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Hemet Nesingwary

By: Spreee
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2017
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Hemet Nesingwary

The Great Game Hunter


Hemet Nesingwary is a quest giver and game hunter seen in Nagrand, Sholazar Basin, Valley of the Four Winds, alternate Nagrand and Highmountain. Considered the greatest hunter on Azeroth, he leads safaris to hunt the wildlife of Azeroth and beyond, and is the author of The Green Hills of Stranglethorn. He is generally to be found in the wild, camped out with a group of fellow hunters, surrounded by a variety of grizzly trophies collected from the native game of the area. Nesingwary and his cohorts tutor adventurers on the hunting and trapping of wild creatures.

Role and Design

This hero concept is a tentative at conveying the World of Warcraft Survival Hunter specialisation into Heroes of the Storm. Indeed, Heroes of the Storm has recently been given Varian and Valeera who embody the whole Warcraft classes Warrior and Rogue respectively. Heroes of the Storm has already a Hunter in the person of Rexxar who represents mainly the Beast Mastery specialisation. Consequently, the specialisation Survival and Marksmanship, while being somewhat present in Sylvanas and Tyrande's kits, are up to be implemented.

I felt like Alleria Windrunner or Shandris Feathermoon would be the obvious candidates for the Marksmanship spec and rightfully so. Thus, I went for another Hunter hero, one that would be really different from elves. Hemet Nesignwary was my obvious choice, as it's a way to add another Dwarf in the game and as Hemet is well known by World Warcraft players, being one of the most popular quest giver. In addition, while he could be classified in every Hunter specs, I think that the Survival specialisation fits him the most.

As for the Survival Spec, I think that it can be divided into 3 main aspects:
  • Traps and CCs;
  • Hard Dots (hybrid between Direct Damage and Classical Dots);
  • Melee Attacks as a last resort.
This observation is what I based his kit on. I also paid a lot of attention to use names and abilities from World of Warcraft to pay hommage to it. In addition, I tried my best to have text consistency in tooltips. As a side note, it's worth noting that I am basing this concept on the Vanillia-Wotlk Survival spec.

Now, regarding Hemet's role, he is labelled as a specialist. However, there are 3 "main" ways to play him:
  • Trap build. This build is all about CCs. This makes Hemet the ultimate Specialist/Assassin when it comes to CCs. Just like Hunters in WoW, he can pretty much do anything (for CC) but slightly less effectively.
  • Dots/damage build. This build is an hybrid between slow dot heroes such as Lunara/Nazeebo and more bursty dot heroes like Sylvanas. It revovles around the "Stings", abilities from WoW Hunters. (Poison/Explosive).
  • PvE build. As a specialist, Hemet has also the option to go for a Jungler/Wave Clear build.
    Overall, I went for those 3 options as I feel they represent best the Survival Spec.

Kit Description

Serpent Sting (Q)

This ability is pretty straightforward, however it used to be one of the main ability for Hunters in WoW but also the first "Sting" which usually reside in the Survival spec. It's a simple Dot skill shot. It can be improved in many ways through talents and allow Hemet to provide some sustained DPS (charges).

Counterattack (W)

This one was more tricky. I wanted to convey the melee aspect of the Survival Hunters. I thought about Wing Clip and Raptor Strike or even Mongoose Bite but in the end, I went with Counterattack which used to be the lvl 60 talent of the Survival Talent Tree. Indeed, I believe that this reactive ability which activates only when a condition is met feels more dynamic. This is a way to give Hemet a way to escape dives and melee heroes and thus increase his survivability. It can also be used as a trap enabler in some circumstances.

Scatter Shot (E)

Another iconic Hunter spell, Scatter Shot is THE trap enabler for WoW Hunter. In Heroes of the Storm, it kept its role of setting up traps. Consequently, it functions exactly the same way as in WoW, with a reduce effect to respect the Moba rules. You can't really build around this ability however.

Lay Trap (D)

This is what give Hemet his identity. This trait works similarly to Valeera's Trait Vanish. You first activate it and it gives you access to new abilites, 3 Traps which has different abilities. It's worth noting that the traps will be laid at your feet just like Time Trap from Chromie but it can be improved with talents. It gives Hemet an insanely strong and versatile way to CC in team fights, to secure kills or to survive. The baseline range of Lay Trap is about half the one of Chromie's Time Trap to give you an idea.

Explosive Shot (R)

The iconic lvl 80 talent. This is the damage oriented heroic. See it as an hybrid between Wailing Arrow/Mark-for-the-Kill and Living Bomb from Kael'thas. This skill shot deals moderate damage to a main target but when reactivated with a good timing, it will deal tones of damage to a packed enemy team.

Trap Launcher (Passive)

This is the CC option and in my mind the more interesting choice. Just like in Burning Crusade, it gave Hunters a more reactive playstyle. Your traps are upgraded and your utility in team fights will greatly improved, mainly thanks to Freezing Trap which is a similar ability to Cocoon from Anub'Arak. It will also enhance your traps as they will trigger instantly.


I tried here to show you how Hemet Nesingwary would look in game. It took me a fair amount of time but I feel like the result is credible.

You can see below how the trap mechanic works. Just like Valeera you first have to press D to access 3 new abilities. Traps works just like Chromie's Time Traps and can be spotted and destroyed.

Combat Trait

Lay Trap (D)
Cooldown: 12 Seconds

Using Lay Trap grants Hemet an alternate set of Abilities.

Primary Abilities

Serpent Sting (Q)
Cooldown : 8 Seconds
Cost: 30 Mana

Fires a bullet that hits the first enemy Hero in its path, dealing 38.48 (+4% per level) damage and an additional 254.92 (+4% per level) damage over 3 seconds. Stores 2 charges.
Counterattack (E)
Cooldown : 5 Seconds
Cost: 20 Mana

A strike that becomes active within 3 seconds after an enemy Hero attacked you in melee range. Deal 264.16 (+4% per level) damage and root the target for 1 second.
Scatter Shot (W)
Cooldown : 10 Seconds
Cost: 60 Mana

Deals 60.0 (+4% per level) damage and disorients the target for 1.5 seconds. Any damage caused will remove the effect.

Secondary Abilities

Steel Trap (D+Q)
Cost: 50 Mana

Place a Steel Trap that arms and Stealths after 2 seconds. The first enemy Hero to touch it will be slowed by 40% for 3 seconds. Only 1 trap can exist at once.
Immolation Trap (D+W)
Cost: 50 Mana

Place a Fire Trap that arms and Stealths after 2 seconds. The first enemy Hero to touch it will take 143.4 (+4% per level) damage over 4 seconds. Only 1 trap can exist at once.
Snake Trap (D+E)
Cost: 60 Mana

Place a Nature Trap that arms and Stealths after 2 seconds. The first enemy Hero to touch it will release 3 Venomous Snakes that attack for 10.1 (+4% per level) damage and silence for 1.0 seconds. Snakes last for 4 seconds. Only 1 trap can exist at once.

Heroic Abilities

Explosive Shot (R)
Cooldown : 60 Seconds
Cost: 100 Mana

Fires an explosive charge that hits the first enemy Hero in its path, dealing 238.4 (+4% per level) damage. Reactivate to deal 454.6 (+4% per level) damage to all nearby enemies.
Trap Launcher (Passive)
Lay Trap uses different Abilities and its range is increased by 200%. Your traps now arm and Stealth instantly.


Level 1

HEALTH 2002 (+0.04)
REGEN 4.1922265 (+0.045)
MANA 500 (+10)
REGEN 3 (+0.098)
DAMAGE 86.92 (+0.04)

Level 10

HEALTH 2722,72 (+0.04)
REGEN 7,889770273 (+0.045)
MANA 590 (+10)
REGEN 5,646 (+0.098)
DAMAGE 118.21 (+0.04)

Level 20

HEALTH 4791,9872 (+0.04)
REGEN 22,58052252 (+0.045)
MANA 690 (+10)
REGEN 16,158852 (+0.098)
DAMAGE 152.98 (+0.04)


Tier 1 - Level 1:

1. Survivalist Training:

Quest: Gathering a Regeneration Globes increases your Mana Regeneration by 0.121 per second, up to 2.538 per second.

Reward: After gathering 25 Globes, you can also activate Deterrence to grant Hemet 50 Armor for 3 seconds, reducing damage taken by 50%. Hemet cannot attack during this effect.

2. Flare:

Fire a flare at an area, revealing it for 20 seconds.

3. Hunter vs. Wild:

Basic Attacks deals 100% bonus damage to Minions and Mercenaries.

4. Noxious Stings:

Quest: Every time you hit an enemy Hero with Serpent Sting, increase its periodic damage by 5, up to 150.

Reward: After hitting 15 Heroes, increases Serpent Sting maximum charges from 2 to 3.

Tier 2 - Level 4:

1. Viper Sting:

Dealing damage to a target affected by Serpent Sting returns Mana to Hemet. Basic Attacks return 5 Mana and Abilities return 20.

2. Hawk Eye:

Increases Attack Range by 20%.

3. Master Tactician:

Increases Scatter Shot's range by 25%.

4. Mongoose Bite:

Increases Counterattack


As for possible interactions inside the Nexus, there are plenty of options. I'll list the most interesting ones I have in mind:
  • Rexxar
  • Muradin
  • Falstad
  • Junkrat
  • Widowmaker
  • Valla
  • Dehaka
  • Malfurion
And to a lesser extent:
  • Murky
  • Varian
  • Chromie
  • Winston


For a release skin, I believe that the World of Warcraft iconic Dwarf hunter present in the opening cinematic or in the loading screen would be a perfect choice! The Dwarf rifleman is also an emblematic Human unit in Warcraft 3 and the skin would thus speak to a larger audience. The shape and silhouette fits the one of Hemet Nesingwary and as a result the skin wouldn't be hard to implement. Feel free to suggest other ideas!

Regrding the mount, a standard/warlord Ram would do the trick.


And that's all for this concept. I apologize in advance for my potential grammar mistakes as English is not my mother tongue. I hope you will like this concept. This is my first design so some balance issues, number issues could exist, feel free to correct them and to suggest potential changes in the comments, it will be greatly appreciated!


DISCLAIMER: the concept is close to be finished but is still in the working.
Some numbers must still be tweaked as this concept has not been refined yet.

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GeorgeGaming (3) | January 25, 2017 6:42pm
would DOTs stack? :) i would swap dot number for immolation trap and serpent sting, and make serpent sting stack.
Spreee | January 31, 2017 12:33pm
To answer your question, yes the dots from Serpent Sting and Immolation/Explosive Trap stack just like Nazeebo's trait and Huge Toads' dots stack. Baseline Serpent Sting do not stack by application though but it can through the lvl 16 talent Wyvern Sting. As for the numbers, as I've mentioned in the disclaimer, I haven't decided the correct values yet, and numbers should be ignored for now. Numbers were just here as placeholders from other similar abilities.
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