Probius Rework by Geny

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Probius Rework

By: Geny
Last Updated: Sep 30, 2020
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Probius Rework


Combat Trait

Warp In Pylon
Health reduced by 20%. Scaling reduced from 5% to 4%.
Gather Minerals
Quest : Enemy minions drop 1 mineral and heroes 5.
Reward : Probius unlocks 1 talent for every 20 minerals collected.
Reward : After collecting 50 minerals, Pylons gain a permanent shield equal to 50% of their maximum health which regenerate in 5 second after not taking damage for 5 seconds.

(Compared to the old Gather Minerals talent, the range for collecting minerals is increased to 3)

Primary Abilities

Disruption Pulse
Warp Rift
Scaling reduced frome 5% to 4,5%. Warp Rift spawn time reduced from 1.25 to 1 second.
Photon Cannon
Priority changed :
- Tower > Fort/Keep > Hero > Monster > Mercenary > Summon > Minion > Door > Wall.
- Hit the heroes as soon as they enter in the shooting range Strike unless the cannon already attacks a fort/keep/tower
- In priority, hit the enemy with the least number of life point.

Heroic Abilities

Pylon Overcharge
Additional functionality: Activating Pylon Overcharge reset the Warp in Pylon cooldown. If no Pylon is active, place a pylon at the location of Probius. You can activate Pylon Overcharge again to order any Pylon to focus the target. Cooldown increased from 80 to 100 seconds.
Null Gate
Additional functionality : Null Gate reduces the spell armor of enemy heroes by 15.

Special Mount

Worker Rush
Modified : Increases movement speed 30% for 5 seconds. Being stunned, immobilized or silenced interrupts the effect. Cooldown : 65 seconds.
Passive : If you take no damage, the movement speed increases by 5% every 5 seconds, up to a maximum of 20%.

Comment : Probius has a lot of weaknesses. The main ones being his long setup time, his inconsistent damage and his fragility (low heath / no real escape). The changes made to the W and Z were made to compensate for his weakness.
I don't know the exact priorities of the Photon Cannon, but these changes allow the damage to be more optimized and less random.
In return for these improvements, I decided to reduce his W slightly and you have to take more risk to get new talent.

Probius has probably the worst ultimate in the game : Pylon Overcharge. The damage is distributed too randomly and can be useless if enemies destroy pylons. In many cases, you lose 80 seconds. Having pylons available when using the heroic ability makes it much stronger and 20 seconds more may not be enoughh as nerf.

Statistically, according to Heroes Profile, Null Gate has always been weaker (-5% difference compared to the other ult).And buffs are cool.


- 20 minerals collected

- 40 minerals collected

- 60 minerals collected

- 80 minerals collected

- 100 minerals collected

- 120 minerals collected

- 140 minerals collected

Comment : One of the peculiarities of this rework is that you do not unlock the first talent at the start of the game. You need 20 minerals to get the first one.

Hope you like :)

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