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Last Updated: Jun 11, 2018
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The First Khan

The great Khan of the Kolkar tribe, a centaur tribe named after him. He leads the clan with brutal acts and savagery. He and his kind does not have mercy for any kind of being, especially to the taurens. Before the events of Deathwing's return, the six major centaur clans united under a new High Khan Arata, After the death of the said The Perfect One, the six centaur clans (Kolkar, Magram, Maraudine, Gelkis, and Galak tribes) are fractured and split apart once more.

Now that he enters the nexus, he vows to dominate all, who comes in his way.

Health: 2,665 (+4.0%)
Health Regen: 6.01 (+4.0%)
Mana: 500
Mana Regen: 3.00 (+0.098)
Atk Speed: 1.30 per second
Atk Damage: 89 (+4.0%)

Combat Trait

Earthen Skin (Trait: Passive)
Upon taking damage, Kolk grants a shield that absorbs 266 (+4% per level), while this shield is active, Kolk cannot be stunned, root, nor sleep.

- Duration: 4 seconds
- Cooldown: 23 seconds
- Mana: N/A

Primary Abilities

Culling Axe (Q)
Kolk winds up his axe in a wide circle. Dealing 313 (+4% per level) damage.

- Delay: 0.50 second
- Cooldown: 10 seconds
- Mana: 60
Pummel (W)
Wind up a punch dealing 88 (+4% per level) damage, tilting the target enemy hero, then become silenced and slowed by 10% for 1.25 second.
If it instead targeted an enemy minion, It deals 221 (+4% per level) damage and knocks it back, hitting enemies in the way for 119 (+4% per level) damage and slowing their movement speed for 15%, the effects is doubled when hitting enemy heroes.

- Duration: 1.25 second
- Cooldown: 10 seconds
- Mana: 50
Centaurian Leap (E)
Leaps to a target area, upon landing knocks all enemies around Kolk and dealing 75 damage (+4% per level).

- Cooldown: 12 seconds
- Mana: 45

Heroic Abilities

Marauders (R1)
Active: Call upon two Centaur Impalers that attack an enemy. Each Impalers deals 90 (+4% per level) damage a second and lasts 10 seconds. Can reactivate the Ability to retarget the Impalers.
Passive: Each Kolk's & Impalers' basic attacks reduces Earthen Skin's cooldown by 1 second.

- Cooldown: 100 seconds
- Mana: 75

Stampede (R2)
Active: Kolk rushes forward becoming unstoppable, goring an enemy hero on him. The hero that got hit on the way will be dragged to the destination, then damaged by 113 (+4% per level) and slowed by 10%.
Passive: Kolk's gain an additional 12% movement speed while mounted.

- Cooldown: 85 seconds
- Mana: 80

It would work like this.

Note: It can pass through walls

Special Mount

Hoof Charge (Z)
- Delay: Mounting Default
- Cooldown: Mounting Default
- Mana: N/A

Talent (WIP)

Post Script

Hope you guys like it ;) And I Would like to see your feedback..

Skin Ideas (WIP)

Change Log

*June 11, 2018
-Universe Changed

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