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By: Pepr70
Last Updated: Oct 26, 2023
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Military leader

Gameplay should be around activating vortex. His primaly abilites does'n deal enaough damage and his basic attacks (both attack speed 1/s) dealing only 80 damage (+4% per level) (normal form = range, nemesis form = aoe meleee).

Nemeis for mis slower and his swap ability doesn't give him opportunity to run away so his gameplay should be more around decisions when to swap.

He has shield instead of mana (same as Fenix) which is emty in Normal form.

He has 2000 hp + (4% per level).

Combat Trait

Normal form: For the first time you hit a hero with Burst of Void accelrator ten times you send in his place came Ravenous Vortex.

Nemesis form: movement speed - 10% and for the first time you attack enemy hero three times you send in his place came Ravenous Vortex.

Ravenous Vortex: slow enemies in area by 15% and deal 170 (+4% per level) damage to them over 3 seconds.

Primary Abilities

Burst of Void accelerator/Annihilation
Burst of Void accelerator (Normal form): after 0,5 second unleash 50 nano Bolts over 5s, each dealing 5 damage (+4% per level) to the first target hit. (You can't change direction of this ability after you use it.)

Cooldown: 4 seconds

Annihilation (Nemesis form): Deal 75 damage (+4% per lelel) to nearby enemy heroes every 0,5s for 3s. For each enemy hero hit increase duration by 0,2s.

Cooldown: 30 seconds
Void Barrier/Block
Void Barrier (Normal form): Rake a target area. Allies moving through the targeted area gain shield for 212 damage (+4% per level).

Cooldown: 8 seconds

Block: lose 10% movement speed and gain 50 armor for 3s. (You can't attack when you are blocking.)

Cooldown: 4 seconds
Nemesis form/Normal form
Nemesis form (Normal form): Gain shield that absorb 1000 damage (+4% per level) and swap to Nemesis form.

Normal form (Nemesis form): Lose all your shields, swap to Normal form. Gain 20% movement speed for 3 seconds.

Cooldown: 10 second

Heroic Abilities

Omnics leader
Summon 3 Omnic shooters and sho them direction.. They live for 10 seconds. They following enemy hero or go with nearest minion wave.
(After you summon them you can't command them no more.)

Omniv shooter (stats +4% per level):
- Health 500
- Attack Damage 50
- Attack speed 1
Cooldown 100 seconds
Void generator
Passive: your vortex deal deal 50% more damage and are 25% bigger.

Active (2charges): shoot vortex. (2 seconds between uses)
Cooldown: 6 seconds.

Level 1 Talents

- Quest: Active Vortex in Nemesis form five tiems.
Reward: Inrease Nemes shield by 10 and while in nemesis form gain 1 shield per second up to your nemesis shield. (Up to ten times.)

- Quest: Active Vortex in Normal form five times.
Reward: Increase Normal form movement speed be +1%. (Up to ten times.)

- Increase Vortex slow from 15% to 25%

Level 4 talents

- Nemesis attacks deal 50% more damage.

- Burst of Void accelerator nano bolts reducing enemy amror by 1 up to 15 and go through enemies.

- Changing form will give you unstoppoble for 2s.

Level 7 talents

- Vortex silence enemy heroes for 3 seconds.

- Block will give you 65 armor and change your movement speed to 105% instead. (Stil can't attack.)

- Void barrer has 2 charges (2 seconds between uses.)

Level 13 talents

- If you have quest from level 1 increase his maximal number of rewards to 20. Your health regeneration is bigger, damage of nano Bolts and Annihilation by 1 for each finished.

- Vortex range + 15% and Vortex deal 50 (+4% per level) damage on hit.

- If you are omnic learder from now on your minion waves with canon have small omic protector (same stats as melee minion but twice health).

Level 16 talents

- Changing form will heal you 200 healht (+4% per level). reduce cooldown of your E to 6 seconds.

- Command for attack (extra ability): give other near friendly heroes +10% movements speed and +10% attackspeed for 7 seconds cooldown: 30 seconds.

- Command for protection (Extra ability): give other near friendly heroes 25 armor for 7 seconds cooldown 30 seconds.

- If you are omnic leaedr from now on when there is event on map ummon 2 small omnic shooters (stats same as range minions) in three random bush near event.

Level 20 talents

- Omnic leader will summon 1 melee omnic which will protect others and all 4 normal size omnics live for 25 seconds.
(omnic protector (stats +4% per level): heath 1200, attack damage 25 attack speed 1)

- Void generator has 3 charges and Vortexes from your passive can be summoned endlessly.

- Changing stance will use your command for 2 seconds. If you have no command heal near friendly heroes 75 health (+4% per level) over 2 seconds.

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