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By: Spacetauren
Last Updated: Nov 2, 2017
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Talon Operative

Hero Description :
The Terrorist organisation known as Talon has used the talents of the Reaper many times to assassinate high-priority targets. This ruthless mercenary seeks to find all remainders of Overwatch, and eliminate them one by one.

Hero Concept :
Though a ranged Hero, Reaper shines when close to his enemies, as he deals additional damage based on proximity with Hellfire Shotguns. As all his damage is based on Basic Attacks, Reaper's skills help him get in and out of the fray to maximize his damage. Wraith Form is a powerful tool to escape tricky situations, but with the right talents, can also be used to approach enemies safely. Shadow Step is difficult to use when in the middle of a fight, but can help Reaper get close to his target, and is useful to move around obstacles. The Reaping is Reaper's main sustainability tool, and makes him a tough foe in early laning phases.

Reaper is especially good against enemies that have little to no escape tools, as he can pick them off easily as soon as he has closed the gap. On the contrary, very mobile Heroes will stay far from Reaper and recieve minimal damage. Even though his Basic Attack damage is on par with Raynor, Reaper's lack of other sources of damage makes him unreliable when he cannot get close to his enemies, which means an enemy team with a few crowd controls can shut him down. Meanwhile, an allied team heavily equipped with CC can make Reaper shine in his role.

Technical Characteristics

Health : 1708 (lvl 1) - 3600 (lvl 20)
Regen : 3.56 (lvl 1) - 7.50 (lvl 20)
Attacks per second : 2
Range : 4.50
Damage : 103.09 (lvl 1) - 217.21 (lvl 20)

Combat Trait

Hellfire Shotguns
Reaper's shotguns can be very harmful up close. Reaper's attacks can do up to 33% more damage depending on range, dealing maximum damage when reaper is the closest to his enemies. Repaer can also attack while moving.

Additionaly, every eighth shot from Reaper deals as much damage as would a point-blank shot do.

Primary Abilities

Wraith Form
Cooldown : 10 seconds

Reaper becomes Invulnerable and passes through units for 2 seconds, but cannot attack or use any skills. When Wraith form ends, his next shot will deal as much damage as would a point-blank shot do.
Shadow Step
Cooldown : 12 seconds

Reaper stops for 1 second, then teleports to the desired location, where he can be controlled again after 0.5 second. After Shadow Step, his next shot will deal as much damage as would a point-blank shot do.

Range : 9
The Reaping
Passive : A Regeneration Globe spawns everytime an enemy hero dies near Reaper. Reaper also gets 33% more healing from all Regeneration Globes.

Range : 20

Heroic Abilities

Death Blossom
Cooldown : 55 seconds

Reaper begins channeling a bulletstorm around him, dealing damage to all nearby enemies as if he was attacking them constantly, for 2.5 seconds. Reaper can move at 50% speed while channeling this ability.

Range : 4.50
Cooldown : 40 seconds

Reaper starts riddling an enemy hero with gunshots, dealing as much damage to him as if attacking from point-blank range, every 0.25 second for 1.25 seconds.

Range : 4.00

Level 1 Talents

- Demonfire (Hellfire Shotguns) : Every sixth shot deals as much damage as would a point-blank shot do.

- Feast (The Reaping) : Reaper now gets 50% more healing from all Regeneration Globes.
Quest : Collect 30 Regeneration Globes to be able to activate The Reaping, which gives Reaper regeneration akin to a Regeneration Globe. 25 second cooldown.

- Point Blank (Hellfire Shotguns) : Reaper's attacks now deal up to 50% more damage based on range.

- Seasonned Marksman : Quest : Every minion killed near your grants 0.2 bonus Attack Damage, and Takedowns grant 0.5 Attack Damage.
Reward : Upon gaining 40 bonus Attack Damage, you can also activate Seasonned Marksman to increase your Attack Speed by 40% for 3 seconds. 60 second cooldown.


The first-level talents are meant to adapt your playstyle to both teams compositions. Seasonned Marksman is for players who have a team they can sinergise with, while Demonfire is more adapted to solitary actions. Both decrease Reaper's dependency on proximity to deal appropriate damage. On the other side, Point Blank reinforces Reaper's proximity dependency, with high-risk high-reward strategies. For those who face a tough laning matchup, or think they will need a little extra healing later, Feast will be the right solution.

Level 4 Talents

- Giant Step (Shadow Step) : Increase Shadow Step range by 35%. Additionally, you are Unstoppable when channeling Shadow Step.

- On his own side (The Reaping) : Nearby allied Heroes now drop Regeneration Globes for your team when they die, and you can collect Regeneration Globes dropped by allied minions.

- Vampire Shotguns : Basic Attacks heal for 20% of the damage dealt to the primary target.


At level 4, the player is asked to choose between three survival talents. Giant Step transforms Shadow Step into a fast escape solution, even against CC-heavy teams, while increasing the range for increased usefulness in general. On his own side helps Reaper during both laning and teamfights, and synergises well with the earlier talent Feast. Vampire Shotguns is a straightforward life-steal talent to increase Reaper's survivability during all-out fights.

Level 7 Talents

- Ghost Form (Wraith form) : Increase movement speed by 30% and gain Stealth while in Wraith Form.

- Semi-corporeal (Wraith form) : You can attack and use abilities (except Shadow Step) while moving in Wraith Form, but you deal 50% less damage.

- Fear the Reaper (Wraith form) : Moving through enemies while in Wraith Form slows their movement speed by 35% for 2 seconds.


At level 7, the player must choose his first (and maybe only) talent for Wraith Form, and each one offers a unique opportunity. Ghost Form is a great tool to catch enemies by surprise or to loose pursuers. Semi-corporeal is good to minimize danger while securing a small amount of damage, which can be enough to finish low-health enemies. Fear the Reaper is a nice teamfight tool to keep enemies in range of your team.

Level 10 talents

- Death Blossom : Reaper begins channeling a bulletstorm around him, dealing damage to all nearby enemies as if he was attacking them constantly, for 2.5 seconds. Reaper can move at 50% speed while channeling this ability. 55 second cooldown.

- Murderer : Reaper starts riddling an enemy hero with gunshots, dealing as much damage to him as if attacking from point-blank range, every 0.25 second for 1.25 seconds. 40 second cooldown.


Reaper's ultimates serve two vastly different purposes. While Death Blossom is useful in teamfight situations, as it deals damage to all enemies in Reaper's Basic Attack range, Murderer is an ultimate tailored to take down a specific enemy Hero as fast as possible, and is more fit for a roaming Reaper who seeks isolated prey.

Level 13 talents

- Blood for Blood : Activate to deal 10% of target enemy Hero's Max Health and heal for twice that amount.

- Evil Cackle (Shadow Step) : Root enemy Heroes near Shadow Step's destination for 1 second.

- Sharing is Caring (The Reaping) : Nearby allied Heroes benefit from The Reaping's bonus to Regeneration Globes, and activating The Reaping also heals them.


As we enter the second phase of the game, Reaper's talents begin to have more influence on the game as a whole. Evil Cackle is a CC-option that rewards surprise-attacks, and benefits Reaper's team more than him. Sharing is Caring has a similar role, and can be a nice complementary tool for a team low on heals (it also synergises well with Feast and On his own side). Blood for Blood is very straightforward, and is the first option for Reaper to turn into an anti-tank assassin.

Level 16 talents

- Executioner : Attacking a Hero that is slowed, rooted or stunned increases your Basic Attack damage by 30% for 3 seconds.

- Felfire Rounds (Hellfire Shotguns) : Basic Attacks against Heroes deal bonus damage equal to 1.5% of their maximum health. This damage is increased by proximity just like Basic Attack damage.

- Persisting Wraith (Wraith Form) : You are Invulnerable and can move through units for 1 second after Wraith Form ends.

- Time to Kill (Hellfire shotguns) : Activate to deal point-blank damage with your next Basic Attack. 3 second cooldown.


The late-game talents available to Reaper at level 17 are all meant to synergise with earlier talents, and help the player specialize his playstyle even further. Executioner is a strong talent with a CC-heavy team, and benefits a lot from Evil Cackle and Fear the Reaper. Felfire Rounds is another tool against tanks to complete Blood for Blood. Time to Kill amplifies the benefits from the level 1 talent Demonfire, and reduces Reaper's proximity dependency. Should the player feel he is still too vulnerable, he can choose Persisting Wraith for more survivability.

Level 20 talents

- Deadly storm (Death Blossom Required) : Increase Death Blossom range by 33% (this scales how Hellfire Shotgun's damage bonus is calculated) and your movement speed is no longer reduced when channeling it.

- Serial Killer (Murderer Required) : Murderer deals 30% more damage, and its cooldown resets if you kill an enemy Hero with it.

- Nexus Frenzy : Increases Attack Speed by 20% and attack range by 1.1. This scales how Hellfire Shotgun's damage bonus is calculated.

- Shadow Bolt (Shadow Step) : Shadow Step is now instant.


The last talents available to Reaper are a spike in his power curve. While Deadly Storm gives no increased damage, the better range and movement speed make its use far more inpactful. Serial Killer turns Murderer into a game-changing ultimate, shall it be timed right. Nexus Frenzy is straighforward, but again helps Reaper against his proximity dependency (it sinergises well with Demonfire and Time to Kill). Shadow Bolt greatly enhances Reaper's reactivity, by helping him escape tough situations efficiently, and pursue or catch enemies off-guard.

Technical points

Hellfire Shotguns
Proximity damage bonus : +00.0% (4.50-4.01), +8.25% (4.00-3.51), +16.5% (3.50-3.01), +24.75% (3.00-2.51), +33% (2.50-0.00 : point-blank)
With Point Blank : +00.0% (4.50-4.01), +12.5% (4.00-3.51), +25% (3.50-3.01), +37.5% (3.00-2.51), +50% (2.50-0.00 : point-blank)

Death Blossom
Deals 6 ticks of Basic Attack damage (1st tick when the channeling starts), whith all bonuses and on-hit effects applied (including Hellfire Shotguns, Vampire Shotguns, Executioner, Felfire rounds).

Deals 6 ticks of point-blank Basic Attack damage (1st tick when the channeling starts), whith all bonuses and on-hit effects applied (including Vampire Shotguns, Executioner, point-blank Felfire rounds).

Felfire rounds
Proximity Max health % damage : 1.5% (4.50-4.01), 2% (4.00-3.51), 2.5% (3.50-3.01), 3% (3.00-2.51), 3.5% (2.50-0.00 : point-blank)

This is my first published Hero concept so thank you for reading it thourough, and if you have any question or suggestion feel free to ask; I am open to criticism and i would be glad to precise anything that isn't clear or seems unbalanced.

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Argent (1) | November 4, 2017 10:38am
I really like this Reaper concept. It keeps his identity while allowing his kit to be used properly in a Moba setting.
My one cencern is his basic ability ability kit. He has not combat abilities. Nothing to activate to help augment his damage or give him another source of damage other than his autoattacks.
Sgt hammer who has a very similar passive, but reversed(more dmg further away) has other abilities that deal damage for her. Valla whose meant to be all auto attack damage as well has abilities that let her deal damage outside of her autos.
I just think maybe you should swap The Reaping and Hellfire Shotguns, and Give Shotguns an active affect, that way ina fight you arent just a bunch of defensive abilties on what is essentially a melee assassin.
Maybe make Shotguns active for 3 seconds of always pointblank damage?
Spacetauren | November 4, 2017 4:59pm
Yeah, I guess he might be fun in a purely game-mechanical standpoint, but having only auto-attack-damage may feel underwhelming for an assassin. That's part of the identity I had for Reaper though... I'll try and figure it out !
Poobutt (2) | November 2, 2017 4:59pm
This is an amazing concept for Reaper, and I love what you did with the talents. Explaining your reasoning and going so in depth with ability stats was very welcome and appreciated. You can really tell how much time and effort went into creating this, good job!
Spacetauren | November 4, 2017 4:55pm
Thanks ! I really appreciate the feedback, I'll try to keep that up for future concepts ^^
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