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By: Vitali
Last Updated: Oct 7, 2021
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First Sentience of the Swarm

The Overmind, The First Sentience of the Zerg, The Great Hungerer, and Betrayer of the Dark God, was the leader of the Zerg Swarm. Created by the Fallen Xel'Naga to unify the Zerg under a single hive mind, The Overmind was instilled with an overriding directive to perfect the Swarm by Amon. Sensing that Amon intends to destroy the Zerg if he accomplishes his goals, The Overmind sought ways to undermine him in order to support the Zerg's own agendas and ultimately created the Queen of Blades out of Sarah Kerrigan, making her the universe's sole salvation.

The Overmind is a unique Support that may infest your team's Forts and Core and influence the battlefield through his Spine Crawlers.

Vitals - Overmind Spawnling
Health: 500(+4%)
Resource: None
Attack Damage: 46(+4%)
Attack Speed: 1.25
Attack Range: 4.5

Vitals - Overmind Infestation
Health: 3650(+4%)
Resource: None
Attack Damage: 150(+3.5%)
Attack Speed: 1.00
Attack Range: 8.0

Note: The Overmind starts the game as a puny Overmind Spawnling which has no access to any abilities except to his trait; Infestation. Once cast on a targeted Fort and Keep or Core, become Overmind Infestation and gain access to Basic and Heroic Abilities.

Combat Trait

D - Infestation
Cooldown: 80 seconds
Activate to Infest a friendly Keep and Fort after 1 second, becoming Overmind Infestation. While Infesting a Structure, gain access to Basic and Heroic Abilities, 3650 Health, 200 Attack Damage, 1.00 Attack Speed, and 8.0 Attack Range. While infested by the Overmind, the host Structure is immune to all effects but is disabled. The Overmind replaces its host Structure's health bar. Lasts indefinitely until death and can only be canceled after 80 seconds. Overmind Infestation form grant 125% XP of a Hero takedown.

If at least 1 Keep is destroyed, can infest the Allied Core. While infested, the Core is disabled from Basic Attacking but can still cast its defensive abilities. Cores in Towers of Doom cannot be targeted.

The Overmind spawns at the start of the game and after death as a puny Overmind Spawnling which has no access to abilities other than Infestation. Overmind Spawnling grant 75% XP of a normal Hero takedown


The Overmind Spawnling model is that of larvae with those bulbous heads and tentacles from SC2. In this form, he is very weak and is effectively useless in combat, can be killed to receive 75% takedown credit and XP of a hero.

While in the Overmind Infestation form, he assumes the model of the Overmind we see from SC2. Unique models for each building are NOT needed as the Overmind will interact like Ragnaros's Molten Core in that his model replaces the building and his health bar replaces the building's Health bar. The Basic Attacks are projectiles of scourge or just spiky bile thingies.

It is important to note that due to him being stationary, he has special interactions with some abilities, example: He cannot be Silenced, He does not trigger CDR for KTZ's Shadow Fissure or its Lv. 20 Upgrade, Qhira cannot revolve around him, Zagara's Maw cannot affect him, Sylvanas's Arrow cannot disable him, Abathur cannot clone nor Symbiote him.

Primary Abilities

Q - Hivemind
Cooldown: 12 seconds
Target a Spine Crawler and gain control over it, gaining access to new Abilities.

Hivemind-affected Spine Crawlers have distinct visual cues like having highlights and a visual indicator

Hivemind Abilities:

Q2 - Uproot/Root
Cooldown: 2 seconds
Uproot after 0.75 seconds, gaining 100% Movement Speed. Root: become fixed in place after 0.75 seconds and allowing Spine Crawlers to attack and use Basic Abilities.

Uproot is used to make your Impaler mobile and reposition while its counterpart Root is used to return your Crawlers into a stationery position to attack.

W2 - Microbial Shroud
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Shoot out a spore that explodes in a targeted area, dealing 76 damage per second and creating a Microbial Shroud that reduces enemies' damage by 30%. Lasts for 4 seconds.

Microbial Shroud is an AoE skill shot similar to something like Nazeebo's Q or Tychus's W wherein there is projectile travel and then an AoE. The projectile speed is about the same as Nazeebo's Q. The AoE is about as big as Jaina's unupgraded Blizzard. The range is 7.2

E2 - Wild Mutation
Cooldown: 12 seconds
Target an area and, after 0.25 seconds, explode to grant all Allied Heroes hit a 240 point Shield and 10% Movement Speed. Lasts for 6 seconds

This is an AoE that is targeted but is NOT a projectile. It has a range of around 7.2 and the AoE radius is similar to Zagara's E impact zone with the Bile quest upgrade
W - Spine Crawler
Cooldown: 20 seconds
Target anywhere on the map that is visible to spawn a Spine Crawler after 0.5 seconds. Spine Crawlers are immobile when first spawned, but you gain access to Uproot. Spine Crawlers can only attack while rooted. Spine Crawlers grant 25% of a takedown's XP when killed. Only a maximum of 2 Crawlers may be active at a time.

Spine Crawlers have 850 Health, have a 6.8 Attack Range, and 1.00 Attack Speed, dealing 95 Physical Damage.

Spine Crawlers act like mini Sgt. Hammers in that they have to be immobile to attack. Their attacks are slow but deal a considerable amount of Single Target damage and will attack anything in its range, prioritizing heroes. I was considering whether to make this Cerebrate, Spine Crawlers, or Impalers.
E - Overgrowth
Cooldown: 25 seconds
Target an allied Structure or Spine Crawler to temporarily cover them with Overgrowth. Overgrowth lasts for 5 seconds and has 460 health. If it is not killed before it expires, Heal the Structure or Spine Crawler for 20% of Overgrowth's remaining health.

Overgrowth essentially gives your structure a second health bar similar to Ragnaros's Molten Core. When the Overgrowth growths are killed, the underlying structure's HP is then revealed back. The model can either just be "creep covered" aesthetic of the structure, or just a universal model of tumorous zerg growths.

Heroic Abilities

R1 - Tunneling Tendrils
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Send out tunneling tendrils from Overmind's location to a targeted area anywhere that is visible on the map, dealing 76 damage and Rooting all non-Structure enemies hit in its path for 1.25 seconds. After reaching its targeted location, erupt to deal 140 damage and Stunning all enemies hit for 0.75 seconds.

The projectile speed is around Hanzo's Dragon Arrow but a little bit slower. The width is about Hinterland Blast on Falstad. The tendrils go through terrains and the animation is like the Garden terror spawning travel. Upon reaching its destination, it will erupt to damage and stun enemies, the eruption area is similar to Jaina's Blizzard. Range is Global.
R2 - Spore Canon
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Target 3 areas anywhere that is visible on the map and launch globs of bile from the Overmind's location to that targeted area, dealing 210 damage to all non-Structure enemies hit and creating a pool of bile that lasts for 2.5 seconds and Slows all enemies within it by 40% and for 1 second after they leave.

Projectile Speed is around the same speed as Azmodan's Globe of Annihilation. The radius of the impact is around Stukov's E untalented. Range is global. The bile globes are launched as soon as the area is selected. Works similar to Ana's Eye of Horus where you activate the heroic and can cast this ability only until you have used up all the charges.

Special Mount

Z - Deep Tunnel
Cooldown: 75 seconds
Can only be cast while Hivemind is active on a Spine Crawler. Activate and cast anywhere that is visible within a large radius to deep tunnel to that location after 1.5 seconds.

Can only be cast by a Spine Crawler under the control of Hivemind. The range is similar to Illidan's Hunt

Level 1

Q - Hypersonic Vibrations
While affected by Hivemind, Spine Crawlers are able to move while rooted at 50% Movement Speed

W - Sawtooth Spine
Every 3 Basic Attacks by Spine Crawler deals 125% increased damage in an area.

Active - Forced Evolution
Cooldown: 45 seconds
Target an area anywhere that is visible on the map and grant all allied Minions within 30% increased Health and Damage. This bonus lasts indefinitely but does not stack.

Level 4

Q2 - Psionic Ward
While affected by Hivemind, Rooted Spine Crawlers gain an aura, granting nearby allied Heroes and itself 20 Spell Armor

W2 - Lethal Exotoxin
Enemies affected by Microbial Shroud have their healing reduced by 25% for 4 seconds.

W - Natural Expansion
Increase the maximum number of active Spine Crawlers to 4

E - Black Plague
Allied Heroes and Minions passing near Overgrowth deal 35 damage per second to nearby enemies for 20 seconds.

Level 7

W2 - Dense Shroud
Enemies affected by Microbial Shroud are Blinded and Slowed by 20% for 1.5 seconds

W2 - Disabling Cloud
Enemies affected by Microbial Shroud are Silenced for 1.25 seconds

W - Superior Genome
Spine Crawlers have 30% increased Health and gain 50 Physical Armor for the next Heroic Basic Attack every 14 seconds, stacking 3 times.

E - Outbreak
Overgrowth can be cast on enemy Structures, disabling them and dealing 45 damage per second for 5 seconds.

Level 13

W2 - Improved Mitochondria
Reduce the cooldown of Microbial Shroud by 2 seconds per enemy Hero hit.

E2 - Fight and Flight
Wild Mutation grants a burst of 40% Movement Speed that rapidly decays over 1 second

E - Epidemic
Gain 1 additional charge of Overgrowth and reduce its cooldown by 5 seconds.

Level 16

E2 - Purity of Form
Wild Mutation grants 40% bonus Attack Damage to allied Heroes.

E2 - Purity of Essence
Wild Mutation grants 40% bonus Spell Power to allied Heroes.

W/E - Aggressive Metastasis
Increase the Attack Speed of Spine Crawlers by 25%. While affected by Overgrowth, gain an additional 25% Attack Speed and 20% Attack Damage.

Active - Sunken Colony
Cooldown: 20 seconds
Target a Spine Crawler to make it hide underground, entering Stasis for 5 seconds.
Passive: every 10 seconds, Spine Crawler's Basic Attack will Stun an enemy Hero and reduce their Armor by 15 for 3 seconds.

Level 20

R1 - The Great Hungerer
Increase Tunneling Tendrils' width by 20%. Enemy Heroes caught in its path are pulled along with it until its eruption destination. Increase the Stun duration to 1 second.

R2 - Planetfall
Increase the number of areas targetable from 3 to 4. Launch globes of bile indefinitely every 8 seconds.

D - Pursuit of Perfection
Reduce the cooldown of Infestation by 20 seconds and can now be cast on destroyed Keeps and Forts. Allied Heroes near Overmind Infestation gain 20% increased maximum Health and 25% increased healing.

Z - Tunneling Horror
Reduce the cooldown of Deep Tunnel by 55 seconds. Upon emerging, spawn 4 additional Spine Crawlers around it that attack nearby enemies, dealing 30% less damage and lasting for 4 seconds.

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SMILE (1) | October 8, 2021 3:13am
I have only 1 question: why did you took Vel'Koz art from League of Legends instead of Overmind from SC?
Vitali | October 8, 2021 5:11am
Couldn't find a splash art that's not a 3D model or outdated, so I settled for second best and they're not too dissimilar in that particular shot.
Wpns (1) | October 6, 2021 10:52pm
I'm pretty against the level talent "forced evolution". Being able to globally buff a wave for an infinite duration is pretty busted. If you throw this on a wave that already has a bruiser camp pushing with it, it would be an insanely strong push that doesn't even require you to focus your efforts into it.
Vitali | October 7, 2021 10:22pm
Apologies, that talent was missing a lot of info. I don't think it's that powerful as it is on a 45 second CD and it's similar to Raynor's Exterminator which is on a significantly lower CD. And while it is global, it still is an AoE and only affects a small area. Besides, I think this talent will have competition to the other level 1s that are essential to their own builds
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