Terokk Riding a Raptor by NotBelial

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Terokk Riding a Raptor

By: NotBelial
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2020
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Terokk Riding a Raptor

Epic Talon King

Terokk was once a hero of tue arakkoa and considered a god incarnated. However, to save his people Terokk fell to corruption and became mad, being later on cleansed and fred from his terrible fate.
The greatest of the arakkoa, searching for a cure for the curse of his people, proved his might once again when he summoned himself into the nexus and tamed a raptor with his bare hands.

Health 1445
Health Regen 3.0117
Resource 500 Mana
Unit Radius 0.875
Attack Speed 1.67
Attack Range 4
Attack Damage 81

Playing as Terokk is optimal if you have another mages in your team. You can rely on your extra speed and ranged attacks to be safe but in order to cause maximum damage you'll need to get closer of your enemies. This is facilitated by your heroic Riding a Shark but you'll need to be more careful if you pick it. Terokk is meant to be fun and epic but also represent the Arakkoa's culture.

Playing alongside Terokk is specially good if you are a glass canon mage since it can boost your powers, specially after level 20 if he goes with Eclipse and upgrades it. Healer and tank must watch him if he is trying to cause maximum damage since it will increase the risks bur other than that it can keep itself alive from most dangers.

Playing against Terokk must feel a little scary since he can move at higher speed than most and will shoot laser into you! Take the chance if he is trying to hit you with the first stage of his abilities and always have youself an ability ready to be used in case he Spell Bomb you, specially if you are his favorite target

Combat Trait

Riding a Raptor
Terokk is always riding a raptor and because of that has extra 10% mov. Speed.
Auto Attack - Epicus Maximus Blessing
Epicus Maximus admires Terokk so much he teached his raptor how to shoot laser beams from his eyes, making his AA ranged.

Primary Abilities

Rukhmar's Solar Beam
Terokk burst in solar fire damaging nearby enemies for 120 damage and than shots a solar beam from his body for 240 damage

CD 8s
Anzu's Spell Bomb
Using the power of Anzu, terokk aflicts an enemy with Spell bomb. Is consumes 10% of current mana. It burns enemy mana equal to 120% of the total consumed from Terokk over 5 seconds but can be cleanses by casting any basic ability. However, cleansing the spell bomb causes the user to receive the spell damage or 200 damage if it's a non harmful spell. Cleansing Spell Bomb cancels the effect of the ability and sets it into CD.

CD 12s
Curse of Sethe
Sethe's curse emanates from Terokk, slowing neaby enemies and reducing their spell armor. After 2 seconds its effects ends and during the next 2 seconds can be cast on a single target to apply the effect for another 2 seconds.

CD 10s

Heroic Abilities

Combining the powers of the 3 Arakkoa gods Terokk summons an eclipse increasing all spell damage by 30%.
During the eclipse his AA becomes spell damage amd his spell armor is increased by 30.

Level 20
All allies spell armor is increased by 30.

CD 60s
Riding a Shark
Terrok's raptor is permanently riding a shark, increasing his mov. Speed to 15% and making his AA melee and 50% more powerful. This changes his Z into a jump on targeted enemy.

Lvl 20 - Zombie Shark
His AA becomes aoe and heals terokk for % of damage caused. Also increases his base health regeneation.

Z CD 6s
Worship of Arakkoa Gods
Lvl 20 Storm Talent (passive)

Receiving healing decreases the CD of Rukhmar's Solar Power

Causing damage decreases the CD of Anzu's Spell Bomb

Receiving damage reduces the CD of Sethe's Curse
Epic Spell Bomb
Level 20 Storm Talent

Consumes 20% of Terokk's maximum mana to cast an Anzu's Spell Bomb on target that can only be dispelled by an heroic ability.
Casting this ability causes Anzu's Spell bomb to enter in a cooldown 50% slower (18s)

CD 60s

Special Mount

Riding a raptor riding a horse
Terokk's raptor can mount normally, increasing it's mov. Speed to 20%.


Level 1
Riding a Raptor - If Terokk does not receive damage for 5 seconds, speed increases to 20% until battle.
Auto Attack - Every 5 AAs against the same target it explodes for 100% of the damage
Riding a Raptor Riding a Horse - When mounting mov. speed is 30% decaying to 20% over 2 seconds.

Level 4
Rukhmar's Solar Beam - Damaging an enemy with the first explosion causes a burn that deals 39 damage per second for 3 seconds.
Anzu's Spell Bomb - Casting a Spell Bomb while recovering with a regen globe restores the mana spent.
Curse of Sethe - increases aoe and cast range by 12%

Level 7
Rukhmar's Solar Beam - Enemies hit by the explosion receives extra 30% of damage from the beam.
Anzu's Spell Bomb - If the bomb is not dispelled recovers 50% of the mana spent
Curse of Sethe - If at least two enemies are affected by the first stage of curse of Seth it lasts 1 extra second

Level 13
Rukhmar's Solar Beam - After casting this ability receives the effect of Burning Rage for 5 seconds
Anzu's Spell Bomb - If the spell cast is a heal, also causes damage to the target.
Auto Attack - AA against sloed or rooted enemies causes 30% more damage for 4 seconds.

Level 16
Rukhmar's Solar Beam - Receiving healing increases the damage of this ability by 20%
Anzu's Spell Bomb - Not dispelling the Spell Bomb causes it to burn an extra 50% mana
Curse of Sethe - When the curse is targeted into an enemy it also affects close enemies


Corrupted Terokk


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badnoturno | March 15, 2020 11:32am
Notbelial, the best!
zeeaall | March 13, 2020 4:43pm
He is here... the prophecy is true...
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