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By: GeorgeGaming
Last Updated: Apr 18, 2017
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Lord of Hatred

"And the Evil that was once vanquished shall rise anew. Wrapped in the guise of man, shall he walk amongst the innocent, and Terror shall consume they that dwell upon the Earth. The skies shall rain fire, and the seas will become as blood. The righteous shall fall before the wicked, and all of Creation shall tremble before the burning standards of Hell!"
Lord of Hatred and the Eldest of the Three Prime Evils, Mephisto is cunning and holds command over the undead.
Either specializes in Damage (with Wrath) or Mitigation (with Vengeance)

Hp: 1708 (+7% per level), No Health Regen
Attack: 213 (+4% per level) damage, 0.4 attacks a second. Ranged
Mana: 500 (+4% per level), 5 Mana Regen.

Combat Trait

Passive: You gain Hatred for 50% of all damage received, up to 1250 (+3% per level). You heal yourself of 20% damage you deal to targets.
Active (45 sec cooldown): Consume all hatred, healing yourself for 60% of all spent.

Primary Abilities

Vengeful Spirit
(5 sec cooldown, 4 charges, generates 2% hatred per cast. 25 mana)

Send forth a vengeful spirit, which passes through all enemies dealing 120 (+6% per level) damage to them and slowing them by 15% for 3 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times
Grasp of the Dead
(10 second cooldown, generates 1% of your Hatred everytime it deals damage. 60 mana.)

Ghoulish hands reach out from the ground at an area for 4 seconds. Enemies who stand in the area are haunted slowing movement speed by 40% and dealing 78 (+5% per level) damage every second, until it ends.

(as big as Sonya's leap)
Frost Nova
(20 second cooldown, generates 5% of your Hatred. 40 mana.)

A blast of frost blows from your body, immobilizing targets hit for 2 seconds, and dealing 80 (+3% per level) damage to them.

(as big as kharaizim's Breath of Heaven)

Secondary Abilities

(50 sec cooldown, consumes 10% of your Hatred)

After 2 seconds, four skeletons are raised from the ground to aid. Each skeleton is equipped with a bow, dealing 45 (+3% per level) damage a shot and attacking 1.2 times a second, and has 250 (+5% per level) hitpoints. They push the nearest lane, and soak half of the XP contribution a lane grants. Last 20 seconds.

(they have a range similar to Li-Mings.)

Heroic Abilities

Blast of Hatred
(90 second cooldown, unlocked automatically at level 1. 100 mana)

Blast the target with pure hatred and wrath, consuming all of your hatred and dealing 60% of it as damage to all targets in a large area

(as large as Cho's Blazing Fist)


Lvl 1:

Wrath--Each 5% of your hatred increases damage dealt by 3% and damage taken by 2%. Increase all damage dealt by 30%.
Vengance--Each 5% of your hatred decreases damage taken by 3% and damage dealt by 2%. Increase max hitpoints by 50%.

Lvl 4:

Q: Spirit Barrage--Increase the distance that spirits go by 20%, and grant 2 extra charges.
Q: Spiteful Spirits--Now explodes at the end of it's path, dealing 180 (+5% per level) damage in a medium radius.
Q: True Loathing--Increase radius by 30% and damage by 15%.
Q: Wrathful Ghost--Now grants 1% of your Hatred for each damage hit.

Lvl 7:

W: Unbreakable Grip--Now roots for 1 second, and increase the slow by 10%.
W: Dead Rush--After the duration ends, summon five zombies who push the nearest lane each dealing 15 (+4% per level) damage each and have 100 (+5% per level) health. Last 5 seconds.
W: Frigid Vengeance--Now slows attack speed of those inside the radius by 40%.
W: Wrathful Dead--Increase damage and slow by 30%.

Lvl 10:

R: Blast of Wrath--Deals 20% more damage, but now makes you vulnerable.
R: Blast of Vengeance--Heal for 100% of all damage dealt and grants resistant for 6 seconds, but now it deals 30% less damage.

Lvl 13

E: Ice Shards--Release 10 ice shards around you, stopping at the first target hit and dealing 59 (+4% per level) damage to them.
E: Chilled to the Bone--Now causes vulnerability in all targets hit for 4 seconds, and giving yourself resistant for 4 seconds.
E: Frost Bomb--Now you can cast Frost Nova on a target within a medium range.

Lvl 16

Skeletal Mages--Now the skeletons are mages, who deal 120 damage every 1.5 seconds and slow movement speed by 40%.
Skeletal Warriors--Now the skeletons are bulky warriors, doubling damage and hitpoints. However their range is now melee.
Skeletal Sharpshooters--Increase range and damage by 40%.
Necromancer--Instead of summoning skeletons, it summons a Necromancer, who doesn't attack. Instead, it raises skeletons from dead enemy minions. Last 40 seconds.

Lvl 20

R: Pure Hate--Increase range by 60% and decrease the cooldown by 60 seconds. (Only takeable if Wrath was taken at level 1.)
D: Unkillable--Decrease cooldown by 25 seconds and increase effect to 100% of your max hatred (Only takeable if Vengeance was taken at level 1.)
Bad Intent--Consume 10% of your total hatred to reset your Basic Cooldowns.

Pros and Cons

--Strong Duelist
--Lots of CC
--Extremly resistant to sustained damage.
--Easily sets up/capitilizes on combo-wombos.

--Dedicated Burst can take you down
--Silence hurts you a lot as your basic attack is so slow.
--Tank Spec does way too little damage
--Dps Spec is very vulnerable.


12/2/16--Finished talents, added pros and cons and link to other concept.


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CriticKitten | December 19, 2016 2:35pm
I'm actually a big fan of bringing Mephisto into HotS!

I'm sort of curious what your plan was, as far as making him a multi-class hero. He seems like a mix of Assassin damage and Specialist push-power, but Vengeance actually gives him health comparable to many of the top warriors (between Chen and Arthas, from the looks of it). What was your reasoning behind that? Does his health grow at a slower rate, or is the lack of health regeneration a factor here?

Also, the attack range on the minions from Graveyard seems fairly high, no? Raynor's got a 6.5 attack range, exceeding that of most other heroes, and most hero-made minions don't tend to reach past 3-4 (except Abathur's Bombard Strain locusts, I suppose, but IIRC those shots are avoidable). Considering their individual health is fairly high (about 23% higher than Azmodan's Demon Warriors) and their damage is likewise pretty good (58% higher), having such a large range on top of that seems a bit strong to me.
GeorgeGaming (3) | April 18, 2017 12:36am
1. Sorry I'm so late getting back to you. Anyways, his lack of health Regen is mitigated by the fact that he heals 20% of damage dealt. As you said earlier, he was meant to either:
Glass Cannon (Li-Ming)
Ranged Bruiser Tank (think Artanis)
Push hard (about Zagara strength)
Or a Wombo Combo Assassin (like Alarak)

My reasoning is because Varian is the only multi-class hero, and it would be interesting to see a hero​ which would be countered hard like this character (extremely vulnerable to silence, because his attack occurs once every 2.5 seconds.)
Also the skeleton archers ARE op. Lemme balance that.
GeorgeGaming (3) | December 2, 2016 5:36pm
For the sake of creativity, all builds will be mentioned on the concept.
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