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Last Updated: Feb 23, 2024
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Lightful Naturalist

Lifeweaver was fascinated by the amazing power and beauty of nature. A scientist, activist, and artist, he combines the bio-light technology he invented with the healing power of nature to heal his allies and aid them in battle.

Strongness : area healing, self-survival skills
Weakness : lacks of rapid healing, lacks of hard crowd control

Health : 1690
Regen : 3.47
Mana : 480
Regen : 2.90
ATK SPD : 0.95
Damage : 110
ATK Range : 5.5

Combat Trait

D - healing blossom
Cooldown : 5 seconds.

Lifeweaver's ability leaves Healing Seed on the ground for 10 seconds.
By using this ability(D), sprouts all seeds around lifeweaver healing naerby allied heroes for 156 health.
range that seeds sprout : 12.0 from Lifeweaver

Primary Abilities

Q- biolight cluster
Cooldown : 8 seconds.
Range : 13.0
Width : 1.5 for moving route, 4.5 for explostion
Mana : 35

Throw a ball of light to specified direction.
The ball explodes first at Lifeweaver's location three more times in moving route.
Each explostion shields allied heroes 106, deals 198 damages to enemies.
The route and explosions of the ball leaves Healing seeds.
W - petal platform
Cooldown : 12 seconds.
Range : 2.0 * 2.0 circle
Mana : 80

Set a platform that floats 1 seconds later.
The floating platform makes the nearest enemy hero immune and unable to anything for 1.25 seconds.
E - rejuvenating dash
Cooldown : 10 seconds.
Range : 6
Mana : 70

Dash to ahead. Leaves Healing seeds.

Secondary Abilities

1 - ascending liberation
Set a platform for allied heroes.
When an allied hero right click near the platform, it makes the ally immune and unable but only moving in 115 % speed.
Enable to move across the wall.

Shares cooldown with Petal Platform (W)

Heroic Abilities

R1 - Tree of Life
Cooldown : 80 seconds
width of the tree : 5 * 5 width and length regular octagon
Range : 12.0
Effect Range : circle from center of the tree

Mana : 100

Sprout a tree in specified location. Recover the cooldown of Healing Blossom (D)
The tree heals allied heroes 190 for instantly and generates Healing seeds in every 1 seconds around itself.
Tree of life remains during losing all 1866 health or 20 seconds.
R2 - Thron volley
Cooldown : 24 seconds.
Range : triangle with 6.0 width and 12.0 length
Mana : 70

Flash backward instantly then shoot thorns to aheaed reverse triangle range.
Thorn deals enemies 86 damages, slow down 20% and blinds them for 1.5 seconds.
Circle range around lifeweaver and trinangle range leaves Healing seeds.

Level 1 traits

Circle of nature

!Quest : Hit 45 heroes with Biolight cluster
!Reward : After hitting 15 heroes, Biolight cluster's maximum range get longer.
!Reward : After hitting 30 heroes, Biolight Cluster's mana reduce by 50%
!Reward : After hitting 45 heroes, the radius, healing and damage get 25% larger while the ball is moving.

Lightful Tendril

Increases the range of Biolight cluster and Petal platform(Ascending liberation) by 20%

Spike and Take

Basic attack heals nearby hero with lowest health 50.

Level 4 traits

Blooming touch

: Basic attack reduces cooldown of Biolight cluster by 0.5 seconds.


: Gain 33% attack speed for 3 seconds while Lifeweaver damages enemy heroes. Increases ATK Range by 1.1


: Every blossom heals more 0.25% of allied heroes' health

Level 7 traits

!Common Quest : Hit 20 enemy heroes with Petal Platform
!Reward : Every 1 hit makes Petal Platform's cooldown 0.3 less.
!Reward : After 20 hits, Petal Platform's cooldown reduces by 6 seconds.

Icy Petal

: Petal platform roots enemy hero for 1.25 seconds after it expires.

Poisonous scent of Lotus

: Petal platform siliences enemy hero for 1.5 seconds afterit expires.

Mangrove grasp

: increases the time of immuning enemy hero for 1.25 seconds longer. Reuse this ability(w) to cancel petal platform earlier first 1 seconds later.

Level 13 traits

Light footfall

: When Liefweaver uses Rejuvenating dash and arrives near to allied hero, (around 3 diameter circle) Lifeweaver and the nearest hero gain 170 shields for 4 seconds. Revejunating dash's range get 33% longer.

Hardenlight shield

: Enemy heroes and Summons that attacks you and the nearest hero from you have their atk speed and movement speed by 25 for 1.5 seconds.


: Healing blossom removes slows allied heroes, and grants them 30 armors when doing so.

Level 16 traits

Acorn Budfire

: The ball of Biolight cluster comes back to Lifeweaver with 3 more explosions. Whenever Biolight cluster hits enemy hero, it fires 2 basic attacks to nearby enemy hero.

Sailing with the Storm

: Now Rejuvenating dash holds 3 charges. Revenjuring dash deals 170 damages first enemy hit and stuns for 0.75 seconds. Stuns same enemy after 6 seconds.

Life Grip

[New ability]
Cooldown : 40 seconds
: pulls an allied hero, dealing enemies on the way damages equal to the allies 5.5% of the maximum health

Level 20 traits

Tree of light

: Reuse Tree of Life for making around allied heroes invulnerable for 1 seconds.

Muang of Thorns

: the range of Thorn Volley explodes 3 more times in 3 seconds effecting same as Thorn Volley

Khawp khun!

: Now Petal Platform and Ascending Liberation floats up to 3 heroes.

Parting Gift

: become spirit for 5 seconds after death. As a spirit, being able to use basic abilities. If Lifeweaver kills of assists revenge, resurrect on the spot.

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