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By: rgg138
Last Updated: Oct 2, 2017
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The Deceiver

Ranged Specialist

Combat Trait

Master of Manipulation (D)
cooldown: 45s

Activate to make Kil'Jaeden be classified as an ally to enemy Heroes. They cannot attack you and they can heal you. Last 4s

Primary Abilities

Chaos Bolt (Q)
cooldown: 6s
90 mana

Channel to summon a bolt that, when released, deals 240 (+4%) damage and roots the target and enemies in an area around the target.
Can be channeled for up to 2.5 seconds. The root duration is equal to the time spent channeling.

Press Q again to cast before the 2.5s

Tear Rift (W)
cooldown: 16s

Banishes the target (ally or enemy) from the battlefield for 2s. Upon returning, reduces the target armor by 10, if it is an enemy, or grants the target 10 armor, if it is an ally, lasting 3s
Siphon Life (E)
cooldown: 8s

Target an ally Hero (can be self targeted) and, then, an enemy Hero. Deals 184 (+4%) damage over 4s to the enemy, healing the ally the same amount over the duration.

Heroic Abilities

Manipulation (r1)
cooldown: 100s
60 mana

Mark an enemy Hero, making his damage to heal his target instead of damage them and his healing spells to damage the target instead of healing them. All the damage and healing will be 50% weaker. Last 5s
Darkness of a Thousand Souls (r2)
cooldown: 60s
20 mana

Channel to fires bolts hitting 2 furthest enemies, preferring heroes,, dealing 160 (+4%) damage every second. Area is increased by 20% every second. Kil`Jaeden moves with 75% of his normal movement speed. Last 15s.

Basic abilities can still be used


Health: 1920 (+4%)
HP regen: 4,00 (+4%)

Mana: 500
Mana regen: 3

Attack Damage: 125 (+4%)
Attack Speed: 0.8


lvl 1

1. AA- Basic Attacks regen 2 mana. If used right after an basic ability, they deals a bonus of 45 (+4%) spell damage and regen 10 mana

2. Q- Quest: for each enemy Hero hit, increase its damage by 5, up to 150. Reward: Upon hitting 30 enemies, decrease its mana cost by 15

3. E- Grants you vision of the player for 6s after the DoT damage is over. And no longer cost mana

lvl 4

1. D- It makes nearby minions to deal 250% more damage

2. Q- Increase area around the target by 25%. Also, after the root, slow enemies movement speed by 20% for 2s

3. E- Slow the enemy movement speed by 20% Increase the ally movement speed by 20%. For the duration

lvl 7

1. Q- Increase the time spend casting by 1s. Also, increase range by 20%

2. W- Upon the target return to the battleground, a Imp is summond. If used at an ally, the Imp heal him 20 (+4%) a second. If used at an enemy, the Imp deals 20 (+4%)a second. Last 6s

3. E- Deals a bonus of 1% of the target maximum health, healing the ally the same amount

lvl 13

1. D- Decrease its CD by 5s. Increase healing that enemies can deal to you by 100%

2. W- Basics Attacks reduces its CD by 1s.

3. E- Gain 1 additional charge. Can be used at the same target both charges

lvl 16

1. Q- For each enemy Hero hit by Chaos Bolt, reduces CD of the next Chaos Bolt by 1s

2. EQ- For each enemy Hero hit by Chaos Bolst, reduces CD of Siphon Life by 1s

3. DQ- Hitting at least 2 enemies Heroes, activate Master of Manipulation


1. R1- Enemies players don`t know anymore if someone is marked or not. Increased duration by 1s

2. R2- Last 30s and CD is lower by 2s everytime it hits an enemy Hero

3. Q- Now can be cast while moving


Kindless, for the first ult

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Adunai (2) | March 23, 2017 11:13am
Tear Rift is clearly inspired by Shadow Demon from DotA (who happens to use the Eredar model).

Siplon Life is already in the game.

R1 is basically a silence. On one Hero. Duh.

R2 is basically Valla's Strafe.

Overall, a weak concept. Thanks for drawing some attention to our lord and saviour Kil'jaedn though!

I for one think that he'll be a difficult hero for Blizzard to implement as he neither was a unit in WC3, nor can he be based on a class from WoW. He was not a particularly well-defined boss in TBC, and will return in 7.2... But his lore is so vast that almost any concept is in danger of being either not enough (i.e., a niche hero centred on debuffs) or too much (such as summoning an army of Infernals and shooting Shadow lightnings).
rgg138 (1) | March 23, 2017 12:52pm
Yes, I inspire in Shadow Demon

Who has Siphon of Life?

R1 is a silence that affect abilities and basic attacks that, if used in the correct moment can change the game. An ult that can make the combo os Valeera heal the target ally.

R2 is like Valla`s Strafe, but with a big range on time and, at lvl 20, global range.
Adunai (2) | March 23, 2017 4:28pm
Shadow Demon is a disgrace to the original Eredar concept. It has nothing to do with Kil'jaeden as portrayed in WarCraft.

Gul'dan has Drain Life.

R1 is a game mechanic that only works against unsuspecting noobs. Any sane person would just stop using abilities for the time. Say, Kaharzim's Palm is useful because it either heals (especially against delayed damage, i.e. Chromie) or makes the enemy stop dealing damage to the Hero. This is not.

Exactly. That's why it's bad. And the spell effect would also be close to Gall's Shadow Bolt Volley. Again, bad.
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Kindless | March 7, 2017 1:22pm
Quite potent kit for a DPS/Healer type of hero Hero, but, I'm not sure if the healing part fits the Demon kind of character tho.
And it could go a little more around him being a Deceiver, not a Warlock.
Also I kinda don't understand a purpose of R1. In its current state it's mostly like silence+disarm kind of ability over a heckload long duration, because who would use their control over hero to damage his own team and heal the enemy. Unless their heros are given to an AI for the duration, but that isn't right IMO.
I've an idea of messing around swapping their healing into damage and vice versa, which is good idea for healing reverse, but not as much for damage. I can understand how healing powers can be altered to deal damage but, from a bit of logical standpoint, how can you explain healing via slicing an enemy as Illidan or getting hit with an Ice Shard from Jaina's Blizzard? :P
rgg138 (1) | March 7, 2017 1:56pm
I got and like your idea
Kindless | March 7, 2017 3:02pm
Glad that I have helped. :P
And give your thoughts about my Hero concept if you got some spare minutes. :D
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