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By: HexerVoodoom
Last Updated: Aug 26, 2020
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Pit Lord

This concept makes Mannoroth a support hero with a big health pool, bringing utility for his team with wave clear, team positioning and even providing healing fountain and buffs. His big health pool and disrupt allows him to fill the role of a tank for a short period of time.

He is good at clearing lanes and allowing his team mates to defend a falling lane or pushing further with a fountain close to the enemy. His (Z) allows him to be a global and his R1 allows his team to push a defenless lane, reaching objective or even escaping death.
His R2 allows him to push lane while he can keep the enemy team busy during objective with his (W) and big health pool. His (q) allows him to position between enemy and ally protecting with his big body block and his (E) may force enemies to run away or group up to mitigate damage.

Combat Trait

(D) Fel Blood Fountain
Creates a fountain of fel blood over an allied existing fountain or destroyed fountain either allied or enemy.
Allied heroes who drink it will receive 40% max health, 30% max mana and 10% extra ability and physical damage over 20 seconds.
Shares cooldown with Healing Fountain. Only one can be active at time. Lasts until destroyed or replaced.
CD 60s.
Xu'tenash, Glaive of Ruin (passive)
Auto attack cleaves for 40%.

Primary Abilities

Trample over an area damaging enemies on the path and interrupting any channeling. Receives 20% mov speed decaying over 3 seconds.

can be talented to have 2 charges and increased range but no longer gives mov. speed bonus while in combat.
Summons flames over an area that will damage enemies and heal Mannoroth.
Mannoroth's Gaze
Affects enemy with a painful torment that will damage over 4 seconds. Damage is equally shared with nearby allies causing it to be stronger on isolated enemies and weaker against a whole team.
The effect will wear off if the enemy moves out of Mannoroth sight.

Heroic Abilities

Nether Portal
Summons a Dark Portal on target location that lasts 40 seconds. Allies can use it to teleport back and forth into the Hall of the Storms.
CD 90s

Level 20
Lasts indefinetly until replaced.
Summon Infernal
Summons a shower of fel meteor that will impact area over 3 seconds damaging. From it rises an Infernal that will walk to the closest lane, killing minions. If an enemy hero is on it's reach it will go for it instead.
Lasts 30 seconds.

CD 90s.

Level 20
The meteor has extra 20% damage that will be done over 10 seconds. Infernal has a blazing aura that will damage nearby enemies.
Empowered Demon
Level 20 Storm Talent
Every subsequent damage is increased by 10% up to 100%. The effect is canceled if no damage is caused on the last 6 seconds.

Special Mount

Can leave a demon gate at targetes place that can be channeled by allies to summon him into place. CD 40s
Only 1 can be active at time. Can be destroyed.

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