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Last Updated: Aug 17, 2017
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Gemstone Colossus

"Break yourselves upon my body!"

Ozruk is a high-health, anti-physical damage wall, with decent CC, general resistance to being CC'd, but suffers from low speed.

Rough Level 0 Statistics

Health - 2550
Health Regen - 5.31

Attack Damage - 150
Attack Speed - 0.55
(Leoric attacks fast in comparison to this guy)

Combat Trait

[D] - Elementium Spikes
All damage Ozruk passively blocks through armor is dealt as damage over three seconds to the enemy that attacked him(For example, someone with 100 aa damage would then take 50 damage over three seconds after attacking Ozruk). This damage stacks indefinitely. This effect applies to any Armor Ozruk gains from alternate sources.
[Passive] - Innate Armor
Ozruk has 50 Physical Armor, and 25 Armor versus Giant Killer abilities.

Primary Abilities

[Q] - Ground Slam
Active; Bonk
Slam the ground with immense force. Enemies hit directly by the slam take 160 damage and are stunned for 1 second. Enemies hit by the shockwave caused take 60 damage and are slowed by 40% for 1.5 seconds.

Shockwave Range - 180°, 3.5.
Cooldown - 9 seconds.
Cost - 35 Mana.

Cast Quotes

"Feel the strength of the Earth!"
[W] - Provocation
Active; Fite me
Taunt all enemies within a decent range into attacking you for 1.5 seconds. Enemies taunted in this way attack 25% faster for the duration of the taunt.

Range - 3.
Cooldown - 10 seconds.
Cost - 40 Mana.

Cast Quotes

"Break yourselves upon my body!"
[E] - Unstoppable Force
Active; Nah
Instantly break out of a Crowd Control effect, including silence, but not Stasis or Stop. This grants the Unstoppable status for 0.5 seconds. Getting hit by a Crowd Control effect while this is on cooldown reduces its cooldown by 3 seconds, including Slows, even if they have no effect on you.

Passive - Ozruk reduces the duration of all Crowd Control used on him by 25%.

Cooldown - 20 seconds.
Cost - 50 Mana.

Secondary Abilities

[20] - [1] - Unbreakable Wall
Level 20 Talent; Active; Engage 'I'm tankier than Johanna' mode
Gain 100 Physical Armor and 25 Spell Armor for 4 seconds.

Cooldown - 45 seconds.

Heroic Abilities

[R] - Elementium Bulwark
Active; Deny Weakness
For the next 4 seconds, all abilities that hit you are instantly reflected directly back at their original caster, and count as your abilities. You take no damage from these abilities. Abilities act as if they were just cast by you when it comes to determining how far they may travel, however, in the case of certain abilities(Li-Ming's Arcane Orb), they retain any bonuses they have from distance traveled prior to being reflected. During the ability, Ozruk very obviously glows.

Cooldown - 100 seconds.
Cost - 120 Mana.
[R] - Shatter
Active; Break.
Channel for 2.5 seconds, before unleashing a large AoE explosion, dealing 800 damage to all nearby enemies. You are Unstoppable while channeling this ability. During the channel, after 1 second, enemies within base Provocation range are applied the 'Sleep' status effect for 2 seconds.

Radius - 6.
Cooldown - 80 seconds.
Cost - 100 Mana.

Special Mount

[Z] - Mountainous Momentum
Passive; He's comin' for ya. Eventually.
Ozruk cannot mount, and moves at 80% speed passively. However, he is immune to slows.

Ozruk, when having not taken damage within the last 3 seconds, builds up stacks of Mountainous Momentum(Alternative name: Rolling Stone) every second while moving. Every stack increases movement speed by 10%, stacking up to 120%. Stacks fade at 1 per 0.5 seconds when taking damage or stopping movement. All stacks immediately fade upon being hit by a movement-impairing CC effect.

"New" Crowd Control

For those who don't know what Sleep generally does as a status effect:

Sleep - Targets are treated as they are 'Stunned', but any damage will immediately end the effect.


Level 1|Tier 1
(!)Unwavering Bulwark - Quest: Get hit by Basic Attacks to become more powerful.
Quest: Being hit by a Basic Attack increases your maximum health by 2.5, stacking up to 500.
Reward: After being hit by 200 basic attacks, your Physical Armor increases by 10.



Level 4|Tier 2



Level 7|Tier 3

Triggering Provocation - Provocation increases enemy attack speed by more.
Provocation increases enemy attack speed by an additional 25%, for a total of a 50% increase.


Level 10|Tier 4
Elementium Bulwark - Deflect spells for a short period.
See 'Elementium Bulwark' under Heroic Abilities above.

Shatter - After a large delay, decimate nearby foes.
See 'Shatter' under Heroic Abilities above.

Level 13|Tier 5
Rupture - Ground Slam releases spike lines.
In a 90° cone in the middle of Ozruk's Ground Slam, three lines of spikes are launched out, similar in appearance and function(besides there being three) to Anub'arak's Impale(but earth spikes). These spikes do not launch people up, but deal 150 damage to targets hit.




Level 16|Tier 6

Provocative Barrier - Provocation grants increased armor for a short time.
Hitting at least two enemy heroes with Provocation grants Ozruk 25 Armor for 1.5 seconds.


Unstoppable Momentum - Ozruk becomes Unstoppable while Mountainous Momentum is up.
While Mountainous Momentum has four stacks, Ozruk is unstoppable, and taking damage will not cause stacks to deteriorate.

Level 20|Tier 7
Draining Plating - Deflecting Spells during Elementium Bulwark lengthens the effect.
Every time you deflect a spell during Elementium Bulwark, the effect's duration is increased by 0.25 seconds.

Offensive Stance - Cast Provocation when channeling Shatter.
When you begin channeling Shatter, it casts a fully talented Provocation for free. Enemies under the effect of Provocation will not be put to sleep by Shatter.

Titanic - Gain more armor versus Giant Killer effects
Gain an additional 25 armor versus Giant Killer effects.

Unbreakable Wall - Ozruk gains immense armor for a short period.
See 'Unbreakable Wall' under Secondary Abilities above.


Talent tree vastly incomplete.

Mountainous Momentum/Rolling Stone now only stacks up to 120% movement speed.

Added Provocative Barrier and Unstoppable Momentum talents.

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BeenSheerm | April 10, 2017 2:17pm
How do you even make concepts this cool? I feel like I see your concepts all the time and they're always awesome. Anyways, I think his armor might be a little bit strong even with his downsides. I would say nerf "Mountainous Momentum" a tiny bit so that he still has noticeable weaknesses. Also, since I assume this is inspired in part because of the Hearthstone expansion would you consider making a concept for one of the dinos or even Pyros?
Who_You_Expect (2) | April 10, 2017 3:44pm
For the first part, uh. Thanks. (^_^)7
Gimmicky heroes are my specialty, I guess.

Mountainous Momentum should probably build up to 120% or 130%, yeah.

I'm not sure how I could do a concept for one of the... Many Dinosaurs. Though, Pyros, I could certainly do. I'll.. think about what I can do for his kit besides his trait, without stepping on any toes of any other possible additions I'm hoping for.
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