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By: Wersus
Last Updated: Jan 24, 2019
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Steward Of Magic

Kalecgos is one of the few surviving Blue Dragons and a former servant of the great Aspect Malygos.
[!]Note: Goal of this concept is to differentiate Kalecgos as much as possible from Malygos. Kalecgos is known for rarely using his Dragon Form which is why in this Concept, the main focus is set to explore the possibilities of Kalecgos' Talents and Build potential with interesting Magic Spells. In other words, I tried to stay away from his Dragon Form as much as possible in hope that we might get both Kalecgos and Malygos at some point in the distant future.

Role: Ranged Assassin | Difficulty: Hard | Strengths: Melee Enemies, Allies With Crowd Control | Weaknesses: Dive and High Mobility Enemies... |


Health: 1500
Health Regeneration: 5 per Second
Attack Damage: 60
Attack Speed: 1 per Second

Combat Trait

Cooldown: 12 Seconds

Reduce the Mana Cost and Cooldown of next Basic Ability you use by 100%.

Primary Abilities

Arcane Missiles
Cooldown: 8 Seconds

Vector Target Arcane Missiles that will Deal 90 ( +4% per Level) Damage to first Enemy hit, slightly Knocking them Back. Once this Ability is Activated, Kalecgos has 4 Seconds to use up to 4 Arcane Missiles.
Rune Of Power
Cooldown: 12 Seconds

Create a Magic Rune on chosen Location that will activate after 1.5 Seconds, Dealing 110 ( +4% per Level) Damage to all Enemies hit and Knocking them Back from its center.
Mana Tide
Cooldown: 16 Seconds

Vector Target Mana Orb that will Deal 60 ( +4% per Level) Damage to first Enemy Hit, Stun and Carry them till the end of its range.

Heroic Abilities

Cooldown: 90 Seconds

After 1 Second Channel, Send a Powerful Magic Wave around you that will Root and Silence all Enemies hit for 1.5 Seconds.
Magic Lock
Cooldown: 60 Seconds

After 0.5 Second Channel, Mark First Enemy Hero hit with Magic Lock for 2 Seconds. If Marked Enemy Hero uses any Abilities during Magic Lock they will be Silenced for 4 Seconds.


Level 1

[Active]Amplify Magic-
Increase your Ability Power by 5% for 5 Seconds. Cooldown is 60 Seconds.

Quest: Collect Regeneration Orbs.
Reward: Each Regeneration Orb Increases Ability Power Bonus by 0.2% and Mana Regeneration by 0.1.

[Passive]Magic Mastery-
[!]Damage 30 Enemy Heroes with [Q]Arcane Missiles.
[!]Knockback 20 Enemy Heroes with [W]Rune Of Power.
[!]Stun 10 Enemy Heroes with [E]Mana Tide.
Reduce the Cooldowns of all Basic Abilities by 25%.

[Q]Inhibiting Energy-
Quest: Every Enemy Hero hit with [Q]Arcane Missiles Increases its Damage by 0.5.

Level 4

[Active]Dragon's Eyes-
Reveal area around you for 5 Seconds and Increase your Ability Power by 5% for Every Enemy Hero Revealed for 5 Seconds. Cooldown is 30 Seconds.

[Q]Detaining Hits-
[Q]Arcane Missiles now Slow Enemy's Movement Speed by 15% for 3 Seconds. This Effect can Stack up to 3 Times.

[W]Bacon Of Power-
[W]Rune Of Power's Damage is Increased by 100% if it hits at least 2 Enemy Heroes.

Level 7

[Q]Magic Overflow-
If all 4 Arcane Missiles hit same Enemy, Deal an Additional 180 ( +4% per Level) Damage to them.

Increase the Speed of Activation of [W]Rune Of Power by 100%.

[E]Mana Wave-
[E]Mana Tide will now affect all Enemies hit on its way.

Level 10

After 1 Second Channel, Send a Powerful Magic Wave around you that will Root and Silence all Enemies hit for 1.5 Seconds. Cooldown is 90 Seconds.

[R]Magic Lock-
After 0.5 Second Channel, Mark First Enemy Hero hit with Magic Lock for 2 Seconds. If Marked Enemy Hero uses any Abilities during Magic Lock they will be Silenced for 4 Seconds. Cooldown is 60 Seconds.

Level 13

[Passive]Taste Of Magic-
Damage dealt with Basic Ability affected with [D]Spellweave will now be restored to you as Health.

[Active]Mana Shock-
Deal 90 ( +4% per Level) Damage to Enemy in your Melee Range, Knock them Back and Silence them for 1 Second. Cooldown is 30 Seconds.

[W]Safety Rune-
Being Stunned or Rooted now leaves [W]Rune Of Power on Kalecgos' Location for free. This Effect has a 15 Second Cooldown.

Level 16

[D]Potent Power-
Takedowns now Reset [D]Spellweave's Cooldown.

[Q]Arcane Barrage-
[Q]Arcane Missiles will now launch all charges of missiles at once with one use.

[W]Arcane Destruction-
[W]Rune Of Power will now Stun Enemies hit for 1 Second.

[E]Arcane Vulnerability-
Enemies hit by [E]Mana Tide take 25% more Damage from Kalecgos for 3 Seconds.

Level 20

[R]Crystalsong Curse-
[R]Crystallize will now also Slow Enemies affected by it by 50% for 5 Seconds after its initial effect ends and its Cooldown is Reduced by 30 Seconds.

[R]Explosive Lock-
If targeted Enemy triggers the Effect of [R]Magic Lock, all nearby Enemies to that Enemy will also be Silenced for 4 Seconds.

[Active]Mass Dispel-
Remove all Negative Effects from Allied Heroes and all Positive Effects from Enemy Heroes on chosen Area. Cooldown is 30 Seconds.

[Active]Magic Shield-
Grant chosen Allied Hero 50 Spell Armor for 5 Seconds. Cooldown is 60 Seconds.

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Zhanrock (1) | January 7, 2019 4:22am
Nice to see other blue aspects represented.
Some questions-- does he have any mana costs? if so what are they-- I saw that the first quest gave him Mp/Globe, but no costs were listed.
Q is worded to seem like it has charges-- How many? 4? 5? Or can you just spam the ability for a few seconds after the usage of it.
The quest for it as well seems absurdly strong if you never lose stacks of it considering i would assume it's aoe-- meaning multiple people can be hit by it and grant stacks, eventually that would result in something being very strong with the machine gun aspect of the second line.

as for the rest of his kit, he almost feels like he has too *much* knockback/displacement abilities. Practically everything in his kit would dismantle a channeled ult, or other wind-up abilities. Seems fun though, even if the delay on the rune might be a little long. Does the "100% cooldown reduction" mean that a 12 second ability would cooldown 2 seconds at a time? or as in it would incur no cooldown for the ability on use... because if it's the latter, that leads into my first question on the talents.

Do you feel that the 4 talent for spellweaving is too strong that early? Might be worth it to swap with the 13 ability, as it gives him some heals to sustain early fights, and doesn't create a snowball effect where you can run over the team in the first talented engagement.
similarly on questions of power-- At 20, does Mass Dispel remove cc effects? say, silence, stuns, etc., in addition to poisons? because at 15 seconds that seems reasonably powerful given the opportunity cost, but if it also removes enemy buffs; does that include things such as Nano boost or Bloodlust? Seems like he would almost be too strong at shutting down enemy team mechanics, especially if armor was one of the buffs that it was removing. If it was only things like shields, that could work as a niche pick.
Magic lock and Explosive lock seem a little too anti-fun as well, but maybe some silences might be fine if there's a way out of them potentially by outplaying.

Overall an interesting concept, nice!
Not sure if you've seen the maly build I put up; hopefully we'll get both in soon...
Wersus (1) | January 7, 2019 9:46am
Thank you for quick feedback!
He does have Mana costs but I often stay away from estimating Mana costs and leave it for self interpretation, but lets say his basic abilities would all cost 60 Mana.
Q does kinda have charges but it works like this: Once you activate the Q, you have 4 Seconds to use up to 4 missiles, this means you throw the 1st Q you have 4 more seconds to fire other 3. Those 3 could be considered as ,,free'' since you pay the full mana cost to throw the first one. Once all 4 are fired or the 4 seconds pass, the cooldown starts to tick. Originally, Q had 3 charges and it could be used separately but since I changed his trait to what it is now, Q as it was didn't fit with his trait so I had to change it up. And I honestly like it more this way since it would allow some counter to him in aspect of for example stunning him when he fires his first missile, that way you effectively shorten his time window to precisely throw the other 3.

Only 1 Enemy can be hit with 1 missile, its not AoE, so his Level 1 quest seems reasonable.

It is true that he has alot displacement in his kit, I tried to make him sort of multitask mage that high skill people could excel on, that's why there is so much ,,Active'' Talents that require good timing and situations. I also tried to make him sort of ,,disruptor'' character that can pull out some magic trick and ruin your plan.
The delay on his W is there for that exact reason, its long, but with his Q's and E he can get his enemy with right timing in W for a good damage combo. There is ,,Quickcast'' talent at level 7 that brings down the activation time to 0.75 seconds, which could make his W much more precise without a need of combo.

100% Cooldown Reduction would mean instant ability recovery. And I did kinda fear its power, especially with the Level 4 Talent you have concerns with. But then again, if we take a look on Li-Ming, she has that as her Trait on all abilities. So would it be too strong as a talent? Not exactly sure, but if it would be too strong, I would move the talent as you suggested in some higher tier.

Mass Dispel basically nullifies any Negative effect on target if its ally or positive if its enemy. Its very strong ability and I should probably either remove it or increase its cooldown drastically. One of the reasons why the cooldown is put so low is because people often neglect Level 20 powerful situational talents because of their Cooldown. Mass Dispel can remove shields from enemies, poisons from allies, CC from allies, Nano and Bloodlust from enemies too...

Magic Lock can be outplayed and its not that hard to do it. It does seem at first glance like its a 6 Second potential silence right? Keep in mind, targeted enemy can use any ability in first 2 seconds if they really need it when marked with magic lock, this could save their life sometimes, imagine Genji using E while Magic Locked, sure he would get Silenced for 4 Seconds, but sometimes that is the right call. In one hand, its a weaker Silence and then in other its an Very Strong Silence, so it comes down in timing and well, decision of the enemy weather they want to use that ability right now, or they can wait 2 Seconds.

I did see your Malygos, he was one of the reasons I wanted to make Kalecgos without a Dragon Form. Often people choose between these two but I would love to see them both. Malygos is obviously more well known for his Dragon Form than Kalec, so its only fair he gets it, Kalec didn't even use Dragon form that often so I think he'll be fine without it. Lets hope that we indeed get them both soon.

Again thank you for such quick and detailed feedback, I will try to adress all your suggestions in an upcoming update.
Zhanrock (1) | January 8, 2019 1:13am
Well, part of the reason I felt it was strong is that he does seem very similar to li-ming with one exception-- that 100% cooldown reduction is an active, not a passive like how Li Ming's is (baseline), so while he can't sweep a team with it, he can get picks with an overload of abilities, which might be worse, especially if the "free" cast (a-la kael D-->W) of Q is able to get those multi-missiles uses off, and there's no charge limit with those, if you have that level 4 talent as is, spellweave being an active means that you get effectively 2x the uses that li would normally get, because he's already burned the "free" cast and charges via spellweaving and gets another when something dies allowing the cycle to double up assuming the ability had cooled down in that timeframe... which gets very deadly very quickly if there's no diminishing effect on the Q quest, even if it's single targeted, especially if the projectile is fast or has moderately decent range.--

Think like this, if you D->Q(QQQQ), Q(QQQQ), assuming all of those hit, that's ~910 damage on a single combo at level 1, and makes the rest of his combos scale up-- any wipes just give him free throws of a double combo which only gets worse over time due to the +4% scaling and +0.5 damage quest. If the casts weren't free that's kinda a limiter to the "machine gun" style of play I'd see this having, but just specifically the fact that it can get resets that early seems very very good, especially if the range is long enough to do poke damage with it, like hanzo was used a lot in the HGC for. And even if he could potentially be stunned; if there's minimal animation lag that would prevent you spamming the missiles, he'd end up in a state like malganis' Q effect where you basically just want to mash it asap that hits all the targets so you get the healing and stun as fast as possible, and the cooldown started as fast as possible.
Basically, despite not having nearly as many missiles as li ming, with the precision her targeting requires hitting one straight shot missile 4 times would probably be easier than hitting Four vectored missiles at one time and waiting on a cooldown... kinda making him a better version of li, hard to draft against, and if he's too good, basically a instalock ban.

how wide is the area on Crystalize, roughly? Meph-ult size?
last followup: what happens for the stun duration if you hit an enemy at the end of the wave of Mana tide? does the stun last a little while or does any target hit get freed at the end of the wave ride? if that's the case, a slow moving stun is both hard to hit a moving target and annoying at close range, making both parties likely unhappy... but a fast moving wave if it doesn't linger means the stun is quite short. That was part of the reason I would worry about the displacement being too strong as if he has too much of it, it starts being just this tedious situation of being unable to control your character due to pseudostuns via knockback.. unless they aren't microstuns when they move a target. That would be the biggest hurdle to getting him added is that he'd need to be enjoyable on both sides, or have counterplay. The delay on some of the moves seems adequate, potentially, but it all depends on how they interact with eachother.

And yeah, I can see that; in wow half the time we're talking to kalec it's in human form. Thanks for checking it! Fingers crossed. +rep for your response speed too :)
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