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By: DemilveemonV2
Last Updated: Oct 8, 2019
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Forgotten machina god

An old machine god long time forgotten and for a good reason. The life force of the nexus has awakened her again and so shall her domain of terror begin anew.

Combat Trait

Reboot process
Attacking enemies fills up your energy bar. When it's at 100% and if you die, remain in the floor for 5 seconds while your character revives with a full HP bar, enemies can hit you while you stand up again to reduce the amount of HP that you will rise up with, all the way down to 10% of your maximum HP.

Attacking enemy minions with basic attacks refills your bar by 0.2% and enemy heroes by 1%. Every ability has its own separate refill.

Primary Abilities

Sharp and on point
Cooldown: 4 seconds

Throw a hook in the targeted direction dealing 40 (+4%) damage, this ability can only hit heroes. The cooldown of this ability is refilled if it lands on an enemy (but there must always be 1 second between the moment a hook is thrown and the next one is). 3 seconds after landing 1 hook, this ability becomes High Voltage and can be reused. Landing a hook refills your energy by 1%. You can move while the hook is being thrown. Hooks dissapear after 6 seconds of not being used.

Range of 7
High Voltage
High Voltage does not have any cooldown but if used, Sharp and on Point will go into a 12 second cooldown. High Voltage remains active for 4 seconds but you can decide to not activate it.

Upon activation, sends high electricity currents to the targets that are currently chained, stunning them for 0.25 seconds, dealing 180(+4%) damage and applying the electrified status effect on them over 3 seconds. Electrified makes it so all ally skillshots slightly curve towards the enemy with this state.

Damage and other properties are not stacked if more than 1 hook is on the same target.
Crush it!
Cooldown: 16 seconds

Serra channels for 0.5 seconds to deal a kick into the floor crushing it which makes the terrain in a straight line impassable for 2.5 seconds. Movement abilities can still be used to go around it. Hit enemies along the way are pushed back and take 140 (+4%) damage.

Range of 4

Radius of 1
Vital preservation
Cooldown: 12 seconds

Apply a barrier to the target ally that grants them 200 (+4%) shield that lasts 6 seconds and deppending on their current HP grants them effects that last for as long as the shield is up.

Range of 6

HP > 66% = The shield increases their armor by 10 for its duration.
66% > HP > 33% = The shield grants them 15% movement speed for its duration
33% > HP = The shield cleanses them of all kinds of damage overtime and status effect minus stuns and roots.

Heroic Abilities

Sticky Kaboom
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Energy cost: 100%

- After 0.25 second channel, jump towards the targeted direction, if an enemy is hit, stick to them and explode yourself after 1.5 seconds, dealing 450(+4%) damage in an area around them and spending the rest of your health bar. Every 1% of HP you still had increases the damage done by this ability in 1%. Afterwards Reboot Process is applied.

Range of 4

Radius of 3

Legendary Steel
Cooldown: 5 seconds

Activate so your next basic attack hit enemies in a cone behind your original target as well dealing an extra 100% damage and becoming instant. Enemies hit lose all of their generic buffs (For example, it would take away malfurion's regrowth HP overtime effect but not the leaf mark in itself so you would still get healing out of moonfires). Buff removal has a cooldown of 5 seconds after being applied to at least 1 enemy hero. Also gets 3% energy per target hit


Level 1

(Q) Aux. Core

- Quest: Landing High voltage increases your maximum HP by 4 permanently.
+ Reward: After increasing your HP by 400, increases your energy maximum by 20%.

(Trait) Enhanced, Improved output

- After reboot process triggers, your next Crush it! and Vital Preservation have their effects and damages trippled. Reboot Process now gives you 5 armor while is getting channeled as well as 1 second after Reboot Process triggers.; if another talent with similar effect is picked, it stacks (both armor and time after resurrection).

(W) Avalanche

- Crush it! deals an extra 25% damage per enemy hero caught in the blast up to 125% extra damage.

Level 4

(Q) Amplified electricity

- Increase the damage done when using High Voltage per Hook landed by 10%. Doesn't stack on the same target.

(W) Impasse Barrier

- Crush it! now also prevents all sorts of dash and teleporting abilities to go through it for its duration.

(E) Remnants

- Additional effects are mantained even if the shield is broken.

Level 7

(Passive) Kill and Kill

- After participating in a kill, increase your ability power and basic attack damage by 30% for 6 seconds. This effect can only happen once every 10 seconds.

(Passive) Kill and Protect

- After participaring in a kill, the cooldown of Crush it! and Vital Preservation are reduced by 8 seconds. This effect can only happen once every 20 seconds.

(Passive) Kill and Stand your ground

- After participating in a kill, heal up for 800(+4%) over 10 seconds and gain 10 armor for 10 seconds. This effect can only happen once every 30 seconds.

Level 13

(E) Hardened Shield

- Vital Preservation can grant its target up to an extra 200% deppending on your current HP % (If you have 100%, it would give you an extra 200% shield).

(E) High Voltage Shield

- Vital Preservation now generates a damaging aura around the ally target that lasts for 6 seconds and deals 8(+4%) damage to all enemies around it every 0.25 seconds.

(Trait) Machine God's Wrath

- Every ally that dies grants you 10% energy and a permanent increase in 5% movement speed, ability power and basic attack damage until that person revives. Stacks up to 4 times. Reboot process now gives you 5 armor while is getting channeled as well as 1 second after Reboot Process triggers; if another talent with similar effect is picked, it stacks (both armor and time after resurrection).

Level 16

(Q) Surgical Precision

- Every hook landed deals an extra 3% of the maximum HP of an enemy. High Voltage now also applies a 50% slow that decays over 2 seconds.

(W) Impale

- When Crush it is used, the last third of it's total area size reveals a stalactite which deals an extra 50% damage and stuns for 0.75 seconds instead.

(E) Double output

- Thresholds of this ability now become higher and lower than 50%. Armor happens when higher than 50% and cleanse happens when lower than 50%. Movement speed is always applied. Also reduces its cooldown by 2 seconds.

Level 20

(R1) Optimal usage

- Sticky Kaboom now only requires 70% energy charge to be cast. Its radius is also increased by 2.

(R2) Orichal*** refinement

- Legendary steel now also lower the armor of enemy hits by 15 for 3 seconds. All of your basic attacks generate twice as much energy and your basic attacks deal +20% extra damage.

(Trait) Emergency reserves

- Activate to instantly refill 100% energy. Has a 150 second cooldown. Reboot process now gives you 5 armor while is getting channeled as well as 1 second after Reboot Process triggers; if another talent with similar effect is picked, it stacks (both armor and time after resurrection).

(Q) Maximum Charge

- If 3 or more Hooks are landed in the same target, High voltage stuns them for 2 seconds and deals 200%(+4%) extra damage. You are also stunned for 2 seconds.


HP: 2620
AA damage: 92
AA speed: 1.05 per second (melee)

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