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By: cpt.haxray
Last Updated: Jul 19, 2017
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Backbone of the Alliance

(Current name based on all of the wc3 peasant's quotes being Monty Pyton references. If you got a better name, leave it in the comments).

Monty is a hero who specializes at defense and battlefield control. While he has limited wave clear and merc camp clearing power compared to other specialists, he makes up for it with unique defensive power and area control.

-Some of the strongest defensive power in the game
-Excellent Area denial/Control
-Able to repair structures without need of a Mule
-Respawns closer to lanes and team fights than most other heroes.

-Almost nonexistent waveclear and pushing power
-Terrible at taking camps
-Squishy and lacks any escape
-Needs time to set-up in advance
-Most of his team fight power depends on his tower

Health: 1794(+4%)
Health Regen: 4.11
Attack Damage: 76(+4%)
Attack Speed: 0.85
Attack Range: 1.5

Combat Trait

Town Hall
Abilities dont use mana.

Activate to select an allied keep or fort, causing you to respawn at it when you die. If you don't have a fort or keep selected, you instead respawn at the atlar of storms.

Primary Abilities

Scout Tower
Cooldown: 20 seconds

Channel for 4 seconds to summon a Scout Tower infront of you. Scout towers have 500(+4%) health and provide vision of the surrounding area(Equal to a scouting drone). Can be further upgraded into a Guard, Cannon, or Arcane tower. Maximum of one scout tower at a time.(Attempting to place another one destroys the existing tower).
Cooldown: 15 seconds

Target an allied building to start restoring 150 health and 2 ammo per second. Lasts for 10 seconds or until building is fully repaired and reloaded. Can't be used on your core. (Acts much like a mule, except your hero is the mule, and it doesn't have a global range).
Cooldown: 5 seconds

Vertex Targeted

Channel for 0.5 seconds to build a wooden wall infront of you. Wooden walls have collision and last 30 seconds or until killed. Each wall has 300(+4%) health. Allied minions can pass through the walls. Cannot be placed infront of an Altar of Storms.

Secondary Abilities

Guard Tower
Channel for 3 seconds to transform your scout tower into a guard tower. Guard towers have 1300(+4%) health and fire arrows at nearby enemies dealing 80 damage a second.

Attack Range: 6.5
Cannon Tower
Channel for 3 seconds to transform your Scout tower into a Cannon tower. Cannon Towers have 1300(+4%) health and fire exploding exploding cannonballs at nearby enemies every 2 seconds. Cannonballs do 300(+4%) damage to all targets hit by its blast.

Attack Range: 4.75
Blast Range: About the size of a non-talented Drop pod from Zagara.
Arcane Tower
Channel for 3 seconds to transform your scout tower into an Arcane tower. Arcane towers have 1000(+4%) health and fire magical blasts at nearby enemies, dealing 55 damage a second and slowing enemy heroes by 40% for 0.5 seconds.

Attack Range: 5.5

Heroic Abilities

Call to Arms
Cooldown: 50 seconds

Gain 10 armor, 50% increased hp, 50% increased auto-attack damage, and 25% faster auto-attack speed for 15 seconds.
Backbone of the Alliance

Permanently gain a second peasant. Each individual peasant can be controlled separately or together, and have separate cooldowns, but soak 40% less Xp than normal. If both peasants are near each other, the channel time for scout tower and its upgrades are halved.(To clarify, you still can only have 1 scout tower out at a time).


Level 1:

Pillage: Every time you attack an enemy building, gain 1 stack of bribe. Every 10 stacks of bribe grant 1 charge of bribe that can be used to instantly defeat mercenaries. Max of 60 stacks.

More Work(Quest): Repair buildings for a total of 300 seconds. Reward: While being repaired buildings take 25% less damage.

Off I Go(Quest): Collecting Regeneration orbs increase your health regeneration by 0.25 per second. Reward: Upon collecting 30 regeneration orbs, gain 10% increased movement speed.

Level 4:

Magical Sentry: Towers now reveal nearby cloaked enemy heroes and prioritizes them(Range is shorter than scouting beacon range).

Enemy At the Gates: Allied minions no longer path through Fortifications, and gain 25% more damage when near a wooden wall, but its cooldown is increased to 8 seconds.

Home Sweet Home: Fort or Keeps selected as your town hall do an additional 50% damage to enemy heroes.

Level 7:

Spiked Barricades: Fortifications and Towers now do 23(+4%) damage per second to nearby enemies. Doesn't stack.

Imbued Masonry: Your Fortifications and Towers have 30% more health.

Thats it, I'm Dead: You can now cast repair on your Towers and Fortifications.

Level 10

Call to Arms

Backbone of the Alliance

Level 13:

Im being Repressed: Whenever you are slowed, gain 20% movement speed for 3 seconds.

Burn the Witch: Every 15 seconds, gain 15 spell armor against the next spell damage taken. Holds 2 charges.

Wait for Break: Whenever you are stunned, rooted, or silenced, delay the effects for 1.5 seconds.(For example, if he steps in malfurions root, he can walk and he will get rooted 1.5 seconds later, no matter where hes standing)

Level 16:

Elven Archery: Guard Towers now do 20% more damage.

Dwarven Engineering: Cannon Towers now fire 50% faster.

Gnome Enchantments: Arcane towers now slow attack speed by 15% for 0.5 seconds.

Level 20:

Always Prepared: Reduce Call to Arm's Cooldown to 10 seconds, and change its effect to cause your next auto-attack to strike instantly. Passive: Gain 10 armor, 50% increased attack damage, 50% increased health, and 25% increased attack speed.

Neighborhood Watch: You can now activate Backbone of the Alliance to give both peasants 5 armor, 50% increased attack damage and 50% increased health for 15 seconds. 90 Second cooldown.

Ivory Tower: Scout tower now has 2 charges, and you can now place 2 towers. Both towers share the same upgrade.

Tower Rush: You can now cast repair on destroyed enemy keeps, forts, and towers, rebuilding them to half health and gaining control of them. You cannot repair these buildings.

Skin Ideas

Monty the Peon

"Me an peon and tat Okay. Me work all night and all work day"

Replaces voice clips to an Orc Peon.

Scout tower becomes a watch tower.

Guard tower becomes a watch tower with a Troll headhunter inside it

Cannon Tower becomes a watch tower armed with a demolisher.

Arcane tower becomes a Watch Tower with no roof and a Shaman standing inside.

Fortifications change from a wooden wall to a Log wall.

Call To arms makes him look like an Orc Grunt.

Lug Nut Monty:
"Much better than a Pickaxe"

Monty becomes a SCV from starcraft.

Voice lines get a filter applied to sound like they're coming through a radio.

Towers become terran themed.

Fortifications change from a wooden wall to a Mini supply Depot.

Call to arms replaces his arms with flamethrowers, changes the colors of the suit to include yellow stripes, and adds a fuel tank to the back.

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Leidiriv (14) | July 17, 2017 5:10pm
Really interesting concept, definitely feels much more like a proper builder unit than a certain other hero we all know...

I like the ults, but I feel like Backbone of the Alliance could use a small buff to 60% EXP per peasant. Neighborhood Watch also feels REALLY strong for a level 20 talent, even though I like the idea behind it being sorta like Alarak's level 20. With it essentially being two full heroes, it seems like it'd be as strong as Fury of the Storm is on TLV in a teamfight, albeit with the downside being that taking one out removes half of your teamfight capability rather than just one third. Really cool concept though!
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