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By: TheWhiskas
Last Updated: Sep 30, 2020
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The Purifier Adept

Talis is team-based ranged assassin hero. Her main role is to deal sustained damage to enemies while keeping herself alive. She also has a side role as support hero, giving speed boosts to allied heroes when necessary and pairing well with another DPS hero in her team.

Talis can serve as an artillery attacker if using trait talent build, as a pusher support through an energize build and as a mage with Purifier Orb ability.

Note: This concept is idea-based, so i didn't include numbers such as damage, attack speed, cooldown, cast range and others, because balancing isn't my strong part.

Combat Trait

Purifier Glaive cannon
Talis's basic attacks mark visible enemies hit for 4 seconds. Marked enemies are revealed and can be attacked by Talis from anywhere on the map, removing the mark. This effect has no cooldown.

Primary Abilities

Purifier orb
Release an electric orb, that moves along straight path. While moving, orb pulsates every second dealing damage to all enemies in a small aoe nearby.
Time of life: 5 seconds. Moves to a maximum distance in 2.5 seconds.
Cooldown 17 seconds
Increase attack speed of target ally by 25% and its movement speed by 20% for 10 seconds. Bonus is doubled on self.
May target self, towers, forts, siege minions, mercenaries, minions.
Cooldown 25 seconds
Psionic Transfer
Projects an invulnerable Shade that moves to a target location at 150% Talis' speed. The Shade can't attack but provides vision and has phased movement. Shade lives for 5 seconds, while it is alive, an ability can be reactivated to teleport Talis to Shade's location.
Cooldown 9 seconds

Heroic Abilities

Psionic Twin
Project an invulnerable, permanent image of Talis, that has 55% her damage output. The image always follows Talis and mimics all her actions: attacking her targets, casting talented basic abilities.
Image is visually different from Talis.
Project Purification
After a delay and visual warning, strike a targeted area anywhere on the map with powerful beam, that deals heavy damage to enemies beneath and applies -20 armor to them. Upon impact a shockwave travels outwards, igniting the ground for 8 seconds after. Original wave instantly kills minions and deals minor damage to other enemies.
While standing on the ignited ground, enemies are damaged and have their armor reduced by 1 every 0.25 seconds.
Deals 15% damage to structures.

Starting talents

Quest: Artillery strike [Trait]
Deal damage to an enemy heroes from bonus attack range. Every bonus range unit increases the quest counter
After increasing counter to 150, gain reward: Every bonus range unit multiplies your attack damage by 1.5x on every attack.

Unstable orb [Q]
Increase the damage area and lifetime of an orb by 50%. No longer restricted by cast range (still disappears after elapsed time)

Energizer [Passive]

Warps in a controllable support unit purifier protoss energizer. This mechanical unit has 500 health and 750 shields, Energizer attacks enemies in little damage by beaming them and casts Energize [W] on allies. An energizer counts as 0.25 death, grants enemies xp upon dying and respawns with 35% Talis' respawn time. Can soak xp. Energizer can cast Energize on allied summoned structures or units. (Including Probius's Photon cannon [E]!)
*Allied Probius and Energizer may trade beeps when meeting

Level 4 talents

Heart strike [Trait]
Removing a mark from an enemy deals 2% of their max hp as area damage.

Courage [W]
Whenever Energize [W] is cast, Talis is always affected by it.
Energizer also always buffs Talis wherever she is.

Overcharge [Q]
Purifier Orb now explodes upon death, dealing 75% damage it've already dealt to heroes.

Level 7 talents

Quest: Pattern Strike [Trait]
Every time you remove a mark from enemy hero, deal 120 bonus magic damage. The damage is amplified whenever new enemy hero is stricken. Stacking up to 5 times. Bonus is lost when the same hero is hit by mark twice.
Receive 5 stack damage bonus 12 times.
Reward: After removing the mark, other nearby enemy hero in 2,2 range gets affected by it.

Quest: Energy Conversion [Q]
Purifier Orb [Q] may now be recast, doubling it's duration and forcing it to move to a new location.
Deal 15000 damage with Purifier Orb [Q] and gain an ability to redirect the orb one more time, increasing it's life by an additional 50%.

Purifier shielding [Active]
Gain an ability to pulse 250 shields onto nearby allies and self Shields duration match cooldown.
Energizer also gains this ability. Whenever it is cast either by Talis or Energizer, both Talis and Energizer emit shield pulses, which stack.

Level 13 talents

Distortion Shadow [E]
When Psionic Transfer contacts enemies, their armor is reduced by 20.

Echoing Transfer [E]
You can recast this ability again to return back to position before swapping with shadow.

Atomic Tingling [W]
Allies, affected by Energize [W] evade 35% basic attacks and deal 15% increased damage. Bonus is doubled on Talis.

Level 16 talents

Electrify [W]
Purifier Orb [Q] now may be targeted by Energize [W] to increase it's movement speed by 30% and it's pulsation rate by 50%

Energizer orb [Active]
Talis and Energizer gain new ability to unleash Energizer orb. Energizer orb is a full talented version of Purifier orb, but instead of damaging, it casts Energize [W] on every ally in it's radius that lasts 3 seconds. Has 16 seconds time of life.

Overgize [W]
Casting Energize [W] on target that is already affected by it refreshes it's duration and chains it to another target, until finds an unaffected target.

Level 20 talents

Mind Projection [Heroic] - Upon death, your psionic twin continues to live and you take control of it, you respawn near it's place.

Planetary Purification [Heroic] - Releases a second wave, that destroys all enemy minions on the map.

Psionic twin - Project an invulnerable, permanent image of Talis, that has 55% her damage output. The image always follows Talis and mimics all her actions: attacking her targets, casting talented basic abilities.

Warp out [Passive]
Your hearthstone now has point target anywhere on the map, 10 seconds cooldown and casts 50% faster.

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TheWhiskas | September 29, 2020 4:33am
Note: She might have an active ability to select Energizer.
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