Queen Azshara by Aureilius2112

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Queen Azshara

By: Aureilius2112
Last Updated: Dec 20, 2019
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Queen Azshara

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A ranged assassin who can seriously pressure in group fights. She will control the movements of the enemy team while dishing out area of effect damage with her arcane magic

Combat Trait

Font of Power
Azshara channels for 3 seconds returning mana and increasing spell damage for 10 seconds. 30 second cool down

Primary Abilities

Arcane Missiles
Azshara targets an area with a quick-firing projectile that explodes on contact and deals damage in a small area. 5 charges on a 10 second cool down.
Arcane Burst
Create an orb of energy at a targeted location that gathers power over time and explodes after 2 seconds dealing damage over a large area. 15 second cool down.
Royal Decree
Azshara orders an enemy hero to march in a targeted direction for 1.25 seconds. 30 second cool down.

Heroic Abilities

Waters of the Well
Azshara uses her sceptre to summon a whirlpool of arcane infused water. Enemy heroes caught in the well experience damage every second and are pulled towards the centre of the well. 2 min cool down.
Arcane Barrier
Azshara lets out an explosion of arcane energy which causes damage to all enemies around her and erects a barrier which pushes back all enemy heroes who enter. Channeled for 3 seconds or until the ability is reactivated causing the barrier be canceled.


Level 1

Queen of the Naga – Azshara can now use royal decree to call a minion to her where she can transform them into a naga to fight for her until their death.

Queen of the Kaldorei - If Arcane Missiles only hits one target, it’s damage is increased by 25%

Queen of the Quel’dorei - ‘Quest’ hitting at least two enemy heroes with Arcane Burst 10 times increases it’s damage by 20%

Level 4

Radiance of Azshara – Activate for 10 seconds, when an enemy hero strikes Azshara with a basic attack, they deal 50% of their damage to themselves. (“The demon would have found it easier to throttle himself than the Queen” – War of the Ancients)

Anu-Azshara – if Azshara’s health goes below 10%, she releases a wave of energy that knocks enemies away and damages them.

Sharas’dal – Font of Power now heals Azshara for 20% of her maximum health. (Azshara’s sceptre imbued with the waters from the Well of Eternity)


Arcane mastery – Azshara will automatically fire a basic attack to enemy heroes for 25% of normal damage if they are in range regardless of her current actions.

Detonation – Arcane burst can now be placed and will not explode until detonated. Every second the damage will increase by 20% up to a maximum of 100%.

Javelins of Suramar – Arcane Missiles now carries 1 extra charge.


Bow before the Queen – Royal Decree increases the damage an enemy hero takes by 25% while under its effects.

Light of Lights – A target that reaches Azshara from marching under a Royal Decree are blinded for 2 seconds.

Total Obedience – Royal Decree causes the target to march for 1 additional second.


Deal with N’Zoth – Become empowered by N’Zoth. While active Azshara’s attacks make enemy heroes vulnerable and take additional damage from all sources by 10%. Last’s 10 seconds, 2 min cool down

Deal of Sargaras – Become empowered by Sargaras. While active, Azshara’s damage is increased and cool downs are decreased by 25%. 2 min cool down.

A Queen! Not a slave – Consecutive hits with Arcane Missiles increases it’s damage by 5% per missile and increases area of effect by 15%.


Curse of Azsuna – Enemy heroes killed by Azshara will be cursed and spend an extra 5 seconds in the grave yard.

Echoes of the Well – increase the area of effect by 20% of Waters of the Well.

Shattered Barrier – If Arcane Barrier is canceled, it explodes for additional damage in a large area.

A Gift from a Queen – Font of Power also increases the mana and spell power of nearby ally heroes.

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