Silvermoon Spellbreaker by verminaaren

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Silvermoon Spellbreaker

By: verminaaren
Last Updated: Nov 20, 2021
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Silvermoon Spellbreaker

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(I dunno any specifically named spellbreakers in the universe, hence no name)

For simplicity's sake, I decided not to include any Resource mechanic for this hero for now. CD and damage numbers are rather arbitrary as well, as the purpose hereof is to show an idea rather than a completely balanced hero.

I'll update the talent section later on when I manage to jot down my ideas on paper. In the meantime, I appreciate all your comments on these weird ideas.

Combat Trait

Arcane Brilliance
Passive. Increase mana regeneration of allies by 2.5%/s and grant them 5% Spell power. Global range.
Active. Switch to Arcane Madness or back. Cooldown: 9 seconds.
Arcane Madness. Passive. Deplete enemy heroes' mana by 2.5%/s and lower their Spell power by 5%; 4 m range.

Primary Abilities

Elf Silencer
Cooldown: 12 seconds

Slow an enemy hero by 30% and deal 75(+4%/lvl) Spell damage per second for 3 seconds. Active healing or removal of this effect will silence the healer for 1 second.*

* E.g. Lúcio's W or Brightwing's D will not trigger the effect, but the former's E or the latter's Level 7-talented active D will.
Mana Burn
Cooldown: 10 seconds

Your next three basic attacks will burn 4% of the target's mana and syphon twice as much health.
Elven Bulwark
Cooldown: 14 seconds

For the next 2 seconds, gain Spell invulnerability. Removes existing negative spell effects.

Heroic Abilities

Spell Steal
Cooldown: 40 seconds

Transfer a negative spell effect from an allied hero to an enemy hero, or a positive spell effect from an enemy hero to an ally; refresh the duration. Cannot use on yourself.
Arcane Transfer
Cooldown: 50 seconds

For 3 seconds, prevent 60% of spell damage taken by your allies. All damage thus prevented is dealt to the Spell Breaker over 10 seconds after Arcane Transfer is over. This effect cannot be removed by Elven Bulwark. Global range.


  1. Grandmaster Arcanist. Active. Double the current effect of Arcane Brilliance for 3 seconds. 60 sec cooldown.
  2. Versatile Arcanist. Passive. Both effects of Arcane Brilliance are active all time at 80% effectiveness.
  3. Arcane Combinations. Passive. Your Basic abilities recharge 50% faster for 5 seconds after swapping the Arcane Brilliance effect.


  1. Master of Auras: Endurance. Increase all allied heroes' movement speed and basic attack speed by 10%. Global range
  2. Master of Auras: Thorns. Basic attacks against your allied heroes return 20% damage as Spell damage.
  3. Master of Auras: Silvermoon's Last Stand. An allied hero's death increases other heroes' Spell power by 20% and causes their Basic abilities to recharge 100% faster for 6 seconds. Spell Breaker's death will remove the effect.


  1. Arcane Torrent. Each Mana Burn-empowered attack gives a stack of Arcane Torrent, up to 50 stacks. Active. Consume 10 to 50 stacks to teleport to the selected location, deal 70(+4%) damage and silence heroes within melee range for 0.05 seconds per stack.
  2. Break spells, break bone. Passive. Each third consecutive Basic attack against an enemy hero will silence them for 0.75 seconds. Attacking another hero resets the counter.
  3. Silvermoon's Finest. Remove Elven Bulwark's speed movement penalty and give 60% Physical armor for its duration.

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