Renathal by Blitzus

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By: Blitzus
Created: Jul 23, 2022
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Harvester of Dominion

When the Sire of Absolution, Denathrius, was young, he first created the Venthyr. Souls deemed needing of atonement for sins committed in life, and those who would come to watch over their atonement. First among these would come to be special to Denathrius, and named Prince Renathal, who leads souls through their atonement for the sin of dominion. And sometimes that takes a bit of a direct approach.

(Bear in mind any of this can be replaced with Denathrius and Remornia, but everyone seems to make him already so I used his son)

Combat Trait

Renathal is accompanied by the Sapient sword Vorpalia. His abilities are casted from both himself and wherever Vorpalia is located. Vorpalia and Renathal can each use basic attacks while Vorpalia is Deployed.
If Renathal and Vorpalia are ever in the same space, Renathal and Vorpalia Reconnect.

While Renathal and Vorpalia are Connected, Activating the trait button will place Vorpalia in front of Renathal, Deploying her.

While Vorpalia is Deployed, activating the trait button will recall Vorpalia to Renathal, Reconnecting.

Primary Abilities

Renathal throws Vorpalia, dealing X damage in a line. Vorpalia then stays at that location.

While Vorpalia is Deployed, Sew becomes Harvest

Renathal and Vorpalia both dash to the target position, dealing X damage in each line and Reconnecting. At the point of Connection, deals X bonus damage.
After a short delay, Renathal and Vorpalia attack in a small, straight line, dealing X damage.

While Connected, Condemn deals X (Heavy) damage. If it kills, resets its cooldown.

While Deployed, Condemn Deals X (light) damage from both Renathal and Vorpalia and healing X for each hero hit.
Swarming Mist
A mist of anima begins surrounding Renathal, dealing X damage over X seconds and healing for X% of damage dealt.

While Connected, Swarming Mist Increases Renathal's movement speed by X%.

While Deployed, Swarming Mist is cast from both Renathal and Vorpalia.

Heroic Abilities

Anima Storm
Renathal begins channeling an Anima Storm. During this time, he becomes impossible to control, holds still, becomes unstoppable, and deals X damage around himself over X seconds. If Vorpalia is Deployed, commands only control her.
All Damage dealt during Anima Storm heals Renathal by X% of damage dealt.
Renathal targets a hero, after X seconds, he deals X damage to them and marks them with Mindgames. For X seconds, all external healing that hero receives instead damages it.

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