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Lilian Voss

By: LoxRib
Last Updated: Jul 5, 2018
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Lilian Voss

Shadows Master

Lilian Voss has finally made into the Nexus!
She is a swift hero, able to rapidly move around enemies and deal little but constant damage during a teamfight and strike enemies from unexpected positions. Her abilities help to harass enemies and punish them if they get near to you.


During her life Lilian Voss was trained to fight the plague as a member of the Scarlet Crusade. She studied stealth, sorcery and many martial arts just to accomplish her father High Priest Voss task.

After her death she was raised as an Undead but she couldn't accept her new state. After being captured by the Scarlet Crusade, her former friend Gebler was ordered by her father to execute Lilian as she was disowned by him. Enraged, Lilian instantly kills Gebler and begins her plan to exterminate all Scarlet Crusade members including her father.

Her plan then moved toward collecting the Codex of the Crusade in Scarlet Halls, a book containing all Scarlet Crusade members name, and toward killing High Inquisitor Whitemane who was able to revive them.

After the job was done she began to chase after necromancers and moved to Scholomance to slain Darkmaster Gandling but ends up being controlled by him. After being freed she nearly dies but somehow survives.

She is now Champion of the Uncrowned and fights against the Burning Legion as a member of the Armies of Legionfall.


All stats and abilities damage are roughly rounded to twice their value at lvl 20.
Health: 1500
Basic Attack Damage/second: 100
Basic Attacks/second: 2

Combat Trait

Lilian tastes her revenge every enemy minion killed and enemy Hero Takedown reducing her Abilities Cooldown up to 50%.

Decrease your Abilities Cooldown by 0,125% every enemy minion died near you.
Decrease your Abilities Cooldown by 1,25% every enemy Hero Taledown.

Quest! Get 25% Abilities Cooldown reduction.
Reward: Now also increase your Physical Damage done and Basic Attack Speed by 40% your stacks amount.
Shadow Explosion
Shadow Explosion is an area of effect ability able to damage every enemy around you in a small area. Damage and range values are dictated by abilities and talents.

Primary Abilities

Death's Grasp
Cooldown: 12

After 0,5 seconds unleash a shadow wave which gradually expand in a cone-shaped area in front of you dealing 75 damage to every enemy hit and grabbing every enemy minion hit toward the castposition.
Unleash then a powerful Shadow Explosion around the cast point dealing 100 damage to every enemy around.

If at least 1 enemy Hero has been hit by this Shadow Explosion, reduce the cooldown of this spell by 50%.
Shadow Strike
Cooldown: 8

Assault an enemy by quickly leaping toward their position, instantly dealing 125 damage.
If the target is a minion or a mercenary, deal double damage.
Shadow Projection
Cooldown: 15
Charges: 2
Cooldown Between Charges: 2

Rapidly emerge from an enemy shadow, appearing near his position, then usleash a Shadow Explosion dealing 50 damage to every enemy in range.

Heroic Abilities

Shadow Choke
Cooldown: 70

Your Shadow jumps onto an enemy hero, silencing him for 3 seconds. During that time, every basic attack Lilian does is copied by her shadow.
Codex of the Crusade
Cooldown: 30

Set a Death Mark upon every enemy Hero visible lasting 5 seconds. Each marked Hero stores 15% damage from Lilian. When the Mark expires, all damage stored is released on the target and it heals you for the same amount.


Level 1:

[Trait] Well Rounded Assassin: Each 1% Vendetta stack increases your Movement Speed and Health Regeneration by 0.5%.
Quest! Reach 30% Abilities Cooldown reduction with yout trait.
Reward: Increase Mount Speed and Total Health by 15%.

[Passive] Dark Pressure: Increase Shadow Explosion radius and damage by 25%.

[Passive] Sinister Strike: Basic Attacks increase your Basic Attack damage and Attack Speed by 5% for 5 seconds every time you hit an enemy Hero.

Level 4:

[Passive] Blade Flurry: Basic Attacks cleave in a small area.

[Q] Death's Reach: Increase Death's Grasp Range and decrease Cooldown by 25%.

[W] Unleash Wrath: Shadow Strike unleashes a Shadow Explosion on landing, dealing 75 damage.

Level 7:

[Q] Death is Coming: Enemies hit by Death's Grasp are slowed by 90% for 1 second. Enemy Heroes hit are now slightly dragged toward you.

[W] Eviscerate: Shadow Strike now deals twice it's damage to all non Heroic units and triple damage to Minions and Mercenaries.

[W] Shadowy Assault: After 0.5 seconds, a shadow copy of Lilian assaults the same target again.

Level 10:

[R1] Shadow Choke:
Cooldown: 70

Your Shadow jumps onto an enemy hero, silencing him for 3 seconds. During that time, every basic attack Lilian does is copied by her shadow.

[R2] Codex of the Crusade:
Cooldown: 30

Set a Death Mark upon every enemy Hero visible lasting 5 seconds. Each marked Hero stores 15% damage from Lilian per stack. When the Mark expires, all damage stored is released on the target and it heals you for the same amount.

Level 13:

[Trait] Motivation: Allied minions and mercenaries near you are now affected by 40% of Vendetta's value. Instantly unlock it's quest Reward.

[Passive] Echo of Shadows: Shadow Explosion is now cast 2 times but the second deals 75% damage.

[E] Retreat: Shadow Projection can be cast on allied shadows and gain 1 extra charge.

Level 16:

[Q] Plague: Death's Grasp deals 40% more damage over 2 seconds.

[Trait] Revenge Fellows: Set Vendetta's limit to 80%. Now you gain stacks also whenever an Allied Hero dies.

[E] Shadowy Emersion: After 0.5 seconds, a shadow copy of Lilian emerges from the same position again.

Level 20:

[Q] Embracing Shadows: Heroes hit by Death's Grasp are now Marked. Marks now stack.

[E] Dancing Shadow: Shadow Projection can now be activated again within 1 second.

[W] Cascade: Once landed, summon 3 Shadows in rapid succession to basic attack the target.

More Concepts

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Lava Guard Gordoth, the final boss of the Ragefire Chasm Dungeon

Change Log

  • Minor talents and abilities description edited
  • Level 20 Heroics Upgrades are removed.

  • Level 7 talent [W] Shadowy Assault not hits the original cast target instead of a specific position.
  • Level 16 talent [Q] Plague deals its bonus damage in 2 seconds instead of 3
  • Level 20 talnet [W] Dismantle has been replaced with [W] Cascade.
  • [R1] Shadow Choke has been reowrked. Now it silences a target and all basic attack trigger a shadow to basic attack the target. Its level 20 upgrade hits all enemies in an area.
  • [R2] Codex of the Crusade has been reworked. Now it stores damage on targets marked and releases it to heal and deal damage. Its level 20 upgrade affects all enemy units.
We thought both her heroics needed a rework, as they were counter intuitive. Now they bring some different opportunities and feel much more powerful. Minor changes help to fit better her play style

  • Health increased from 1300 to 1500
  • Decreased Phisical Damage done and Basic Attack Speed bonus gained from Vendetta stacks from half to 40% of her stacks
  • [Trait] Shadow Explosion effect has been simplified, now it behave as an Area Of Effect spell
  • Fixed some wrong descriptions details
  • Updated [W] Shadow Strike description to correctly describe its "jump-onto-target" nature
  • Updated level 1 talent [Trait] Well Rounded Assassin description
With this update we are trying to make some ambiguous talent description easier to understand to all players. Some minor changes in her talent and abilities kit focus on making her Auto Attack Build less effective and more in line with the other ones. We have addressed this nerf with a little buff to her total life.
We are currently working to rework her Shadow Choke [R1] ultimate and most of her level 20 talents

  • Lilian Released
  • Lilian no longer has mana as a resource
  • Removed all Mana Cost from abilities.
  • Updated her level 1 talent [Passive] Well Rounded Assassin to stack with her trait instead of gathering regen globes.
  • Level 1 talent [Passive] Well Rounded Assassin icon has been updated to fit its description
  • [R2] Codex of the Crusade Icon Updated
  • Lore and Introduction added
  • Added the More Concepts Section featuring other concepts.
We've seen that her gameplay was higly affected by mana which was running low very quickly. The regen globe talent was updated to fit her trait and permit a more dynamic talent build other than the pushing one

  • [E] Shadow Projection Cooldown Beetween Charges has been raised to 2 seconds instead of 1
  • Level 13 talent [Passive] Echo of Shadows the second cast of Shadow Explosion now deals 75% damage
  • Fixed level 4 talent [Q] Death's Reach description. Now it correctly shows Mana Cost and Cooldown reduction
  • Increased level 16 talent [Q] Plague damage over time to 40%
  • Level 1 talent [Passive] Sinister Strike bonus damage is increased to 5% and also increase your attack speed by the same amount but only activates when hitting enemy Heroes.
  • The lilian copy of evel 16 talent [Q] Shadowy Emersion now deals 75% damage
This Lilian adjustment focuses on reducing her damage potential on Shadow Projection build and buffing some of her other options, but still sticking with her fast gameplay and continous damage

  • Added Trait: Shadow Explosion
  • Shadow Explosion now helps with Talents and Abilities Readability
  • Spells and Talents icons updated

  • Stats Updated
  • Spells and Talents icons updated
  • Change Log Released

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