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Last Updated: Jan 22, 2018
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Geneticist of Talon

"Science will reveal the truth."

Moira is the newest support of Heroes of the Storm who tries to release the humanity's potential through genetics. She's a healer capable of healing huge amounts of damage that is also pretty mobile. Her talents can improve her healing capabilities or even make her a secondary assasin if your team needs to have one.

Though, her healing is limited by Biotic Energy, so she needs to be able to deal damage to enemy heroes - otherwise her healing potwntial is wasted. She also doesn't provide any hard CC, and she starts to get some only after level 7. Because of her mobility and ability to regain Health by attacking heroes, she has a relatively lower Health pool than most supports, meaning it's easier for her to get caught out if not aware of positioning.


[*] 16/01/2018 - Release
[*] 22/01/2018 - New heroic and a rework to Metamorphosis as a lvl 20 ability.

Combat Trait

[D1] Biotic Grasp
Moira's basic attacks restore 25 (+4% per level) Health to her and restore 10 Biotic Energy every second. Additionally, her basic attacks can be done while moving, and they lock on their target.
[D2] Biotic Energy
Instead of using Mana, Moira uses Biotic Energy as a resource. She can have up to 100 Biotic Energy, and you can either spend it to heal ally heroes or restore it by attacking enemy heroes.

Primary Abilities

[Q] Healing Grasp
Active: Moira can hold Q to spray her energy to heal ally heroes for 101 (+4% per level) Health every second within a cone range in the direction where she's currently heading. She can do so until she runs out of Biotic Energy.

(10 Biotic Energy per second)
[W] Biotic Orb
Active: Moira throws an orb that travels in a straight line and bounces off structures and terrain. The orb lasts for 8 seconds or until it's condition is met.

If the Moira's last action was using Healing Grasp, the orb will restore 160 (+4% per level) Health to all friendly heroes within 350 range every second. The orb will expire after 8 seconds or restoring 800 (+4% per level) Health within a single use to a single ally hero.

If the Moira's last action was using her auto attack, the orb will deal 70 (+4% per level) damage to all enemy heroes within 350 range every second. The orb will expire after 8 seconds or after dealing 350 (+4% per level) damage within a single use to a single enemy hero.

(12 CD)
[E] Fade
Active: For 0.8 seconds, Moira is invunerable and unrevealable, and she gains an 100% Movement Speed bonus that rapidly decays overtime.

(14 CD)

Secondary Abilities

[ALT] Syringe Needle
Active: Moira chooses an enemy hero. That hero takes 252 (+4% per level) damage within 5 seconds and is slowed by 20% for 5 seconds.

(45 CD. Btw, ALT does not mean the ability is primarly binded to Alt key, it's just another ability.)
[ALT2] Metamorphosis
Active: Moira resets the cooldown of her Biotic Orb and Fade.

(45 CD)

Heroic Abilities

[R1] Coalescence
Active: After a 0.5 second delay, Moira gains 20% movement speed and releases a beam in the straight line within 650 range that deals 70 (+4% per level) damage to all enemies and restores 150 (+4% per level) Health to all friendly heroes within the beam's range.

The beam's duration is 8 seconds. During that time, Moira heals herself for 85 (+4% per level) Health every seconds, but she cannot use any abilities or do basic attacks.

(80 CD)
[R2] Erlenmeyer's Blast
Active: Moira throws a vial with Erlenmeyer sodium that deals 338 (+4% per level) damage to the first enemy hit and explodes. The explosion emits gas in circular 500 range that lasts for 6 seconds, deals 42 (+2% per level) damage and slows enemeis caught inside by 40% for 2 seconds.

(80 CD)


Level 1

[D2] Biotic Cells
Regeneration Globes now restore 40 Biotic Energy upon collecting.
Quest: Collect 20 Regeneration Globes.
Reward: Healing Grasp now only consumes 5 Biotic Energy every second.

[Q] Energy Leftovers
After healing an ally hero with Healing Grasp, they get healed by 40% of healing they received during initial cast within 3 seconds.

[D1] Swift Matter
Moira has 10% more movement speed while either healing an ally hero with Healing Grasp or damaging enemy heroes with basic attacks.

Level 4

[W] One Hand Gives...
Quest: Restore Health with Biotic Orb.
Reward: After restoring 5000 Health, remove the max healing cap a single orb can do do the single hero.
Reward: After restoring 10000 Health, increase the healing of Biotic Orb by 40%.

[W] ...the Other Takes Away
Quest: Deal damage with Biotic Orb.
Reward: After dealing 3000 damage, remove the max damage cap a single orb can do do the single hero.
Reward: After dealing 6000 damage, increase the damage of Biotic Orb by 40%.

[W] Biomass Conduction
Biotic Orb's cooldown recharges 50% faster while the orb is active.

Level 7

[Q]Energizing Grasp
Healing Grasp now causes the healed ally heroes' next basic attack to slow their target by 15% for 0.75 seconds.

[W] Cripling Mass
If the Biotic Orb is set to deal damage, it will slow all enemies it damages by 30% for 3 seconds.

[ALT] Syringe Needle
Activate to deal 252 (+4% per level) damage to target enemy hero within 5 seconds and slow them by 20% for 5 seconds. 45 CD

Level 13

[E] Adrenaline Burst
Increases the cooldown of Fade by 6 seconds, but now it heals Moira for 350 (+4% per level) Health after the effect expires.

[E] Recovery
Fade now restores 40 Biotic Energy after the effect expires.

[E] Poof!
Moira now deals 321 (+4% per level) damage to all enemies within 350 range when casting Fade.

Level 16

[Q] Nothing Is Wasted in Nature
Increases the healing of Healing Grasp by 60% when you have 50 or less Biotic Energy.

[W] Control Genetics
Moira can now alt + right click to redirect her Biotic Orb to target direction when the orb is mid-air.

[ALT] Tá tú ag leagú
Enemy heroes affected by Syringe Needle also have their Armor reduced by 25% for the first 2 seconds.

Level 20

[R1] Polarity Switch
Enemies affected by the beam are slowed by 50% for 4 seconds, and the beam's range is increased by 50%.

[R2] Inenvitable Doom
The gas now lasts for 8 seconds and it now slows by 60%. Additionally, the range of the gas increases to 800 range overtime.

[D2] Molecular Enhancements
Increases the healing and damage of Moira by 2% for each 5th Biotic Energy.

[ALT2] Metamorphosis
Activate to reset the CD of your Biotic Orb and Fade. 45 CD

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gustmes (1) | January 19, 2018 6:22am
Really cool concept! I enjoyed it a lot. Only suggestions I'd give are:
Maybe she can activate her trait (D key) to switch between healing or damage for her orb ability;
The only thing I didn't like was her other heroic. I'd rather have something more flashy (but ofc that's only my opinion). Maybe something like a poionous cloud gas that slowly increases the AoE and lasts a long time, which damages enemies and debuff them?
Cooler39140 | January 20, 2018 12:17am
I wasn't sure if that trait concept of switching between heal and damage would work well, because in Overwatch, she doesn't need to do something like that, making her gameplay more smooth. I think I did a decent job at making her gameplay quite smooth, tho it could still see some improvement.

And yes, she could definitely get a better ult, but I ran out of ideas. I'll take your suggestion into consideration.
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