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By: rgg138
Last Updated: Jan 15, 2017
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Pit lord

He is a meele specialist that is good at controling areas. Uses Fel Energy instead of Mana to summon Infernals. That Infernals is good at objectives or at pushing lines

Combat Trait

FEL ENERGY (passive)
Use Fel Energy instead of Mana. Basic attacks regenerates 1 Fel Energy for each enemy minion hit and 2 for each enemy Hero hit. Stores up to 40 Fel Energy
Cleaving Attack (D)
-Passive: Basic Attacks cleaves.
-Activate to increase damage of your next basic attack by 100% and knock back enemies hit

cooldown: 20s

Primary Abilities

Fel Hellstorm (Q)
Calls down 3 Meteors that fall in a big area after a 1s delay. Each meteors deals 125 (+4%) damage in a small area. That small area burns, dealing 20 (+4%) damage a second for 5s.
-Basically it's the same as Rain of Destruction, but not channeled and without randomness. Fall at enemy's position, preferring Heroes.

cooldown: 8s
cost: no cost
Mannoroth's Gaze (W)
Fears enemies in the area for 0,75s.
Cone area in front of Mannoroth with range and arc similar to Cone of Cold from Jaina

cooldown: 15s
cost: no cost
Inferno (E)
Press E and click at the burned area from FEL HELLSTORM (Q) to creat an Inferno there. Inferno deals 80(+4%) damage. Lasts until killed.

cooldown: 1s
cost: 10 Fel Energy

Heroic Abilities

doom (r1)
Deals 40 (+4%) damage per second to the target for 20s.
If the target dies under Doom, a Demon will spawn from its corpse. Deals 150 (+4%) damage per attack and last 10s

cooldown: 80s
Shadowforce (r2)
Cast a Beam foward. Mannoroth channels that Beam if hits an enemy Hero, knocking him back and dealing 50 (+4%) damage a second until he colides with a terrain.
Skillshoot with long range.

cooldown: 60s

Special Mount

Dark Portal (Z)
Mannoroth cannot mount. Instead, he casts a portal similar to Medivh, but with global range. Only Mannoroth can enter portal. Lasts 6s.

cooldown: 50s


Health: 2400 (+4%)
HP regen: 5,00 (+4%)

Fel Energy: 40

Attack Damage: 125 (+4%)
Attack Speed: 0,8
Attack Range: 2
(bigger than normal meeles)


lvl 1

1. Q- Reduces its CD by 2s and also regenerate 2 Fel Energy if hit an enemy Hero

2. W- Quest: for each enemy Hero hit, increase its fear duration by 0,0125. Unlimited

3. D- Basic attacks slow enemies hit by 15% for 1,5s

lvl 4

1. Q- Grants a charge of Spell Block when hit an enemy Hero, reducing damage taken from the next spell

2. W- Reduces damage taken by 30% for 3s for each enemy Hero hit, up to 15s

3. E- Inferno heals your by 100% of the damage they deal

lvl 7

1. W- Now deals 210 (+4%) damage

2. E- Inferno deals 100% more damage against structure

3. D- Basic attacks deals 50% more damage to minions

lvl 13

1. Q- Enemies that passes through the burn area are slowed by 30%

2. W- Decrese its CD by 0,1s for each minion, merc or monster hit. Reduces CD by 0,25s for each enemy HERO hit

3. D- When an enemy minion dies close to you, regenerates 1 Fel Energy and heals you 90 (+4%)

lvl 16

1. E- Whenever Inferno attacks, reduces your CD of basic abilities by 0,75s

2. E- Whenever Inferno attacks, regenerates 1 Fel Energy. Also increase the number maximum of Fel Energy you can store to 50

3. E- Inferno deals 22 (+4%) damage to nearby enemies

lvl 20

1. R1- Deals a bonus of 0,5% of the enemy's maximm health a second.

2. R2- Now if the enemy colides with terrain, stun him for 4s and deals a bonus of 300 (+4%) damage

3. D- Basic attacks reduce the CD of your chosen ulti by 1s for each enemy hit

4. Z- Now allies heroes can use the portal, but increase cooldown from 50s to 100s

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MarioToast | January 2, 2017 12:09pm
"Deals 22 (+4%) damage per second to the target until he dies." Have it be a set duration instead.
rgg138 (1) | January 2, 2017 12:35pm
Your suggestion is welcome
DakDez17 | December 28, 2016 7:54am
OK... Mana for ultimates? And if it's Fel Energy, then how is it possible to get 50 or 60???
rgg138 (1) | December 28, 2016 8:08am
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