Valerian by Zayin

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By: Zayin
Created: Jul 2, 2020
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Second Emperor Of The Terran Dominion

Valerian is the emperor of the Terran Dominion succeeding his father after his death at the hands of Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades in Korhal. Now that he is the emperor, he seeks to reform the Dominion to be better than what it was when his father was commanding it, to be a better leader and a better man.

Valerian is a offensive support with the capabilities to increase his allies assets to secure objectives.

Base Stats

Health 1682 (+4%/level)
Health Regen 3.12 (+4%/level)
Mana 500 (+10/level)
Mana Regen 3.00 (+0.1/level)
Attack 81 (+4%/level)
Attack Speed 1.20
Attack Range 1.2

Combat Trait

Inspiring Leader
Every Allied hero close to Valerian gains 10% movement speed and damage (including physical and spell damage).

Primary Abilities

Dominion Patrol
40 Mana

Cooldown 12 Seconds

Valerian sends 3 Valkyries as an escort to any allied hero or himself, these Valkyries deal 40 (+4%/level) damage each, attack the same target as the hero they are tied to giving them 20 armor and lasts for 2.5 seconds.
Rain Fire
35 Mana

Cooldown 8 Seconds

Valerian selects an area dealing 325 (+4%/level) damage after 0.25 seconds.
Psi Emitter
50 Mana

Cooldown 15 Seconds

Valerian puts in a area selected a Psi Emitter that heals 20 (+4%/level) every 0.25 seconds every ally hero and deals the same amount and slowing for 15% while in the field to the enemy heroes during 6 seconds. The Psi Emitter is targetable and has 300 (+4%/level) health.

Heroic Abilities

War Propaganda
60 Mana

Cooldown 45 Seconds

The movement speed and damage from inspiring leader are increased by 15% and now affect Valerian as well during 6 seconds.
Passive: Inspiring Leader radius is increased by 20%.
Bring the Heavy Weapons
80 Mana

Cooldown 60 Seconds

Valerian sends an airship to drop bombs dealing 654 (+4%/level) damage in a direction and slowing by 25% for 1.25 seconds.

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