Lor'Themar Theron (Reupload) by DakDez17

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Lor'Themar Theron (Reupload)

By: DakDez17
Last Updated: Aug 31, 2017
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Lor'Themar Theron (Reupload)

Commander of the Rangers

Hi everyone, it is my time to make our beloved Lor'Themar Teron, even though there're tons of concepts for this poor guy. So hope you like it.
Lor'Themar is a mobile offensive warrior, who excels great in melee combat.

Attack Damage: 120 (+4% per level)
Attack Range: 1.1 meters
Attack Speed: 0.9 attacks/second

Health: 2300 (+4% per level)
Health Regeneration: 0.5 health/second (+4% per level)

Mana: 500 (+4% per level)
Mana Regeneration: 0.3 mana/second (+4% per level)

Combat Trait

Mana Affinity
Lor'Themar's basic attacks restore him 2% of his maximum mana and reduce cooldown of his basic abilities by 0.3 seconds.

Primary Abilities

Tactical Retreat
Mana: 50
Cooldown: 8 seconds

Lor'Themar swiftly dashes forward, dealing 90 (+4% per level) damage to all enemies on his way, and then jumps behind his initial position.

Damage Width: 0.4 meters
Dash Range: 0.25 meters
Jump Range: 0.5 meters behind the initial position.
Mana Trap
Mana: 80
Cooldown: 12 seconds

Sets a mana trap at the targeted point. After 0.75 seconds the trap becomes active. When an enemy comes near it, the trap explodes dealing 25 (+4% per level) damage for every enemy unit within its range and burns 5% of their maximum mana.

AoE: 1.5 meters
Arcane Slash
Mana: 60
Cooldown: 7 seconds

Strikes targeted enemy in melee range, dealing 120 (+4% per level) damage and silencing them for 1.5 seconds. Also causes Lor'Themar's next basic attack to be immediate.

Range: 1.1 meters

Heroic Abilities

Mana: 120
Cooldown: 45 seconds

Charges for 0.5 seconds and then strikes the most wounded enemy hero in a cone in front of Lor'Themar, dealing 30% of their maximum health as damage. Lor'Themar is able to move while charging.

Cone Range: 0.5 meters
Degrees: 90
Stalwart Defense
Mana: 150
Cooldown: 80 seconds

For 1 second Lor'Themar and all allies become invulnerable and gain shield equal to 20% of their maximum health for 2 seconds afterwards. If any shield given by this ability is destroyed, Lor'Themar dashes to the unit, who broke it, dealing 150 (+4% per level) damage to them and taunting them for 1.75 seconds.

AoE: 2 meters


02.05.17 - Concept Published.

-Passive bonus from "Mana Affinity" is made into a Passive Level 1 Talent.
-"Mana Trap" activation time reduced from 1.5 to 0.75.
-"Arcane Slash" mana cost increased from 25 to 35 and cooldown increased from 4 to 7 seconds.
-"Execution" now only affects enemy heroes.
-Added Level 1 Talents.

-"Arcane Strike" ability reworked.
-"Block" talent replaced with "Sword Mastery" talent.
-Added Level 4 Talents.

-"Mana Trap" AoE increased from 1.25 to 1.5 meters.
-Added Level 7 "Glyph" Talents.

-Added Level 10 and 13 Talents.

-Added Level 16 and 20 Talents.

-"Sun Well's Affinity" renamed into "Blessing of the Sun Well".
-"Master Tactician" now also increases shield duration of "Stalwart Defense" by 1 second.
-Increased "Stalwart Defense" cooldown from 60 to 80 seconds.
-"Relentless Execution" damage dealt increased from 60% to 70% of maximum health and now increases cooldown by 20 seconds.
-"Mana-consuming Strike" bonus damage and mana restored increased from 1.5% to 5% of maximum mana.
-"Dash" range increased from 0.75 to 1.25 meters.

Level 1 Talents:

1) Mana Blade (Passive): Lor'Themar gains bonus 1% attack damage for every 2% of maximum mana he has.

2) Sword Mastery (Quest): Every 8 seconds Lor'Themar gains 1 stack of Sword Mastery. These stacks give 40 kinetic armor, which reduces damage from the next enemy hero's basic attack, . Can hold up to maximum of 3 charges.

Quest: Block enemy heroes' attacks with "Sword Mastery". Every 5 successfully blocked attacks give 5 bonus kinetic armor to each stack, up to maximum of 35.

Reward: After blocking 35 enemy heroes' attacks, reduces recharge time of each stack by 2 seconds and after blocking damage Lor'Themar gains 20% bonus attack damage for 3 seconds.

3) Swiftness (Q): "Tactical Retreat" gives 30% bonus movement speed, fading over 2 seconds.

Level 4 Talents:

1) Mana-consuming Strike (E): Causes "Arcane Strike" to deal bonus damage equal to 5% of target's maximum mana and to restore Lor'Themar the same amount of mana.

2) Tactical Engage (Q): You can reactivate "Tactical Retreat" within 2 seconds after using it, to swiftly return to the initial point and then dash forward again dealing 45 (+4% per level) damage in the same area.

3) Calculated Strike (Passive): Next attack performed within 7 seconds after using an ability deals 65% more damage and slows the target by 25% for 0.75 seconds.

4) Cleave (Passive): Attacks deal 45% of Lor'Themar's attack damage to all nearby enemies.

Level 7 Talents:

1) Flame Glyph (W): Increase explosion radius by 1.5 meters. If "Mana Trap" hits 2 or more enemy heroes, all enemies hit receive 80 (+4% per level) bonus damage.

2) Arcane Glyph (W): Increase amount of mana burnt to 7% of maximum mana. If "Mana Trap" hits 2 or more enemy heroes, creates another untalented "Mana Trap" at the same point.

3) Frost Glyph (W): Causes "Mana Trap" to slow enemies hit by 20% for 2 seconds. If "Mana Trap" hits 2 or more enemy heroes, roots all enemies hit for 1 second and only then slows them.

Level 10 Talents:

1) Execution: After a small delay, crush the most wounded enemy.

2) Stalwart Defense: Make nearby allies invulnerable and then give them powerful shields.

Level 13 Talents:

1) Solar Greatsword (E): Increase "Arcane Slash" cast range and damage by 50%. "Arcane Slash" also blinds the target for 3 seconds.

Passive: Increase basic attack range by 0.5 meters.

2) Relentless Strike (Q): Reduces armor of enemies hit by 25, increasing damage they receive by 25%, for 2 seconds.

3) Fighting Spirit (Passive): Basic attacks increase damage dealt by 2.5%, up to maximum of 25%, for 6 seconds. While Lor'Themar has 10 stacks of this ability, he gains 25% bonus attack speed. Duration is refreshed by basic attacks.

4) Battle Stance (Active): Lor'Themar loses 10 armor and gains 20% bonus movement speed and 40% bonus attack speed for 12 seconds. 40 seconds cooldown.

Level 16 Talents:

1) Heroic Strike (E): Next attack dealt after casting "Arcane Slash" deals bonus damage equal to 4.5% of target's maximum health.

2) Mana Shield (D): While Lor'Themar has more than 75% of his maximum mana, he gains 25 armor, which reduces incoming damage by 25%. Every 10 seconds Lor'Themar gains shield equal to 15% of his current mana.

3) Sense of Mana (D): Increases mana restored by additional 1% of maximum mana and cooldown reduction by 0.5 seconds.

Level 20 Talents:

1) Relentless Execution (R1): Increases damage dealt by "Execution" to 70% of target's maximum health and cooldown by 20 seconds.

2) Master Tactician (R2): Reduces cooldown of "Stalwart Defense" by 5 seconds and refunds 20% of mana spent on this ability, for every shield which remains undestroyed. Increases shield duration by 1 second.

3) Blessing of the Sun Well (Passive): Increases attack damage by 20% and causes attacks to increase Lor'Themar movement speed by 20% for 1 second.

4) Dash (Active): Lor'Themar dashes 1.25 meters forward. Cooldown 8 seconds.

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