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By: Labreris
Last Updated: May 13, 2018
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The Vigilante

McCree is a hero I love the idea of in Overwatch so I wanted to reimagine him in Heroes of the Storm.
His playstyle is reminiscent of his playstyle in Overwatch, being medium-range duelist.


Health & health regeneration
1200-1300~ (+4.0% per level) health.

3.0~ (+4.0% per level) health per second.

Mana & mana regeneration
500 (+10 per level)

3.0 (+4.0% per level) mana per second

60~ (+4.0% per level) damage

2.0 attack speed.

5.5 range.

Combat Trait

Every 6 seconds, McCree gains a charge of Quickdraw, up to 6 charges.
Whenever a nearby enemy ranged hero attacks, the cooldown of Quickdraw is reduced by 1 second.
Fan The Hammer
Activate your trait (D) to consume a Quickdraw charge. This resets your AA timer, allowing you to AA multiple times in quick succession if done properly.
Every time Fan The Hammer is used within 0.5 seconds of itself, your next AA damage is reduced by 10% for 1 second, stacking 6 times

Primary Abilities

Penetrating shot
40 Mana | 5 Second cooldown
Begin to channel, slowing yourself by 10%, growing to 60% over 3 seconds. While channeling, recast to fire in a straight line, dealing 200 (+4.0% per level) damage.

Damage is increased based on time spent charging, up to 100% more damage after lasting the full channel.

- Hits all enemies in a straight line

- Interruptable

- Medium range
Combat Roll
60 Mana | 14 Second cooldown
Roll in a target direction, ignoring unit collision.

At the end of the roll, gain 3 charges of Quickdraw.

- Range similar to Valla's vault
70 Mana | 12 Second cooldown
Target an area on the ground and throw a flashbang at it, dealing 80 (+4.0% per level) damage to enemies hit and stunning them for 0.75 seconds.

Secondary Abilities

Toggle on/off.
Every 5 seconds your next auto-attack gains 5.5 range.

Heroic Abilities

100 Mana | 80 Second cooldown
Slow yourself by 60% and extend a very long cone out in front of you.

As long as an enemy is visible and inside the cone, you will begin to charge Deadeye on them, starting at 50 (+4.0% per level) damage, up to 500 (+4.0 per level) damage over the course of 2.5 seconds.

Deadeye can be reactivated to shoot an instant skillshot at every hero within the cone. The skillshot will hit the first enemy hero or structure in its path, allowing structures or other enemy heroes to block it.

Deadeye lasts 5 seconds.

- Interruptable
Fateful Encounter
100 Mana | 80 Second cooldown
Select an enemy hero to challenge them. After 1 second, you both lose vision of other heroes and become immune to outside damage sources for 5 seconds. If your opponent or you are killed, the effect ends. If you kill your opponent, your basic ability cooldowns will be refreshed.


Tier 1

Greater Flashbang
Flashbang blinds enemy heroes for 2.5 seconds.

Like shooting fish in a barrel.
Auto-attacks against minions and monsters explode in an AoE, dealing 50% damage in a small radius around the initial target. This splash damage can only hit minions and monsters.

Participating in a takedown grants you 1 stack of bribe. Max 12 stacks. Use 3 stacks to bribe a mercenary, instantly defeating it. If a camp is defeated entirely by bribe, it respawns 50% faster.

Extra Caliber
Penetrating Shot ignores armor.

Tier 2

1 [Active ability]
Whoa there!
Activate to throw a flashbang at your ground location. This flashbang has a 50% increased radius. Cooldown is shared with Flashbang.

Regen-globes grant 3 charges of Quickdraw and reduce the cooldown of any basic abilities on cooldown by 1.5 seconds.

Combat Roll travels 30% further.

Tier 3

Auto-attacks against heroes that are more than 5 range away from you deal 30% more damage.

The duration of blinds against you, is reduced by 50%.

Participating in a takedown grants 6 charges of Quickdraw.

On The Range
Penetrating Shot's range is increased by 30%


Tier 5

You cannot be dismounted by damage.

Defensive Curl
Combat Roll grants 50 armor for its duration.

Traveling over an enemy with Combat Roll deals 150 (+4.0% per level) damage and slows them by 30% for 2 seconds.

Tier 6

1 [Active ability]
toggle on/off.
Every 5 seconds your next auto-attack gains 5.5 range.

Penetrating Shot fires 3 consecutive shots over the course of 1 second, but it's damage is reduced by 50%.

More Bang For Your Buck
Flashbang gains an additional charge.

Auto-attacks against slowed or rooted targets cause your auto-attacks to deal 30% more damage for 3 seconds.

Tier 7

High Noon
Deadeye reveals all enemy heroes for it's duration and you gain 75 armor.

Fateful Encounter's cooldown is refreshed if you kill your opponent.

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Labreris | April 30, 2018 12:13pm
Talents are basically done!
Cykloth | April 28, 2018 11:47pm
cool hero concept, I really like fateful encounter
Labreris | April 29, 2018 3:06am
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