Itherael by Labreris

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By: Labreris
Last Updated: Dec 29, 2018
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Archangel of Fate

Itherael is a non-healer support whose kit allows him to be set up potent ambushes while dealing formidable damage.


2500~ (4%) health
500 mana

130 (4%) attack damage
0.5 attack speed
10 attack range

Combat Trait

Inescapable Fate
Whenever Itherael deals damage to an enemy hero, they’re revealed for 4 seconds.
Itherael has a Basic-attack range of 10 and briefly appears before his opponents when he strikes them, being able to cast abilities for 0.35 seconds at his target’s location before teleporting back. If Itherael Basic-attacks multiple times in quick succession, he will return to his original location once 0.35 seconds pass.

Primary Abilities

Q - Subjugate
8 Second cooldown | 2 Charges | 40 Mana

Itherael’s next Basic-attack is instant and slows the target hit by 40% for 1 second.
W - Arbiter’s Right
14 Second cooldown | 70 Mana

Manually trigger Preemptive Strike’s circle, destroying it and cleansing all allies inside and granting them 50 armor for 3 seconds.
E - Preemptive Strike
6 Second cooldown | 70 Mana

Itherael targets an area at very long range, creating a circle on the ground after 2 seconds that lasts 10 seconds. The circle is hidden to the enemy team. If Itherael Basic-attacks an enemy hero inside the circle, it triggers, dealing 150 (4%) damage and silencing enemies inside for 1.75 seconds. Only only circle may be active at a time and the circle is revealed by true sight.

Heroic Abilities

R - Talus'ar's Knowledge
50 Second cooldown | 70 Mana

Itherael channels for up to 4 seconds, revealing the entire battleground during it.
R - Fateful Encounter
100 Second cooldown | 60 Mana

Itherael targets an enemy hero and teleports to them, before banishing them alongside him. Itherael and the chosen hero become immune to all effects except each other and the enemy hero loses vision of their allies. The effect lasts 6 seconds.

Talent Tree

Level 1

Level 4

Level 7

Divine Interception

Subjugate stuns the target for 0.5 seconds.

Knowledge is Power

Itherael gains 4% of his maximum Mana whenever he deals damage to a revealed hero.

Level 13

Level 16


Arbiter's Right puts enemy Heroes inside the circle into stasis for 2 seconds when cast.

Level 20

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