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Reinhardt Wilhelm

By: HereticExil
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2020
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Reinhardt Wilhelm


Heavy tank that relies on positioning to protect allies.

HEALTH: 3150
REGEN: 6.5
ENERGY : 100
RANGE: 1.75
DAMAGE : 150
DPS : 115

Combat Trait

Reduces the distance of knockbacks by 75% and reduce stun durations by 50%.

Reinhardt's auto attacks also cleave, similar to Leoric's first two swings. Reinhardt's ressource bar represents his barrier's health.

Primary Abilities

Fire strike
Ranged projectile that damages anything it touches.
Barrier Field
Activates Reinhardt's Barrier Field. This creates an area of affect in front of Reinhardt and another in the rear of Reinhardt. While in the front AoE, enemy units that attack Reinhardt will damage his barrier rather than his health and are unable to target ally units standing in the rear AoE. Enemy AoE spells will ignore the barrier but directional spells that are casted from inside the front AoE will only damage Reinhardt's barrier. Directional spells that can pierce can still hit ally units in the rear AoE. CC effects that hit the barrier field but not Reinhardt are ignored by Reinhardt.

While Barrier Field is active, Reinhardt's facing direction is locked towards the direction it was casted and his movement speed is slowed by 30%. Barrier Field can be reactivated to reposition the direction of the barrier and can be cancelled by pressing D. The barrier health will gradually restore itself and if destroyed the barrier will go on a 20 second cooldown.

Note: this is fairly similar to Dva's matrix in how movement and targeting is applied.
After 0.5 seconds, dash forward pulling the first enemy hero hit. If the charge pulls an enemy hero while charging and that enemy hero is pinned into a wall, that hero takes 100 damage and is stunned for 0.5 seconds. Reinhardt knocks back all other heroes in his path and will be stunned for 0.5 seconds if he hits a wall without an enemy hero in his grasp.

Heroic Abilities

Reinhardt forcefully slams his rocket hammer into the ground, stunning and damaging all enemies in front of him. 100 second cooldown
Rocket spin
Reinhardt becomes unstoppable and spins using his rocket hammer. Enemy units hit by the hammer are knocked back and take damage. Reinhardt's movement speed while spinning is reduced by 50%. 100 second cooldown

Level 1 Talents

[W] Kinetic feedback - Reinhard taking damage will recharge his barrier energy for 25% of the damage taken and, if the barrier is on cooldown, taking damage will increase the cooldown recharge rate by 100% for 2 seconds.

[1] Crushing blow - Activate to make Reinhardt's next auto-attack an overhead downward swing. This attack only hits a single target but does 50% more damage, slows them by 15% and reduces physical armor by 15% for 3 seconds. Hitting enemy heroes with auto-attacks reduce the cooldown of Crushing Blow by 1 second. 40 second cooldown.

[Q] Jet fuel - Quest: Every time fire-strike hits an enemy hero, increase it's damage by 5 up to 120.
Reward: After hitting 15 enemies, fire-strike deals an additional 25 damage over 2 seconds
Reward: After hitting 25 enemies, fire-strike leaves a trail of fire on the ground staying for 3 second and dealing 10 damage per second to any enemy unit standing in it.

Level 4 Talents

[W] Reflective Barrier - 30% of all auto-attack damage that hits the barrier is reflected back to its sender.

[W] Life support - Regen globes will recharge 20% Reinhardt's barrier and Reinhardt will be healed by 10% of all damage absorbed by the barrier.

[W] Stalwart - When Reinhardt's shield goes on cooldown, increase Reinhardt's movement speed by 15% and auto-attack speed by 30% for 4 seconds.

Level 7 Talents

[E] Wrecking ball - If Reinhard's charge hits a wall without a hero in his grasp, Reinhard is no longer stunned and can instantly reactivate a second charge in another direction. This second charge cannot activate wrecking ball.

[E] Rocket man - If Reinhard's charge does not hit a wall, Reinhard will have 30% increased movement speed decaying over 3 seconds. Reinhard's charge can also be cancelled early.

[E] Afterburn - Reinhard's charge leaves a trail of fire behind him, leaving a ground AoE causing burning damage over 3 seconds to any enemy units that come into contact with it.

Level 13 talents

[Trait] Relentless - Stunning or dazing Reinhardt gives him 30% armor and lowers the cooldown of his heroic ability by 15 seconds.

[W] Rally - Ally heroes standing behind Reinhardt are healed for 25% of all damage absorbed by the barrier

[E] Refuel - When Reinhardt's pins an enemy hero to a wall, Fire strike and Charge's cooldown recharge rate speed is increased by 200% for 4 seconds.

level 16 talents

[E] Juggernaut - Reinhardt's charge speed and distance is increased by 40% and he is now unstoppable while charging.

[2] Divert power - Activate to convert 50% of Reinhardt's remaining barrier into shields. This removes all barrier energy and puts barrier on cooldown.

[W] Hold the line - While barrier is active, Reinhardt is unstoppable and gains 30% armor, reducing all incoming damage by 30%.

level 20 talents

[R] Earthshatter upgrade - epicenter - Enemy units in the centre line take more damage and enemy units outside the area are pulled towards the center.

[R] Rocket spin upgrade - fire tornado - Movement speed and damage are increased by 25% while spinning, and the area surrounding Reinhardt is lit on fire causing burning damage. This also creates a lingering fire AoE that burns the ground in Reinhardt's wake for 3 seconds.

[AA] Heavy Hitter - All auto-attacks now do 25% more damage and cause knockback

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