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By: lucky-tiger
Last Updated: Sep 9, 2019
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Rhegar used to be the aggressive support but now is played more like a back-line healer and not aggressive enough compare to other new and reworked supports.
The purpose of this rework is to make him more aggressive but without buffing him so we wont get a Rehgod again

I wrote down only the changes in order to make them clearer.

*updated due to recent rehgar changes* changes are colored in orange

Combat Trait

[TRAIT] Ghost Wolf.
Added functionality- Basic Attacks in Ghost Wolf form also make your basic ability recharge 75% faster for the next 3 seconds.

Primary Abilities

[Q] Chain Heal
Increase cd from 8 seconds to 10 seconds
[W] Lightning Shield
Increase cd from 8 seconds to 10
Reduced damage from 64 to 50 . Deals 50% damage to non-heroes
Added functionality- Casting lightning shield on an ally also casts on rehgar.
[E] Earthbind Totem
Increase cd from 15 seconds to 17

Heroic Abilities

[R1] Ancestral Healing
Left unchanged
[R2] Bloodlust
Added functionality- Passive- Basic Attacks in Ghost Wolf form now increases your aa speed by 40% and causes you to heal for 30% of the Basic Attack damage to the primary target. last 3 seconds. does not stack with Bloodlust.


tier 1

(W) Electric Charge- Changed Functionality: refund 2 mana per enemy hit, up to a maximum of 40 (its per shield) and increase Lightning Shield size by 20%.
(E) Colossal Totem- unchanged
(D) Wolf Run- Added functionality: Basic attacks in Ghost Wolf form increase your speed by 15% for 3 seconds after attacking from wolf form

Tier 2

(Q/W) New! Chain Reaction- Healing an ally affected with Lightning Shield with Chain Heal create a burst of energy that deal 100 damage. only once per shield.
passive- Damage done with Lightning Shield to enemy Heroes heals Rehgar for 20% of the damage dealt.
(-) Farsight- Moved from tier 3. Added Functionality: passive- increase health and mana regeneration by 75% while in Ghost Wolf form. cd increased to 24 sec.
(-) Healing Totem- Unchaged
(D) Feral Heart- Removed
(W) Stormcaller- Removed

Tier 3

(-) Cleanse- Rename: Purify Spirit- cd increased to 80. Hitting enemy heroes with lightning shield reduce cd by 1 sec per hit.
(D) Blood And Thunder- Added Functionality: Basic Attacks in Ghost Wolf form grant you 15 armor for 3 secodns.
(Q) Tidal Waves- Moved from tier 5. Increase cd reduction to 1 sec per target.

Tier 5

(Q) New! Spriritwalker’s Grace- primary target is healed for additional 65 per target hit.
(Z/Q) Earthliving Enchant- Changed Functionality: Chain Heal heals targets for additional 75 over 5 seconds, Basic Attacks in Ghost Wolf form heal them for additional 75 immediately.
(E) Grounded Totem- moved from tier 3.
(W) Earth Shield- Changed Functionality: If the shield hits an enemy hero grant shield equal to 2% of targets max hp, last as long there is lightning shield.

Tier 6

(E) Earth Grasp Totem- Reduce increased slow amount to 60%. _Added Functionality:_every 5th second Earthbind Totem is active, increase the slow to 60% for 1 second.
(D) Hunger Of the Wolf- Added Functionality: Eliminations refresh Z cd.
(W) Rising Storm- no longer cast shield on you (its on basic).

Tier 7

(R1) Farseer’s Blessing- Changed Functionality- grant the target 50 armor and for 3 seconds, and reduce the cd by 20 seconds.
(R2) Gladiators Warshout- Added Functionality: Basic Attacks in Ghost Wolf form reduce Bloodlust cd by 3 sec
(D) - New!- Spectral Bite- Attacks in Ghost Wolf form reduce targets armor by 20 for 2 seconds.
(-) NEW!- Ancestral Protection- Activate to give all nearby allied Heroes a Shield for 20% of their max Health for 3 seconds. Hitting enemy heroes with lightning shield reduce cd by 1 sec per hit. 60 sec cd.
(-) Stormshield- Removed
(-) Rewind- Removed

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Porco (1) | August 10, 2019 9:23am
Looks good.
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