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By: Maximus Ultima
Last Updated: Sep 11, 2019
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Rework Concept

Hanzo is performing pretty poorly overall, and yet he remains one of the most frustrating heroes in the game to play against for many people.

This rework concept is meant to address that, mainly by changing certain talent functions and some minor early-game nerfs in exchange for some other general buffs.

Combat Trait

[Trait] Natural Agility
Cooldown: 30 sec.
Range: 8

Leap to a target location across unpathable terrain or a Structure.

Hanzo cannot jump to a location unless there is unpathable terrain between him and the target location.
If Hanzo is stunned or rooted while already in mid-air, the stun or root is applied once he lands. Hanzo is immune to displacement while in mid-air.
[Basic Attack] Storm Arrows
Damage: 190
Attack Speed: 0.67/sec.
Range: 6.5

Primary Abilities

[Q] Storm Bow
Cooldown: 4 sec.
Mana Cost: 20
Damage: 280
Minimum Range: 6
Maximum Range: 13
Charge Duration: 1.25 sec.
Width: 1
Charge an arrow that deals 280 damage to the first enemy hit. Storm Bow's range increases from 6 to 13 over the first 1.25 seconds it is channeled.

Target Practice
❢ Quest: Hit 15 enemy Heroes with Storm Bow. The first hit against each individual Hero grants 3x progress.
❢ Reward: Storm Bow now charges up to 17 range over 1.5 seconds.
[W] Scatter Arrow
Cooldown: 10 sec.
Mana Cost: 50
Damage: 88
Cast Range: 16
Secondary Arrows: 5
Bounce Range: 16
Scatter Spacing: 9°
Fire an arrow that deals 88 to the first enemy Hero hit. If Scatter Arrow collides with terrain or a Structure, it splits into 5 secondary arrows that travel extra distance, ricochet up to 4 additional times, and deal 88 damage each to the first enemy hit.
[E] Sonic Arrow
Cooldown: 20 sec.
Mana Cost: 50
Damage: 165
Impact Radius: 0.5
Cast Range: 20
Reveal Radius: 8
Reveal Duration: 6 sec.
Fire an arrow that grants vision in a radius of 8 around its location for 6 seconds and reveals enemies inside it for 1 second. If Sonic Arrow lands directly on an enemy, it deals 165 damage to them and follows them as they move.

Secondary Abilities

[Active] Lunge
Cooldown: 20 sec.
Range: 5
Activate to dash a short distance in a direction, passing through units in the process.

Lunge can be used while Storm Bow is being channeled, but cannot be vector-targeted and only moves Hanzo in the direction he was already moving.

This ability requires the level 13 talent Lunge.
[Active] Lightning Arrows
Cooldown: 40 sec.
Damage: 140
Attacks: 4
Duration: 8 sec.
Activate to gain 4 charges of Storm Bow for 8 seconds. Each charge costs 50% less mana and charges up to the previous cast's range instantly, but deals 50% less damage and does not benefit from Target Practice.
Any charges not spent within 8 seconds are lost.

This ability requires the level 16 talent Lightning Arrows.

Heroic Abilities

[R1] Dragonstrike
Cooldown: 60 sec.
Mana Cost: 60
Damage: 80
Center Damage: 200
Start Range: 8
Travel Distance: 36
Area Length: 24
Area Width: 9
Center Area Width: 3
Channel for 1.5 seconds, then fire an arrow that travels a short distance before summoning a pair of Spirit Dragons. The Spirit Dragons move forward a long distance, dealing 80 damage per second to enemy Heroes in its path, increased by 150% to enemies in the center.
[R2] Dragon's Arrow
Cooldown: 70 sec.
Mana Cost: 90
Damage: 100/200/350
Stun Duration: 0.5/1.25/2 sec.
Range: N/A
Threshold Range: 0/11/23
Launch a large missile that travels across the battlefield. If it hits an enemy Hero, it explodes, dealing 100 damage in a radius of 4 and stunning all enemies hit for 0.5 seconds.
The damage and stun duration increases the further Dragon Arrow travels before impacting a hero. After traveling 11 range, the damage is increased to 200 and the stun duration is increased to 1.25 seconds. After traveling 23 range, the damage is increased to 350 and the stun duration is increased to 2 seconds.


Level 1

[Basic Attack] Redemption
Basic attacks against enemy Heroes increase Hanzo's basic attack range by 1 for 2.5 seconds.
? Quest: Every 2 Basic Attacks against the same Hero within 10 seconds grants 1 Redemption, stacking up to 12.
? Reward: At 12 Redemption, Hanzo gains 50% increased attack speed.
Dying decreases Redemption by 3.

[Q] Perfect Marks
? Quest: Hit enemy Heroes with Storm Bow 45 times. The first 3 hits against each individual Hero grants 3x progress.
? Reward: Storm Bow's damage is increased by 15%, increased to 30% while fully charged.

[W] Simple Geometry
? Quest: Hit enemy Heroes with secondary Scatter Arrows 30 times.
? Reward: Scatter Arrow now creates 2 additional secondary arrows.

Level 4

[Basic Attack] Ignore All Distractions
Basic attacks instantly kill enemy Minions.
Killing an enemy increases Hanzo's attack speed to 1.5 per second for 1 second.

[Q] Explosive Arrows
Hitting an enemy Minion or Monster with Storm Bow deals 100% damage to all enemies within a radius of 1.5 around and in a 90° cone out to 4 range behind them.

[W] Serrated Arrows
Scatter Arrow deals 150% additional damage to enemy Minions, Mercenaries, and Monsters.

Level 7

[Q] So Predictable
Hitting an enemy Hero with Storm Bow at full charge reduces its cooldown by 2 seconds.

[Q] The Dragon Hungers
Hitting an enemy Hero with Storm Bow increases Hanzo's spell power by 5%, up to 20%, for 10 seconds.

[W] Never Outmatched
Reduces Scatter Arrow's mana cost by 20.
Basic attacks against Heroes reduce the cooldown of Scatter Arrow by 4 seconds.

[Passive] Sharpened Arrowheads
Storm Bow and basic attacks reduce enemy Heroes' armor by 2, up to 20, for 3 seconds.

Level 13

[Trait] Ninja Assassin
Hitting enemy Heroes with Storm Bow reduces Natural Agility's cooldown by 10 seconds.
Killing enemy Heroes resets Natural Agility's cooldown.

[Q] Fleet of Foot
Hitting enemy Heroes with Storm Bow increases Hanzo's movement speed by 10%, up to 30%, for 6 seconds.

[Passive] Mounted Archery
Gained 20% additional movement speed for the first 5 seconds after mounting.
Hanzo instantly Mounts after landing from Natural Agility.
Hanzo can channel Storm Bow while Mounted, but casting it Dismounts him.

[Active] Lunge
Activate to dash a short distance, passing through units in the way.

Level 16

[Basic Attack/Q] Flawless Technique
Hitting an enemy Hero with Storm Bow increases the damage of Hanzo's next basic attack within 5 seconds by 30%.
Hitting an enemy Hero with a basic attack increases the damage of Hanzo's next cast of Storm Bow within 5 seconds by 30%.

[Q/W] Piercing Arrows
Storm Bow and Scatter Arrow pierce through the first enemy they hit.
Secondary Scatter Arrows pierce through the first target they hit after every bounce.

[E/Passive] Dragon's Eye
Basic attacks and Scatter Arrows deal additional damage to enemy Heroes equal to 1% of their maximum health, increased to 2% against revealed Heroes.
Damaging a revealed enemy Hero increases Sonic Arrow's cooldown recharge rate by 100% for 2 seconds.

[Active] Lightning Arrows
Activate to gain 4 charges of Storm Bow that can be cast in rapid succession at the cost of reduced damage.

Level 20

[Trait] Perfect Agility
Natural Agility gains a second charge and its cooldown is reduced to 20 seconds.

[E] Bullseye
Increases Sonic Arrow's travel speed and impact radius by 100%.
Sonic Arrow now stuns enemy Heroes it hits for 1 second.

[R1] The Dragon Awakens
Hitting enemy Heroes with basic attacks and abilities reduces Dragonstrike's cooldown by 4 seconds.

[R2] Play of the Game
While in flight or for up to 2 seconds after impacting a target, Dragon's Arrow can be reactivated to teleport to its location and jump backwards.
If used after impact, Hanzo shoots arrows that deal 263 damage to each target hit by the impact.

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