Nathanos Blightcaller by tstrand07

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Nathanos Blightcaller

By: tstrand07
Last Updated: Oct 10, 2021
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Nathanos Blightcaller


Nathanos in a ranged assassin that excels at controlling multiple skirmishes across the battlefield.

Combat Trait

Blight howl and Plaugefang
Nathanos is accompanied by 2 Blighthounds, activate your trait to command them to attack a target at global range. Targetting Nathanos will have them follow/attack his target instead. Trait goes on a 15sec cd once both blighthounds are kiled, blighthounds will respawn at nathanos current location. Each hound has hp = to 40% of nathanos max hp.

Primary Abilities

Plague tipped Arrows
6 sec cd
Shoot an arrow in a straight line dealing x dmg to enemies it hits, leaves a plague cloud on impact that deals x dmg over 4 seconds to enemies that come into contact with the cloud
15 sec cd
Increase Nathanos and his blighthounds attack speed by 50% for 3 seconds and auto attacks heal for 25% of damage dealt for the duration.
Rain of Arrows
10 sec cd 2charges
Nathanos shoot a cluster of arrows on a target location that deal x dmg.

Heroic Abilities

Dark Revival
80 sec cd
After .5 seconds Nathanos revives both Blighthounds, until they are killed they gain unstoppable and their attacks deal additional damage.
Shadowburn Shot
60 sec cd
After 1.5 seconds fire an arrow in a direction that deals low dmg on impact and removes all heal over time and positive status effects(unstoppable, invulnerable, protected, movement speed increase) to all enemies around the target.

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