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Nova Terra

By: hellobg
Last Updated: Jul 16, 2020
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Nova Terra

A versatile support that can provide for her allies.

A versatile support that can provide for her allies.

Combat Trait

Permanent Cloak
Cooldown: 4 seconds
Gain Stealth when out of combat for 4 seconds. Taking damage, attacking, using Abilities, or Channeling ends Stealth. Remaining stationary for at least 1.5 seconds grants Invisible.
Passive: Gain 10% Movement Speed, while Stealthed.

Primary Abilities

Mana 40 / Cooldown: 6 seconds
Deals 225 damage to the first enemy hit and dealing 30% of the primary damage around the target.
Tactical Drone
Mana 60 / Cooldown: 16 seconds
Nova deploys a drone to a targeted location, revealing the area and granting allies 15% movement speed in the area, lasts for 6 seconds.
EMP Round
Mana 50 / Cooldown: 13 seconds
After 0.75 second, Nova launches an EMP Round that deals 155(+4%) damage and reduces enemy damage by 35% for 2 seconds.

Heroic Abilities

Precision Strike
Mana 70 / Cooldown: 60 seconds
After a 1.25 second delay, deals 400 damage to enemies within an area. Unlimited range.
Griffin Airstrike
Mana 90 / Cooldown: 100 seconds
Target an area, 1.5 seconds after, the Griffin bombards the area covering it with mines dealing 66(+4% per level) damage each to enemy Heroes hit, while slowing them by 25% for 2 seconds.

Basic Information

Health Regen:
Attack Speed
Attack Range
Attack Damage
500 Mana

Tier 1 [Level 1]

Stance Dance
Snipe deals 30% more damage.
?Quest: Hit enemy Heroes with Snipe.
?Reward: After hitting 25 enemy Heroes with Snipe, Nova's next Basic Attack every 8 seconds deals 25% more damage and slows the target by 40% for 1.5 seconds.
?Reward: After hitting 40 enemy Heroes with Snipe, Nova gains Triple Tap
Cooldown: 20 seconds
Active: Lock in on a target Hero and rapidly shoot three times to deal 105 damage per shot.

Military Hardware
Nova gains an additional Tactical Drone, but its cooldown is increased by 2 seconds.

Covert Ops
EMP Round now slows enemy Heroes hit by 50% for 2 seconds and its cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds.

Tier 2

Perfect Shot
Hitting an enemy Hero with Snipe recharges its cooldown 75% faster for 2 seconds.

Ocular Implants
While Stealthed, her abilities gain 15% more range.

Defensive Drone
Tactical Drone targets the lowest health allied Hero and grants 52(+4% per level) Shields, up to 324, while it is active.

Tier 3

Crius Suit
Falling below 20% maximum health instantly grants stealth and unrevealable for 1 second, activates every 30 seconds.

Precision Sniper
Using Snipe grants 5% Spell Power, stacks up to 25%, dealing ability damage increases the Spell Power gained by 5%, lasts 3 seconds and duration is refreshed by basic attacks.

Ionic Force Field
Deploying a Tactical Drone immediately gives all allied Heroes in its radius 175(+4% per level) Shields for 3 seconds.

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SMILE | July 16, 2020 12:58pm
She is good now, but requires pretty high skill to play. She doesn't need a rework.
TrojanVirus | July 18, 2020 6:56am
Well if you read the recent AMA you'd know that the Heroes team is not happy with how Nova is just a QM Special character, and that there's more that could be done with her. She's a bad one trick pony in essence, and practically any ranged assassin can do her job; more and better. So whipping up fresh ideas for how the character could be are useful, especially as players have brainstormed Nova as a support character for a long time.
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