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By: DarkFigure4
Last Updated: May 14, 2017
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Archlich of Naxxramas

Health: 1600
Health Regen: 3.2
Mana: 600
Mana Regen: 2.7
Basic Attack Damage: 83
Basic Attack Speed: 1.6 per second
Basic Attack Range: 5.5

Combat Trait

Icy Touch
Auto attacks against enemy heroes decrease their armor by 1 and decreases their movement speed by 1%. This effect last for 5 seconds with additional auto attacks refresh the duration. Stacks up to 15 times.

Primary Abilities

Shadowfrost Bolt
45 Mana
4 second cooldown
Fires a quick skillshot that deals 210 and applies 8 stacks of Icy Touch to the first hero it hits.
Frost Armor
65 Mana
8 second cooldown
Target yourself or an ally hero and give them Frost Armor for 2.5 seconds. Frost Armor gives 20 armor reducing all damage by 20% and for every instance of damage done to a Frost Armored target, apply one stack of Icy Touch to the damage dealer.
0 Mana
12 second cooldown
Consume an ally minion (and its experience points) to restore 10% of Kel'Thuzads health and mana. This effect is tripled on Necropolis summons.

Secondary Abilities

Wrath of the Scourge
20 Mana
30 second cooldown
Command all Necropolis Summons to attack the nearest lane.

Heroic Abilities

Ice Lance
Passive: Auto attacks chain to nearby enemy heroes for 25% of the damage dealt and give a stack of untalented Icy Touch.
Passive: Double the effectiveness of Icy Touch, now to decreases armor by 2 and movement speed by 2% for every auto attack.
Passive: Increase auto attack damage by 100%.
Passive: Reduce attack speed by 25%.
Passive: Reduce Health by 10%.
Death and Decay
100 Mana
35 second cooldown
Channel Death and Decay over a large area for 5 seconds. Enemy heroes in the area lose 3% of their maximum life per second while ally heroes gain 3% of their maximum life per second.
Passive: Gain a second charge of frost armor and reduce its mana cost by 50%.
120 Mana
120 second cooldown
Summon a Necropolis at a target location forever. Only one Necropolis can be up at a time. The Necropolis forms scourge blight around it in a large area which reveals the area and does 35 damage to enemies standing in it per second. The Necropolis also summons a skeletal warrior every 7 seconds to defend it capping a 6 total warriors. You can activate your trait to have all skeleton warriors push the closest lane until they die. Finally the Necropolis deals 80 damage a second to a single target (prioritizing heroes) every second in its range.

Things worth noting about abilties

Death and Decay's area is about the size of Keal'Thas's Pheonix ult.
Necropolis has about the same amount of health as Nazeebo's Gargantuan ult.
Necropolis cannot be placed over terrain or buildings. (regardless of the fact it can fly)
Necropolis's reveal area is about 75% of a watch tower.
Skeleton Warriors have the same stats as Arthas's ghouls.
Necropolis's reveal area is also its attack range.

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iLucian | May 30, 2017 5:54am
An intelligent and exciting new concept-

REANIMATION every regen globe you collect powers up reanimation. 5 allows the ability to fear opponents in opposite direction. 10 allows you to conjure a slime that makes the battleground sticky and adds slow whilst dealing 6dmg per 0.5 seconds. 50 globes grants you the ability communion with the dagon that allows you to exchange the globe's abilities to unlock the shadowform

in shadowform the character will incantate a flat sphere in the ground which takes you to the under-side of the map where the characters are transformed into sheep. they take 20% more dmg but they also inflict it too

basic ability- soul consume- when targeted at an enemy minion or Heroe, click and hold to latch onto them, using them as a Bodyshield, dealing 20dmg per 1.0 second, restoring half whilst dragging the target into their required direction.

what do you guys think?
Spartak | May 15, 2017 1:53am
At first I thought "nice", but... I think this hero is too similar to Jaina and Arthas, and he doesn't bring new mechanics. Another problem I see as a player : the numbers feel wrong. Specially the frost armor 2,5 seconds of 20 armor ?! This is crazy bad. So you spend 65 mana to decrease 2,5 seconds of basic attacks ? (2,5secs of AA = 0-500, 20% is 0-100). Imagine now if you choose Ice Lance : you become a "One button Hero".
I would imagine this Hero being a Specialist if :
    Icy touch stack up to 40 (50 with talent)
    Basic Attacks apply 3 stacks (5 with talent)
    Frost Armor gives 50% armor for 8 seconds (12 with talent)
    Sacrifice is the active trait "D"
    "E" is a Frost Nova consuming all the target stacks, dealing 10 damages per stack to all nearby ennemies and slowing them for 3 seconds.
    Remove the Ice lance
Nazeebro | May 14, 2017 5:32pm
cool but 8 stacks on shadowfrost bolt is a weird number, and only 2.5 sec on frost armor... i under stand but is 3 sec to bad
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