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By: Smegumeme
Last Updated: Apr 14, 2021
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The Timeless One

Nozdormu is the Aspect of the Bronze Dragonflight, a master of time who is capable of performing multiple tasks and roles on the battlefield with his diverse kit filled with different utilities. Nozdormu specialises in being highly adaptable against the enemy team as helping fulfil whatever is lacked on his own team.

Difficulty - Very Hard

Nozdormu is a Mage that doesn't specialise in any specific category, and can choose talents to appropriately control how he is played similar to Varian, but with a larger variety of what he is capable of doing. Nozdormu will take a while to understand his vast library of talents in order to understand what way you should design your build depending on what heroes are on the enemy team and how you will need to deal with them. Nozdormu isn't a capable combatant on his own however and he primarily sets up engages and helps control teamfights with supportive utility, working best when assisted by his allies.

Nozdormu's basic attack is a low damage ranged basic attack which fires two projectiles each basic attack, essentially hitting twice. The damage is still low none-the-less. He also has more health than the average mage, having near to 2000 health by default, however he can still be easily killed without allied protection.

This is my first ever Hero Concept, please tell me if you think it's good.

Combat Trait

Aspect of Time
Nozdormu is completely immune to slow effects, and Nozdormu's slow effects can slow Unstoppable targets for half the slow amount and duration. Additionally, Nozdormu gains his Level 4 and 7 talents one level earlier.

Primary Abilities

Sand Breath
Cooldown: 6 Seconds
Costs 30 Mana

Nozdormu casts a dragon's breath imbued with the sands of time in a cone in front of him, dealing a very small amount of damage to enemies. Allies hit are given a shield which is larger depending on the amount of damage dealt. Shield lasts for 2.5 seconds or until broken and cannot stack.
Sand Vortex
Cooldown: 13 Seconds
Costs 60 Mana

Nozdormu places a Sand Vortex on himself or a friendly ally, slowing adjacent enemies by 3% which increases up to 18% the longer they remain within it. If the Sand Vortex is placed on a friendly ally, they gain a bonus 4% movement speed with an extra 2% for every enemy hero being slowed by the Sand Vortex. Sand Vortex lasts for 4 seconds.
Bronze Blessing
Cooldown: 14 Seconds
Costs 50 Mana

Nozdormu places a blessing on a friendly Allied Hero, generating a small shield over the next 4 seconds. At the end of the duration, all shields generated by the blessing are rapidly converted to health over the duration of 1 second. Nozdormu can basic attack the allied hero applied with the blessing which will apply extra shields equal to 60% of the damage. An Allied Hero can only have one Bronze Blessing at a time.

Secondary Abilities

Bronze Whelpling
Cooldown: 45 Seconds
Requires Level 3 Talent 'Teaching the Newborns'

Summons a whelpling at the target location. This ability is global and can be targeted anywhere with vision. The whelpling will collect any nearby experience globes and will last for 240 seconds or until killed. Only one whelpling may be active at a time. Whelplings require 4 basic attacks from an enemy hero to be destroyed.

Cooldown speed is doubled if there is no whelpling currently active.
True Time Stop
Cooldown: 120 Seconds
Requires Level 20 Talent 'End Time'

Freeze time and completely Stop everything except Nozdormu for 2 seconds.

Heroic Abilities

Power of Eons
Cooldown: 75 Seconds
Costs 160 Mana

Nozdormu transforms into a dragon at the current position he is standing over 0.75 seconds. After transforming, Nozdormu will remain stationary and continually blast a powerful beam concentrated downwards at the targeted area. Nozdormu gains 25 armour, 35 spell armour and is unstoppable while transformed. Sand Vortex and Bronze Blessing can be cast during this, and cost 50% less mana.

Reactivate the ability to cancel it early.

Passive: Sand Breath deals 65% increased damage to enemies, and deals 200% increased damage to enemy heroes.