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By: BRitz_OP
Last Updated: Dec 31, 2020
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The frozen kitsune


HEALTH 1.934 (+4.0%)
REGEN 4.27 (+4.0%)
MANA 500 (+10)
REGEN 3.01 (+0.098)
DAMAGE 81 (+4.0%)

Combat Trait

Way of the Frost Hunter
Haruto has 4 different weapons, his Knifes, his Twin Pistols (1), his Bow (2) and his Kitsune Magic (3), you can switch between them to receive different abilities and additional bonuses. He always starts the game with his Knife form, and when he changes weapons, the active button also changes ( this is meant for his knife form, for example, he changed to his twin pistols ( button 1 ), now the active button 1 changes back to his knife form, if he changes to another weapon, the button of that weapon brings back his knife form )

Knife form: Receives +15 armor, +10% movement speed, Blade Dance, Spiritual Bite and Shunpo.

Twin Pistol form: Receives +100% attack speed, +2.5 range, Frozen Launcher, Acclaiming Shot and Pistol Volley

Bow form: Receives +15% life steal, +4.7 range, Rapid Fire, Crescent Arrow and Galeforce

Mage form: Receive +10% spell power, +2.5 range, Frozen Strike, Frozen Prison and Portal Hop

Primary Abilities

Q-Blade Dance
Cost: 35 Mana
Cooldown: 4 Seconds
Range: 4

Deal 120 (+4% per Level) to all enemies around Haruto, enemies below 40% health receive 125% bonus damage
Q-Frozen Launcher
Cost: 20 Mana
Cooldown: 9 Seconds
Range: 6

After 0.5 seconds, empower your basic attack, dealing 150% additional spell damage and dealing 100% splash damage to all enemies, while channeling Haruto jumps becoming Untargetable for 0.5 seconds and moves at 100% movement speed
Q-Rapid Fire
Cost: 25 Mana
Cooldown: 8 Seconds
Range: 6.7

Receive 100% attack speed and 2 Spiritual Warriors, for the next 10 seconds your attacks launch a volley of arrows, each volley has 4 arrows each dealing 20 (+4% per Level). Your Spiritual Warriors attack the same target as you and mimic your volleys, dealing 100% damage but their basic attack damage is only equivalent to 40% of yours
Q-Frozen Strike
Cost: 25 Mana
Cooldown: 4 Seconds
Range: 7

Launch an line of ice spikes towards the target location dealing 120 (+4% per Level) that after 0.2 seconds comes back to Haruto dealing 243 (+4% per Level) to all enemies in its path. After casting Frozen Strike, for the next 10 seconds Haruto can cast Frost Storm for 50 mana, dashing an distance of 3.5 and dealing 300 (+4% per Level) to all enemies in the targeted line
W-Spiritual Bite
Cost: 70 Mana
Cooldown: 12 Seconds
Range: 5

Jump a small distance backwards and deal 310 (+4% per Level) damage to all enemies in an area infront of Haruto, enemies below 50% health receive 50% increased damage
W- Acclaiming Shot
Cost: 70 Mana
Cooldown: 12 Seconds
Range: 6

Deal 280 (+4% per Level) to all enemies in an line, stopping at the first enemy Hero hit, if the Hero hit dies within 2 seconds an mine erupts around him, slowing enemies by 30% and after 1 seconds dealing 380 (+5% per Level) damage.
W-Crescent Arrow
Cost: 50 Mana
Cooldown: 8 Seconds
Range: 8

Launch an arrow in an arch dealing 180 (+4% per Level) to enemies in its path and 270 (+4% per Level) at its end or to the first enemy Hero hit. After reaching its end location or upon hitting an enemy Hero, it leaves an area of 4 beneath the target marked for 4 seconds, the area slows enemies for 20% and if an enemy Hero stays in it for the next 2.5 seconds or receives damage on it, an fox will be summoned and will bite de area, dealing 310 (+4% per Level) to all enemies within it, if the fox hits an enemy Hero, she bites again and the area size increases, up to 5, this cycle can go on infinitely.
W-Frozen Prison
Cost: 95 Mana
Cooldown: 23 Seconds
Range: 6

After 0.3 seconds Stun an enemy Hero for 1 second and deal 250 (+5% per Level) to the target and all nearby enemies and slow them for 40% for 3 seconds, if cast on Haruto, put him on Stasis for 1.5 seconds, heal him for 200 (+6% per Level) health over the duration and apply the damage of the ability to nearby enemies
Cost: 20 Mana
Cooldown: 18 Seconds
Range: 5.5

Teleport to the target dealing 60% bonus spell damage to it, if the target cannot be hit, damage the nearest enemy in range. Can target allied Heroes and minions
E-Pistol Volley
Cost: 40 Mana
Cooldown: 10 Seconds
Range: 5.5

Dash towards your target dealing 200 (+4% per Level) damage to all enemies in the path, after reaching your target, receive 10% attack damage for 5 seconds. Can target allied Heroes and minions
Cost: 35 Mana
Cooldown: 11 Seconds
Range: 4

Jump an fixed distance, launching 3 arrows to the nearest enemy, dealing 90 (+2% per Level) damage each, damage is increased by 50% against enemies below 50% health
E-Portal Hop
Cost: 40 Mana
Cooldown: 16 Seconds
Range: 5

Teleport to the target location, for the next 10 seconds, you have 10% additional spell power.

Heroic Abilities

R-Death Lotus
Cost: 75 Mana
Cooldown: 60 Seconds
Range: 6

Become immune to all displacement abilities and deal 68 (+8% per Level) damage every 0.2 seconds to all enemy Heroes in range for up to 3 seconds, the damage is increased by 60% against targets below 50% healh
R-Death Sentence
Cost: 30 Mana
Cooldown: 90 Seconds
Range: 10

Mark an area and deal 300 (+4% per Level) damage to all enemies within it, upon killing an enemy Hero with Death Sentence, reset its cooldown for the next 10 seconds and recharge the ability 50% faster while having the charge.
R-Bullet Time
Cost: 80 Mana
Cooldown: 90 Seconds
Range: 10

Deal 87 (+4% per Level) damage every 0.139 seconds to all enemies in an cone for up to 2.5 seconds. Bullet time deal an total of 18 hits, and every 3rd hit deal 40% increased damage
R-Inferno Trigger
Cost: 50 Mana
Cooldown: 70 Seconds
Range: 6

Deal 92 (+4% per Level) damage every 0.2 seconds to all enemy in range for up to 2 seconds, while channeling, reduce Haruto´s movement speed by 40% and heal him for 10% of the damage dealt, 150% stronger against enemy Heroes
R-Cristal Arrow
Cost: 90 Mana
Cooldown: 80 Seconds

Launch an arrow with unlimited range that deals 238 (+4% per Level) damage to all enemies hit and Stunning them for 1.5 seconds, the damage is increased by 175% against enemies below 50% health
R-Aspect of the Moon
Cost: 40 Mana
Cooldown: 60 Seconds

Enter an hunting mode for 10 seconds, reducing Galeforce cooldown by 7 seconds, dealing 25% increased basic attack damage and receiving 10% movement speed. Additionaly, every 3rd consecutive hit against enemy Heroes deal 93 (+5% per Level) additional damage, increased by 100% against targets below 50% health and every time you use Galeforce, receive stealth for up to 4 seconds, takedowns refresh Aspect of the Moon duration
R-Kitsune´s Fury
Cost: 65 Mana
Cooldown: 60 Seconds
Range: 6.3

Become untargetable and deal 300 (+5% per Level) damage to all enemies in an semi-circle infront of Haruto, enemies below 40% health receive 300% increased damage instead.
R-Frostfire Protector
Cost: 80 Mana
Cooldown: 100 Seconds
Range: 7

Summon your dragon aspect, dealing 340 (+4% per Level) damage in an line and slowing enemies hit by 60% for 3 seconds. The dragon has 8 range, 1400 (+6% per Level) health, deal 94 (+4% per Level) damage on its attacks and after every spell that Haruto uses against enemy Heroes, he launches an frostfire ball to the same target (8 seconds cooldown), dealing 400 (+4% per Level) damage on impact an creating an frozen ground for 4 seconds, enemies Heroes that are damaged on the frozen ground summon an fox that bites the area, dealing 310 (+4% per Level) to all enemies within it, if the fox hits an enemy Hero, she bites again, this cycle can go on infinitely. The dragon lasts for a maximum of 50 seconds.


Level 1


If an enemy you damaged dies within 3 seconds while in Knife form, refund all your basic abilities cooldowns and reduce your Heroic cooldown by 15 seconds, additionally, restore 8% of your maximum health and mana over the next 0.75 seconds. Voracity works on Haruto´s other forms, but with 50% efficiency, except the cooldown refund


Quest: Killing an mercenary heals Haruto for 2% maximum health and grant him 1 bonus attack damage and 1% spell power, assisting on bosses, objetives and enemy Heroes takedowns, heal for 4% maximum health instead and grant 2 bonus attack damage and 2% spell power

Familiar Mark

Receive 10% critical strike chance, wich has a chance to deal 120% abonus basic attack damage, additionally, enemy heroes below 50% maximum health become marked, assisting or making a takedown on them collects the mark (25 seconds cooldown per target)
Quest: Each collected mark increases your range by 0.05 (50% efficiency on Knife form) and grants 1% critical strike chance

Blessed by the Moon

Receive all of your other Level 1 Talents, but they all have 50% efficiency
Quest: Participate on 35 takedowns or Make an Quad Kill (get all 4 takedowns)
Reward: Increase the efficiency of your Level 1 Talents by 50%

Level 4

Will of the Hunter

Increase your combat forms bonuses:
Knife form: Deal 50% additional damage on targets below 50% health, ignore up to 10 physical armor
Twin Pistol form: Every 6th attack, receive 100% critical strike chance for 1 attack
Bow form: Create an Spiritual Wolf to hunt with you. The Wolf has 9 range, 1.00 attack speed and attacks the same target as you dealing 2% of their maximum health as damage
Mage form: After every spell used, deal 85% additional damage on your next attack within 4 seconds and heal for 100% of the damage dealt to enemy Heroes, the damage of your next attack is converted to spell damage


Reduce all of your Q abilities mana cost by 10
Quest: Hit enemies with your Q abilities 120 times, enemy Heroes count as 2 hits
Reward: Upgrade all of your Q abilities:
Blade Dance: Block all projectiles on cast
Frozen Launcher: After casting, you attack with the Rocket Launcher until recasting the ability, dealing only 20% additional spell damage, consuming 10 mana every attack with the launcher, reducing your attack speed by 50% and increasing your range by 2. Recasting the ability makes you launch another rocket, but gives your Twin Pistols back
Rapid Fire: Create 2 additional Spirit Warriors
Frozen Strike: Increase the damage of the returning spike and of Frozen Storm by 50% against enemies below 50% health


Deal 10% increased damage to enemies with disabling effects and increase the duration of their disabling effect by 0.5 second, except for silences, blinds, disarms, roots and stuns. The damage is increased to 40% while in Knife form, the increased duration is 100% stronger on Bow form, rapidly attacks them 4 times (dealing a total 120% attack damage) knocking them up for 0.5 seconds with they are stunned or rooted on Twin Pistol form (10 seconds cooldown per target and only works on stunned or rooted targets) and they lose 20 armor for the duration of the effect while on Mage form

Level 7

Kita´s Blessing

After using any of your E abilities, receive an special effect:
Shunpo: Your next attack within 5 seconds has 1 additional range, affects all enemies within an area of 4, deals 20% increased damage and slows all enemies hit for 20% for 2 seconds (6 seconds cooldown, unaffected by Voracity)
Pistol Volley: Leaves an frost track behind that slows enemies on it for 30% and erupts after 1 second dealing 241 (+4% per Level) damage to enemies hit, enemies hit by more than one frost track eruption receive only 40% damage
Galeforce: Launch an additional arrow and a fox towards the lowest health enemy Hero, dealing an additional 15% of their missing health as damage
Portal Hop: Your next attack after portal hopping deal spell damage instead of physical, has 140 (+4% per Level) additional damage and slows the target for 30% for 3 seconds, if the target receives another slow within the duration, they become fall asleep after 0.75 seconds for 3 seconds, dealing damage to then awakes the target and deals an additional 250 (+4% per Level) damage

Kuroo´s Wisdom

Being near allied minions or mercenaries increases your spell power by 10% and grant you 10 spell armor, with you are near allied Heroes, the bonuses are doubled. Additionally, your spells deal 130 (+4% per Level) bonus damage over 4 seconds to enemies hit, hitting then again refresh the duration

Bokuto´s Enthusiasm

Every attack on enemy Heroes grants you an stack of Enthusiasm, every stack grants you 1% movement speed and 2% increased damage, hitting 8 stacks you receive an additional 2% movement speed and 4% increased damage. Stacks last for 10 seconds and are refreashed upon hitting an enemy Hero. Takedowns grants you 3 stacks and an bonus of 10% movement speed and 20% attack speed, stacking up to 5 times for 10 seconds

Level 10

Impecable as ***urodani

Receive 1 Heroic ability for every form:
Knife form: Death Lotus
Twin Pistol form: Bullet Time
Bow form: Cristal Arrow
Mage form: Kitsune´s Fury

Stylish as Inarizaki

Receive 1 Heroic ability for every form:
Knife form: Death Sentence
Twin Pistol form: Inferno Trigger
Bow form: Aspect of the Moon
Mage form: Frostfire Protector

Level 13

Tactical Bento

Every mercenary camp capture and takedown gives Haruto 1 Onigiri, he can store up to 7 Onigiris, staying still for 1.5 seconds grants Haruto 50 armor and consumes the Onigiris, each one of them restore 4% maximum health and mana, he eats one every 1.3 seconds

Until it Breaks!

After using an dash, teleport or leaving stealth, your next attack deal 15% increased damage, doubled against shields and reduces the targets armor by 20 for 4 seconds (10 seconds cooldown)

Blessed by Akane

Receive your other Level 13 talents, but Until it Breaks! only works after leaving stealth, additionally, not dealing damage or receiving damage for 4 seconds grants Haruto stealth, staying still for at least 1.5 grants invisible and no longer gives 50 armor, the healing of the Onigiris and the amount are unaffected, but you need to wait 4 seconds to consume them

Level 16

Kitsune Charm

Cooldown: 15 Seconds
Range: 7

After using an dash or teleport, launch an enchantment to the nearest enemy, prioritizing enemy Heroes, dealing 104 (+4% per Level) damage, reducing their armor by 15 and Charming them for 1.5 seconds, charmed enemies walk towards the Hero that charmed them and have their movement speed reduced by 60%

Conqueror Blood

Heal for 25% of the damage dealt by abilities and attacks against enemy Heroes, 50% effective against minions and mercenaries

Sharper Knives

Deal 2% of the targets maximum health as additional damage on every basic attack, regardless of your form

Level 20

Way of the Owl

Upgrade all your Heroic ablities:
Knife form: Death Lotus heals you for 30% of the damage dealt and deals splash damage
Twin Pistol form: Bullet Time all hits now deal 20% increased damage (buffs the bonus damage on the 3rd hit by 20%)
Bow form: Cristal Arrow increase the stun and damage by 50% and reduce the cooldown by 30 seconds
Mage form: Kitsune´s Fury refund 25% of the ability cooldown for every enemy Hero killed within 2 seconds of casting Kitsune´s Fury

Way of the Fox

Upgrade all your Heroic ablities:
Knife form: After making an takedown with Death Sentence refunds its cooldown
Twin Pistol form: Inferno Trigger now can critical strike and heal for 20% of the damage instead
Bow form: Performing takedowns while Aspect of the Moon is active heal Haruto and all nearby allies for 10% of their maximum health, Increase it´s bonus 3rd hit damage by 50%
Mage form: Frostfire Protector basic attack damage is increased by 100% and its frostfire ball cooldown is reduced by 4 seconds

Hinata´s Sunshine

Receive all of your Level 7 Talents and grant nearby allies and yourself 10% movement speed

Divided Soul

Receive both of your Level 10 Talents (second Heroic can be used on your trait button)
Quest: Participate on 50 takedowns, Make 2 Quad Kills (get all 4 takedowns) or 1 Mega Kill (get all 5 takedowns), counts all takedowns made until now
Reward: Receive all of your Level 20 Talents

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