Ominous Fog (R2)

Mana: 60
Cooldown: 60 seconds
After 0.25 seconds, create an ominous fog in the area for 5 seconds.
Enemies within it are Blinded and have their Armor reduced by 20.
Range: 8
Radius: 5.5


Ritual Begins
?Quest: Hit Heroes with Ritual Dagger.
?Reward: After 10 hits, reduce its cooldown by 2 seconds.
?Reward: After 20 hits, remove its mana cost.
?Reward: After 40 hits, it pierces all enemies in its path.

Cauldron gains 10 Armor and deals 20 damage every 0.5 seconds to nearby enemies.
Radius: 4

Sweet Home
Gain 10 Armor and 10% Spell Power within corrupted areas.


Bloodthirsty Dagger
Increase the range of Ritual Dagger by 20%. Dagger heals Hagatha for 20% of the damage done.

Branch Protection
Basic Attacks within corrupted areas grant a Shield for 2 seconds equal to 100% damage done. Doesn't stack.

Draining Vines
Enemies within corrupted areas take 10 damage each 0.25 seconds. Heroes hit heal Hagatha for 100% of the damage done.


Witch's Power
Hitting a Hero with Bewitch increases the range of your next Basic Attack to 4.5 and its damage by 25%. Stacks up to 4 attacks.

Witch's Ingredients
When Cauldron is destroyed, it explodes, dealing 162 damage to nearby enemies and reducing their Armor by 10 for 3 seconds.
Radius: 4

Grasping Roots
Increase the Slow within corrupted areas to 20%. Corrupted areas also reduce the Attack Speed of enemies within by 20%.


Enchanted Dagger
Hitting a Hero with Ritual Dagger increases the damage of the next Ritual Dagger by 10%. Stacks up to 5 times.

Echoes of the Woods
Bewitch casts a second time within corrupted areas 2 seconds after its first cast. This effect doesn't heal Hagatha.

Witch's Curse
Basic Attacks reduce the Spell Armor of Heroic targets by 5 for 3 seconds, up to a maximum reduction of 25 Spell Armor.
Passive: Gain 25% Attack Speed.


Witch's Camp
Increase the maximum number of active Cauldrons to 2.
You can't place a Cauldron within 8 radius from the center of another Cauldron.

Known Trails
Increase the duration of corruption by 25%. Gain 25% Movement Speed and Attack Speed within corrupted areas.

Earthen Might
Cooldown: 45 seconds
Active: After 1.5 seconds, Root enemies within corrupted areas for 1.5 seconds.


Eye of Murloc, Ear of Bat...
Reduce the cost of Witch's Brew by 50% and increase its healing by 50%.

Foggy Night
Ominous Fog also creates itself within corrupted areas.

Forbidden Dagger
Ritual Dagger Silences and Blinds enemies hit for 1 second. Empowered Dagger Stuns enemies hit for 1 second instead.

Corrupted Land
Increase the maximum number of corrupted areas at a time by 100%.

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