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By: Murraythehuman
Last Updated: Apr 24, 2021
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The Fresh Install

A Ranged Hero who starts off a little behind, but can complete quests to reach greater potential.

This is a hero based around the fantasy of someone who has just started playing WoW for the first time. Presumably originating from Elwynn Forest after having been beaten by Hogger half a dozen times, Nübin proves to be of an ambitious sort when he decides to take on the heroes of the Nexus.

Attack Type: Ranged (takes the form of beams shot from his sword)
Attack Speed: 1
Attack Range: 6.6
Attack Damage: 95
Health: 1620
Health Regen: 1.19
Resource: 500 Mana

  • Can Outlevel his team.
  • Decent Sustain.
  • Flexible.
  • Starts off below average.
  • Low Burst Damage.
  • Quest dependant.

This is not the kind of concept I would normally go for, but it is one that's been rattling around in my head for a long time. In lieu of trying to make something with a concentrated set of abilities that play well together, I've made something where a more distinct gimmick must carry the day. As such, Nübin is the kind of character made for those who love dings.

Nübin's gameplan is not about big combos, high damage, or flashy moves, but rather it's all about trying to get ahead, to become a dominant force on the battlefield through raw stats alone.

When the game starts, Nübin's trait will be "Underleveled", a trait that has absolutely no positive effects. In order to shake it off and simply have the do-nothing trait of "Leveled", you'll need to complete one of your two level 1 quests. Then, by completing the other, you'll gain the trait "Overleveled", which has purely positive effects. What are the effects? Well, they're in the name, as Nübin essentially starts out the game at level 0, but can end up a level ahead of his team if he gets his Quests done.

Combat Trait

Nübin gains access to his talents one level later than usual, except for his first talent. Additionally, Nübin's damage and health stats are treated as if he were one level lower than his team.

Completing a Level 1 quest upgrades this trait, causing Nübin to gain standard level up effects.
Nübin gains his talents and stat boosts at the standard rate.

Completing your other Level 1 quest upgrades this trait, causing Nübin to gain the effects of an additional level.
Nübin gains access to his talents one level earlier than usual, and his damage and health stats are treated as if he were one level higher than his team.

Primary Abilities

Lesser Fireball
Cooldown: 4 seconds.
25 Mana.

Cast a fireball that deals 59 damage to enemies in a line, stopping when hitting heroes or structures.

Quest: Damaging heroes with Lesser Fireball permanently increases its damage by 2.
Splash of Power
Cooldown: 16 seconds.
40 Mana.

Activate to empower your next basic attack, making it instant, deal 75% increased damage, and splash around the target. Nubin is healed for all damage done to Heroes and half the damage done to non-heroes.

Unempowered basic attacks against heroes lower the cooldown of Splash of Power by 4 seconds.
Mini Hop
Cooldown: 7 seconds per charge.
30 Mana.

Leap to a nearby location, gaining Evasion until you land, causing you to avoid all basic attacks.

Stores 2 charges.
The range on this move is very low, similar to a Valla roll, but with the ability to jump over very small terrain. The travel time is about .25 seconds, which means the move is only slightly faster than just moving.

Heroic Abilities

Lag Out
Cooldown: 80 seconds.
Cost: 80 Mana.

Activate to put yourself and all nearby Heroes into Time Stop for up to 4 seconds. After Time Stop expires Enemy heroes are slowed by 90%, decaying over 1 second.
Manage Inventory
Cooldown: 70 seconds.
Cost: 70 Mana.

Nübin channels, becoming over-encumbered as he rapidly gathers items, gradually slowing his movement speed by 100% over 4 seconds. Re-activate to deal 112 damage in a large radius around Nübin, healing by 74 for each enemy hero hit. Damage and healing is increased by 2% for each 1% slow applied by Manage Inventory.

Reactivates automatically after 4 seconds. Nübin can move while channeling Manage Inventory but cannot activate other abilities.

Level 1 Talents

All level 1 talents contain 2 quest components. Completing one of these is a must, while completing both is ideal.

Trait (D): Wannabe Bigshot - Quest: Deal 25,000 Hero Damage. Quest: Participate in the equivalent of 12 takedowns. Reward: Each Quest Completed upgrades your Trait and causes Nübin to deal 7.5% increased damage to heroes, up to 15%.
"Equivalent" takedowns means that Vikings and Murky count for a quarter, and D.Va and her mech count for half. Normally I'd not include the distinction, but this character's matchup skew has enough potential to be lopsided without these situations.

Trait (D): Brave Adventurer - Quest: Gather 8,000 exp. Quest: Collect 25 regen globes. Reward: Each Quest Completed upgrades your Trait. Passive: Nearby minion deaths restore 1.25% of Nübin's health and mana.

Trait (D): Scrappy Youth - Quest: Deal basic attack damage to enemy heroes 100 times. Quest: Deal ability damage to enemy heroes 100 times. Reward: Each Quest Completed upgrades your Trait. After completing the first quest, gain 10 physical armor. After completing the second, gain 10 spell armor.

Level 4 Talents

Lesser Fireball talents. All three greatly assist in your ability to gain stacks of its baseline quest.

Q: Fireball Spam - If Lesser Fireball hits a hero, reduce its cooldown by 1.5 seconds and restore 10 Mana.

Q: Greater Fireball - Quest: Gain 50 Bonus Damage on Lesser Fireball. Reward: Lesser Fireball gains an additional 50 damage, and explodes upon hitting a hero, applying its effect in a radius.
The explosion counts as landing a hit with Lesser Fireball, so the splash also procs the baseline quest.

Q: Hot Streak - Lesser Fireball pierces heroes and structures and also leaves burning land in its wake that lasts 3 seconds, dealing 51 damage over its duration. Enemies in its radius are slowed by 15%.
The fire streak procs its damage every second, and does not count towards Lesser Fireball's quest, but as it is ability damage, it hypothetically would count towards Scrappy Youth's quest.

Level 7 Talents

Useful abilities that increase survivability. Reaches of Power lets Nubin hang back more, It's Faster I Swear! grants movement speed, and Mook-a Stomp grants some faster laneclear and some unconventional means of extra mobility.

W: Reaches of Power - Increase Nübin's basic attack range by 15%. While Splash of Power is active, Nübin's attack range is increased by a further 15%.

E: It's Faster I Swear! - After using Mini Hop, Nübin gains 10% increased movement speed for 3 seconds, stacking up to 20%.

E: Mook-a Stomp - Landing with Mini Hop deals 71 damage in a small radius. Additionally, landing on a Hero with Mini Hop causes Nübin to immediately recast the move in the same direction and distance. Quest: Land on enemy heroes. Reward: Each time Nubin lands on an enemy hero, the maximum range of Mini Hop is increased by 1%, up to a maximum of 25%. Quest: If Nubin performs a consecutive bounce across three enemy heroes, instantly gain all other rewards, plus an additional 5% range.
It is possible to bounce on allied heroes as well, but they won't count towards the quest.

Heroic Talents

Detailed above.

Level 13 Talents

Healing talents that grant sustain but can be a bit tricky to get value out of.

Trait (D): Pride over Pain - Activate to restore 10% of your maximum health over 4 seconds. Increase the health restored by 10% for each time your Trait has been upgraded. 45 second cooldown.

Q/W: Heart of a Warrior - Every 12th time Nübin deals damage to a hero with Splash of Power or Lesser Fireball, or when he achieves a takedown, he gains the effects of a Regen Globe. This globe is not shared with nearby allies.
This talent is tracked in the lower left, above your health and mana gauge.

W: Up to the Task - Landing two basic attacks against heroes while Splash of Power is off cooldown enhances your next cast of Splash of Power, increasing the damage bonus to 150%.
And thus also increasing the healing.

Level 16 Talents

A very general but powerful power spike at level 16. Reignite grants a payoff for those who focused on gathering Q stacks, while Skillset Synergy makes for a strong generalist option. Powerboost, on the other hand, is an option that has massive implications, depending on how soon the game ends.

Q: Reignite - Hitting heroes with Lesser Fireball marks them for 6 seconds. Marked heroes take 75% increased damage from Lesser Fireball and grant double quest progress.

Passive: Skillset Synergy - Each ability can grant another ability Synergy for 4 seconds. When an ability has Synergy, its cooldown reduction is increased by 100%.
  • Hitting a hero with Lesser Fireball grants Synergy to Mini Hop.
  • Targeting a hero with Splash of Power grants Synergy to Lesser Fireball.
  • Evading a basic attack from a hero with Mini Hop grants Synergy to Splash of Power.

Passive: Powerboost - Immediately gain access to the next talent tier.

Storm Talents

Level 20 moves are typically where some of the rules get thrown out in favor of flashy things that can end the game quickly. In the case of Nübin, Way Overleveled can turn him into a powerhouse of high stats, while Alright, Let's do this! can get an easy pick that snowballs into victory, or have things happen the other way around. Similarly, Rolling Greed can be used as part of a teamwipe combo. Ping Switch, on the other hand, effectively becomes Nübin's Get Out of Jail Free card.

R1: Ping Switch - Time Stopping enemy heroes with Lag Out reduces its cooldown by 10 seconds, to a maximum of 50 seconds. When Lag Out ends, Nübin will be warped towards the cursor, with the maximum distance increasing the longer Lag Out was active.

R2: Rolling Greed - Double the bonuses granted by Manage Inventory's slow and gradually pull enemies towards Nübin's position while channeling. Inventory Management's cooldown is reduced by 12 seconds for each enemy hero hit, up to 60 seconds.

Active: Alright, Let's do this! - Perform an uncancellable charge on an enemy hero to stun them for .75 seconds and reduce their armor by 25 for 4 seconds. Set Nübin's health to 1 if the armor reduction wears off before the target dies. 60 second cooldown.
Leeroy memes, because why not. This is a placeholder for now, as a variant on this idea was originally going to be one of Nübin's heroics. This is essentially a Butcher Charge, but dealing no damage and not having Unstoppable.

Trait (D): Way Overleveled - Gain access to your other level 1 talents. Quest: Complete your other 4 quests, progress already made towards them is counted. Reward: Completing additional quests do not upgrade Nübin's trait, but his stats are still increased as if he were a level higher.
To allow for this talent to work effectively, progress towards all 6 talents should be trackable, though where that information would be stored is hard to say. That said, this talent allows Nübin to functionally have the stats of someone 5 levels higher than his team. His relatively low base stats help to mitigate the problems this may cause, though it's worth noting that this synergises well with Powerboost at level 16, letting him potentially have the stats of a level 20 character at 15, at the cost of what amounts to his last two talent tiers.

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