Jastor Gallywix (Full Talents Added) by Arghund

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Jastor Gallywix (Full Talents Added)

By: Arghund
Last Updated: Feb 22, 2018
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Jastor Gallywix (Full Talents Added)

Trade Prince of the Bilgewater Cartel

*FULL TALENTS ADDED* (I decided to not be lazy for once and do it for both sites, just for this concept)
(Ranged Specialist) A greedy support with a gold mechanic that can invest in allied units, structures, and most importantly, himself.

This one was quite fun to design, but took a bit a thought. Pretty universally, every Gallywix concept uses gold or coin as a trait resource, and to add some slight uniqueness to this iteration, I made the gold in question uncapped and extended its uses to buying talents. This gives Gallywix the dynamic of being the one hero with traditional MOBA progression: get rich, get big. His usual spider tank is featured as his mount and method of attacking, and his kit paints him as a utility support, with very minor sustain through one talent. Making Gallywix an altruistic healer just doesn't seem like the goblin way. His talents have everything to do with money and the usual goblin engineering, no surprise there. Toll Booth was inspired by the quote featured on https://wow.gamepedia.com/Jastor_Gallywix , and Extortion is a more underhanded way of disabling and profiting off opponents.

-Strong utility
-Strong anti-push and reverse snowball
-Can passively push in lanes from afar
-Manaless with self-sustain
-Decent active mobility and defense

-Treasury starts out low early on
-Must manage gold carefully between abilities and talents
-Poor as a direct fighter early
-Little allied sustain
-Limited crowd control

Hard Difficulty
1470 health
30 basic attack damage
4.0 attack speed
4.5 attack range
750 starting gold (uncapped)
10 armor
4% scaling

Combat Trait

There is Gold
Uther lied. In the place of mana, Gallywix holds a treasury of gold, starting at 750 and generating 5 gold per second passively once the gates open. Gain 25 gold from minion and mercenary deaths, 100 from captured mercenaries and objectives, 250 from destroyed towers and hero takedowns, and 500 from forts and keeps; gold gain is reduced by 50% from allied sources. Gold is uncapped and is used on Gallywix's abilities and talent selections.

Primary Abilities

Cost: 75 Gold
Cooldown: 4 seconds
Increase the damage and maximum health of the target ally unit or structure by 20% for 6 seconds. Permanent duration when used on minions. Cannot be used on bosses and objectives. If used on yourself, you also gain 25% increased experience for the duration. Duration can not be extended or refreshed until fully expired.
Insurance Plan
Cost: 100 Gold
Cooldown: 9 seconds
Grants 20 armor to allied units or a 1000 damage shield to allied structures for 4.5 seconds. If the unit dies or the shield is destroyed, gain 100% of their gold value. If used on yourself, your health regeneration increases by 45 for the duration, and you receive 350 gold for your own demise.
Expensive Munitions
Cost: 100 Gold
Cooldown: 8.5 seconds
For the next 8 seconds, your attack speed increases by 40%, and you launch rockets every 1.5 seconds at the nearest enemy within 5.5 range for 120 damage in an area around them.

Heroic Abilities

Toll Booth
Cost: 300 Gold
Cooldown: 35 seconds
Sets up a wide barrier at the target location, barring enemies passage. Enemies can interact with the barrier, sacrificing 20% of their current health and granting you 150 gold in order to gain passage.
Cooldown: 12 seconds
Instantly kill the target enemy minion or mercenary for double the gold value. If used on an enemy hero, stun them for 0.8 seconds and gain 75 gold instantly. 5.5 range.
Heroic Cost
Both heroic abilities cost 400 Gold to purchase.

Special Mount

Spider Tank
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Gallywix rides around in his premium spider tank, increasing movement speed by 20% at all times and granting him 10 armor. Activate to double both bonuses for 3.5 seconds.


Penny Pincher (100 Gold): Gain 5 extra gold from enemy minion deaths, and you gain 10 gold every 6 seconds from damaging heroic units.

Buy Low, Sell High (250 Gold): Allied sources of gold grant 75% of the normal value.

Return Investment (500 Gold): Lower the gold cost of basic abilities by 25.

level 4 talents

Tinkers' Union (150 Gold): Invest costs 150% more on structures, but its effects lasts for 35 seconds, and structures heal for 50 health a second for the duration.

Pillage (100 Gold): Allied units enhanced by Invest deal an additional 25% damage to non-heroic targets, and you gain 7 gold when they damage any enemies.

Cluster Rockets (200 Gold): Expensive Munitions launches rockets at all nearby enemies, but rockets deal 25% less damage.

level 7 talents

Goblin Rocket Boots (275 Gold): Invest grants allied heroes 25% increased movement speed for the duration. Not at all likely to explode.

Goblin Rocket Helmet (300 Gold): Instead of doubling movement speed, activating Spider Tank instead causes you to blast off to the target area, dealing 145 damage when you land. Zero margin of error.

Kezan Medical Institute (350 Gold): Doubles the health regeneration bonus of Insurance Plan, makes the regeneration apply to allied units, and its duration is increased by 1 second for all targets. May not actually have a valid medical license.

level 13 talents

I Shall Carve My Likeness (150 Gold): Cooldown: 45 seconds
Spend 400 gold to activate and erect a new fort or keep in your likeness within the rubble of a destroyed structure. This artificial structure has 60% the health of normal forts and keeps and does not slow enemies. Offers no gold and experience to either team upon destruction.

Quality "Insurance" (350 Gold): Insurance Plan can now be used on enemy units, lowering their armor and increasing their gold bounty by 100% if killed within the duration.
Drink Kaja'cola! (300 Gold): Invest increases mana regeneration by 125% and cooldown recovery by 50% for allied heroes within the duration. Kaja'Cola! It gives you IDEAS! (TM)

level 16 talents

Precision Goblin Engineering (500 Gold): Permanently gain the attack speed bonus from Expensive Munitions, and when activated, you fire rockets every 1 second.

Greed is Good: Instantly gain 300 gold, and you gain 10 maximum health for every 100 gold you have, up to 10,000 gold for 1000 health.

Rush Order: Goblin Workshop (150 Gold): Cooldown: 60 seconds
Spend 500 gold to activate and set down a Goblin Workshop next to the keep for that lane. Minions that spawn in that lane instead become Clockwerk Goblins, exploding for 200 damage in an area on the first enemy minion or structure they come in contact with. They grant experience and gold like normal and do not explode on heroes.

level 20 talents

Buy the Dark Portal (2000 Gold): The world may split in half, but supply and demand is the goblin way! Gain 200 gold when any hero passes through or interacts with the barrier, once per hero per cast, and your team can interact with the barrier to go back to your Hall of Storms, with a 2.75 second cast.

Goon Squad (2000 Gold): Extortion is now global, and a hobgoblin remains after its use, dealing 95 physical damage and earning you 50 gold when it attacks.

Monopoly (2000 Gold): Invest can now be used on enemy units and structures for adverse effects.

Best Deals Anywhere (2000 Gold): Instantly gain 50% of the gold back that you have spent on talent selections before this, and Invest now affects all targets within 5.5 range of the primary target. Secondary targets receive an untalented version.


-With the exception of structures, you must be within experience range to gain gold from any source
-You do not normally receive gold for dying
-Invest does not heal the target when increasing their maximum health
-Invest can be used on mercenaries once captured
-Minions enhanced by Invest do give you experience and gold when enemies die near them
-Goblin Rocket Helmet's range would be somewhere between a Medivh portal and Falstad's flight; only semi-global
-Extortion only kills enemy mercenaries that have been captured; it is not a 12-second Bribe
-The goblin workshop is a structure that can be attacked, and the clockwerk goblins can be invested on
-*Added full talent breakdown on Heroes Fire, this concept rides on talents significantly, so I felt it necessary to display them in one place

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Meemaster | March 16, 2018 9:52am
this is an awesome idea! :D
Nortin | March 14, 2018 3:40pm
I really like this concept! It's unique and I'd love to play it in the game (we can only hope).
I don't have any criticisms, but I do have two ideas: One, it would be interesting if Gallywix could acquire talents early for some extra gold price (perhaps an increase for each level he is "skipping" and some extra based on the tier). This could reward a Gallywix who is playing extra well and making lots of gold with some extra snowballing/early power spikes. The other is a less specific idea, but it might be interesting to see more talents or effects like Greed is Good that work better based on how much gold Gallywix has saved up (or maybe even one that works in reverse, giving him a jump start or extra effect if he is low on gold). Additions like these could emphasize decision making for Gallywix players even more, like whether it's worth it to spend some extra gold to boost ahead or wiser to save the gold for another effect.
Regardless, I really like how this concept implements the gold mechanic and it's probably the best Gallywix one I've seen. I especially like the Toll Booth heroic, it could be entertainingly disastrous for the enemy team if used right.
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