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The angel of war


HEALTH 2.586 (+4.0%)
REGEN 5.96 (+4.0%)
REGEN 2.5 (+0)
DAMAGE 126 (+4.0%)

"Umeji is an off-tank frontline bruiser. Focused on gathering the enemy attention while also putting up a fight towards his attackers."


-Good Duel Potencial
-Teamfight Starter
-Good Solo Laner


-Long Cooldown on Survivability skill
-Big Hitbox
-Low Mobility

Umeji is an Nexus Born Hero, being the second oldest brother on the realm hunters family, he is often seeked by his younger siblings for help and advice. Similar to his younger brother, Fuyuhiko, he ascended to the High Heavens as the angel of War, but, eversince his sister Yui was condemned because of her power, he exiled himself from the Heavens and now, lives upon the mortals, fighting their wars and protecting them from any evil that crosses his path

Inspired on Sett from League of Legends, Umeji not only starts the teamfights, but also is more than capable to duel almost any hero in HoTS. Despite being an amazing duelis bruiser, he can easily be kited down by an ranged assassin or abused when his adrenaline is down

Synergises well with

-Lt. Morales

Countered by


Color Schemes

-Ascended Umeji
-Fallen Umeji
-Champion Umeji

Possible Skins/Concepts
-Rock Star Umeji (with chromas)
-Demonic Umeji (with chromas)

Combat Trait

Angiris Smash
After attacking, your next basic attack within 2 seconds deals 15% increased damage and has 100% increased attack speed. Additionally, receive 5 adrenaline (10 on the empowered hit) per basic attack that successfully hits an target (50% effective on minions and mercenaries)
Mace of War
After casting Fallen Blow, for the next 6 seconds or until Fallen Blow is recast, use your mace as your main weapon, receiving 1 increased range, dealing 3% of the target´s maximum health as bonus cleave damage and healing from 15% of the damage dealt to enemy Heroes. While Mace of War is active, Angiris Smash will still be active on your 2nd attack

Primary Abilities

Q-Fallen Blow
Cooldown: 4 Seconds
Range: 5

Umeji grabs his mace and smashes the area in the target location, dealing 120 (+4% per Level) damage, the damage is increased by 75% if it only hits one enemy. Fallen Blow generates 3 adrenaline per enemy hit (10 per enemy Hero). Fallen Blow only enters on cooldown when recast or when Mace of War effect ends
W-Counter Blast
Cost: 100 Adrenaline
Cooldown: 26 Seconds
Range: 9

Root yourself in place and cast the ability for 0.50 seconds, while casting, receive an shield equal to 75% of your missing health for 2 seconds and after the cast, deal 140 (+4% per Level) +60% of the shield value as damage to all enemies in an cone.
E-Winds of War
Cooldown: 12 Seconds
Range: 10

Flap your wings, launching an gust of wind towards the target direction. The gust deals 180 (+4% per Level) damage and slow targets hit by 30% for 2 seconds, the gust stops at the first enemy Hero or structure hit briefly expanding it, dealing it´s damage and slow on an small area around the target.

Heroic Abilities

R-Angelic Ride
Cooldown: 50 Seconds
Range: 4-8

Umeji dashes foward and grabs the targeted enemy Hero, suppressing him, after grabing, jump an medium distance in the air, become unstoppable and landing after a small delay. Upon landing, deal 120 (+4% per Level) +30% of the grabbed target maximum health as damage to all enemies hit and slowing them by 99% for 1 second (the grabbed target receives the same damage and slow as his allies)
R-The Great Fall
Cooldown: 120 Seconds
Range: 75

Channel for 1.5 seconds, after channeling leap into the air for 0.7 seconds and quickly land in the target location, creating an shockwave while he travel towards the end of it and dealing 640 (+4% per Level) damage to all enemies hit by it. The target location appears at the end of the channel and has 13 range


Level 1

Boldness in the Arena

After taking damage, increase your health regeneration by 2, based on your missing health (up to 40 when at 30% or less health) for 3 seconds

Mighty Wind

Increase Winds of War damage by 45% and create an small tornado if it hits an structure or an enemy Hero, the tornado lasts 2 seconds and deals 60 (+4% per Level) damage each second

Bold Tactics

Increase your maximum health by 25%
Quest: Deal 75.000 siege damage
Reward: Receive another 250 maximum health and 35 physical armor

Level 4

Negligible Defences

Fallen Blow now shatters the enemy armor by 20 for 3 seconds if it only hits one enemy

Volcanic Rupture

Counter Blast shatters the ground in the middle of it´s cone for 4 seconds, burning them for 1% of their maximum health every second when standing on it

Shield of Durand

Receive 15% of your maximum helath as an shield and 50 spell armor, the armor and shield lasts until broken, refreshing after 30 seconds upon being damaged

Level 7

Athletic Body

After casting an ability, receive 15% movement speed for 2 seconds and empower your next to 2 basic attacks to deal 5% of the target´s maximum health (10 seconds cooldown for the increased damage if it was used against an enemy Hero)

Protective Adrenaline

While channeling Counter Blast, become Protected and enemies hit by it´s center take 30% increased damage
Quest: Block 50.000 damage with your shield (damage blocked while protected counts towards the quest)
Reward: Increase the shield durtation by 1 second and the bonus damage to 55%


Increase Fallen Blow damage by 25%
Quest: Kill 125 minions
Reward: Increase the single target damage to 140%

Level 10

Listed on Heroic Ability section

Level 13

Fervor of the Battle

Upon hitting an enemy Hero or Mercenary with 3 attacks or abilities within 7 seconds, create an burning ring around yourself, dealing 0.5% of the target´s maximum health damage every 0.25 seconds for 5 seconds. Umeji´s attacks and abilities refresh Fervor of the Battle duration


Increase Counter Blast cast time by 50%, but, while casting, pull all enemies near the cone are pulled towards Umeji and are slowed by 40% for 1.5 seconds

Ancient Will

Fallen Blow generates 100% more adrenaline and deals 6% of the arget´s maximum health (increased to 12% towards an single target) as bonus damage

Level 16

Colossal Smash

Your 3rd basic attack within 2 seconds after activating Angiris Smash will deal 100% increased damage to all enemies in an small area. While Mace of War is active, the 3rd attack will be an untalented cast of Fallen Blow that does not increase or end the duration of Mace of War


Activating Winds of War makes you dash an small distance foward and to blast an area around you, dealing 120 (+3% per Level) damage and slowing all enemies hit by 60% for 1.5 seconds

Come at Me!

Reduce Counter Blast Adrenaline cost by 30 and it´s cooldown by 10 seconds. Additionally, increase it´s base damage by 45%

Level 20

Broken Floor

Increase the damage from Angelic Ride by 40% and upon landing, leave an unstable ground for 6 seconds that slows all enemies within it by 50%

Stunning Fall

Upon landing, attack and stun for 2 seconds the nearest enemy Hero to the end of the target location, additionally, reduce The Great Fall cooldown by 60 seconds

Not Dying

Upon taking lethal damage, instantly heal for 10% of your maximum health and start casting Counter Blast towards your attacker (90 seconds cooldown)

Aspect of War

Mace of War basic attacks now shatter the target´s physical armor by 15 for 2 seconds and Angiris Smash heals you for 20% of it´s 2nd hit damage

In Game Quotes

Store Greeting - Pre-Purchase: "Yo Champion."
Purchase: "In battle, we are reborn."
Store Greeting: "I am no more than a soldier, and no less."
Ready: "I ain't never lost, you know that right?"

Intro - Greeting Imperius: "You call yourself and angel and the avatar of valor, but where was your "worthy authority" when they made my sister suffer?"
Intro - Greeting Auriel/Tyrael: "You were one of the only i trusted up there, so please, take care of Fuyu for me."
Intro - Greeting Hina/Aoi: "Even after all those years, you still charming as ever sister."
Intro - Greeting Budo/Belphie: "Little Brother, training hard?"
Intro - Greeting Fuyuhiko: "The only man of our family they accepted with open arms, be careful brother, only trust those who care for you."
Intro - Greeting Yui: "Sister, i will never leave your side, either in pain or in glory."
Intro - Greeting Haruto: "Brother, if ya need me, just call, i will fall upon them to aid you."
Intro - Greeting Aruni: "Sister, how is our light sorceress doing?"
Intro - Greeting Grace: "My little sister, i see you kept pranking Fuyu huh? I would have done the same. Heh"
Intro - Greeting Fighter Hero/Skin: "Look sharp, meat! You're in the main event now."
Intro - Greeting Lovers Heroes: "Battle is a dance, and the fortunate find their partner."
Intro - Greeting Negative: "Look at that face. It's just screamin' 'punch me'."
Intro - Response Positive: "Okay, everyone here knows how to throw a punch, right? 'Cause I don't have time for lessons."

What 1: "Yes?"
What 2: "What?"
Humorous 1: "Hey, is there a doctor on hand? Asking for my opponents."
Humorous 2: "Anyone wants a piece of me, line forms right here."
Humorous 3: "You're about to see my human side-- the part that ain't so nice."
Move 1: "On my way."
Move 2: "Right Away."
Hearthstone 1: "Y'know, life's really all about the quiet time between beatdowns."
Getting Healed: "Thanks, i owe you one."

Attack 1: "Only one of us is leavin'!"
Attack 2: "Get punch drunk."
Attack 3: "Sup meat?"
Attack 4: "Come on, hit me."
Attack 5: "Bust 'em up!"

Killing a Hero 1: "You might wanna stay down."
Killing a Hero 2: "That's a concussion."
Killing a Hero 3: "eah... that's what I do."
Killing any of His Brothers/Sisters: "Ooh... you should get some ice on that."
Killing Imperius: "For my Sister."
Killing a Fighter Hero/Skin: "Nope. Not a contender."

Death: "Four hundred eighty-three... and one.""
Revived: *Umeji groans* "I almost felt that one."

Ping - Kill Hero: "Can we kill this hero? Like, now?"
Ping - Capture Mercenaries: "Recruit these mercenaries."
Ping - Help Ally: "HEY! Assist our ally."
Ping - Help Me: "Need some Backup!"
Ping - Destroy Fort: "Fall like the others."
Ping - Defend Fort: "Keep our fort safe damnit!"

Using Fallen Blow 1: "Play nice!"
Using Fallen Blow 2: "Shatter!"
Using Fallen Blow 3: "Bustin' heads!"

Using Angelic Ride 1: "THIS IS GONNA HURT!"
Using Angelic Ride 2: "NOW FOR THE FINISH!"
Using Angelic Ride 3: "AAAND SLAM!"
Using Angelic Ride 4: "GOIN' FOR A RIDE!"

Using Counter Blast 1: "On your face!"
Using Counter Blast 2: "Take this!"
Using Counter Blast 3: "Face meet fist!"

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