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By: HereticExil
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2020
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Range auto-attacker with some minor mobility and cc. Has some unique reload mechanic but does not shoot while moving

HEALTH: 1350
REGEN: 4.5
RANGE: 5.5
DAMAGE : 150
DPS : 150

Combat Trait

McCree can attack 6 times and then needs to reload over 1.5 seconds. McCree can manually reload early by activating Peacekeeper.

Primary Abilities

Fan the Hammer
Activating this ability will swiftly unload the entire cylinder, firing 1 bullet every 0.15 seconds. This ability can be channelled while moving at half-speed and will fire towards the cursor hitting the first target it hits doing 75% physical damage.
McCree heaves a blinding grenade that explodes shortly after it leaves his hand, stunning anyone hit in a small aoe for 0.5 seconds. 15 second cooldown
Combat Roll
McCree dives in the selected direction, effortlessly reloading his Peacekeeper in the process. 15 second cooldown.

Heroic Abilities

Channel in a selected area for 5 seconds or until deadeye is reactivated. At the end of the channel McCree will draw against every enemy hero in the targeted area. Enemy heroes in the selected area during the channel will be marked by deadeye. The longer an enemy is marked by deadeye, the more damage they will take from the draw. While channeling, McCree's movement speed is reduced by 75%. Casting Deadeye automatically reloads McCree's Peacekeeper.
Reach for the sky
Select an enemy hero as a target and order them to freeze. After 0.75 seconds, a hold-fire command will be issued against that enemy hero and McCree will take aim at the enemy hero target for 3 seconds. If the enemy hero moves, attacks or uses any abilities during those three seconds, McCree will take fire at that target causing crit damage and stunning the target. If the enemy hero takes any damage from ally heroes, the channel will be cancelled. If the enemy hero stops moving for the full 3 second duration, McCree will not fire. While channeling, McCree's movement is reduced by 75%. Casting reach for the sky will automatically reloads McCree's Peacekeeper.

Level 1 Talents

[1] Head Shot - Activate to make your next Auto-Attack do 100% extra damage.
30 second cooldown

[1] Leg Shot - Activate to make your next Auto-Attack do 75% damage but slow the enemy target by 30% over 2 seconds.
30 second cooldown

[1] Arm Shot - Activate to make your next Auto-Attack do 75% damage but reduce enemy auto-attack speed and damage by 30% over 3 seconds.
30 second cooldown

Level 4 Talents

[Q] Swiss Cheese - Every shot of fan the hammer that hits a target increases the damage of the next shot in that fanning against the same target by 15%(up to a total of 75%).

[E] Action Man - Physical damage(AA and fan the hammer) caused by McCree will reduced the cooldown of combat roll by .75 seconds.

[D] Speed loader - Decrease McCree's reload time by 50%

Level 7 Talents

[2] Explosive Rounds - Activate to make your next reload fill the Peacekeeper with 6 explosive rounds. These rounds do 25% less damage but cause aoe damage when hitting an enemy target.
30 second cooldown

[2] Piercing Rounds - Activate to make your next reload fill the Peacekeeper with 6 piercing rounds. These rounds will ignore armor and pierce through one enemy when used with fan the hammer.
30 second cooldown

[2] Hollow Points Rounds - Activate to make your next reload fill the Peacekeeper with 6 hollow point rounds. These rounds double the effects of physical armor on enemy heroes(both positive and negative), and will also cause bleeding damage and lower healing received by 30% over 3 seconds when hitting a target that has negative physical armor.
30 second cooldown

Level 13 Talents

[W] Lingering effect - McCree's flash bangs will also blind enemies for 2 seconds after the stun duration.

[W] Phosphorus - McCree's flash bangs cause burning damage over 3 seconds.

[W] High-payload - McCree's flash bangs have a 50% bigger radius and do 50% more damage.

Level 16 Talents

[1] Sharp shooter - Reduce cooldown of trick shots by 10 seconds and shots(AA/Q) reduce cooldown of trick shots by one second.

[AA] Speed shooter - Increase AA speed by 50% and auto-attacks also increase movement speed by 5% for 5 seconds, stacking up to 25%.

[Q] Trick shooter - Hitting an enemy hero with all 6 shots of fan the hammer will cause the next reload to be 0.25 seconds.

Level 20 Talents

[R] Deadeye upgrade - Executioner - Increase damage by 25% of the target's missing health

[R] Reach for the sky upgrade - Vigiliante - During the channel, McCree's movement speed is reduced by 25%(instead of 75%) and, if McCree is within melee range of the target and the draw hasn't been triggered, he can reactivate 'Reach for the sky' to bind the enemy hero with ropes. While bound, the enemy hero is stunned for 4 seconds.

[E] Restock - Combat roll also resets the cooldown for flash bang[w] and advanced rounds[2]

[E] Tumbleweed - Increase the number of charges for combat roll to 2 and lower the cooldown to 10 seconds.

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