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By: Dshobz01
Last Updated: Aug 9, 2018
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The Fallen Nathrezim

As one of the dreadlords overseeing the Legion's forces in the Third War, Varimathras failed to stop the rebellious Lich King. He submitted to an ill-fated alliance with Sylvanus Windrunner, then made one last bid for power before facing a humiliating defeat. As punishment for failing, Varimathras has has been tortured by The Coven of Shivarra. This has striped away both his flesh and sanity, leaving only one cause to him. The suffering of the mortals who cost him everything. Failing to do that once again and this time having his soul sent to The Nexus, where Varimathras plans to show everyone who gets in his path what true pain really is.

Varimathras Stats:
Melee Specialist
Health: 2160
Health Regen: 4.984
Attack Damage: 93
Attack Range: 1
Attack Speed: 1.1

Combat Trait

The area around Varimathras wakens anyone who comes into contact with him. Reducing either spell power, basic attack damage or attack speed while nearby
Side Note: What Misery does depends on what choice you make for a talent at level one and is roughly as large as Arthus' Frozen Tempest

Primary Abilities

Marked Pray
50 mana, 12 second cooldown: If an enemy is outside range of Misery, you can target send out a Shadow of Varimathrus to charge them, dealing a moderate amount of damage on contact. You will charge though minions and mercenaries, dealing less damage, but not other heroes and structures. Any non structure hit is afflicted with Misery, lasts for 5 seconds
Side Note: The maximum distance you can target a hero is the same range untalented Sgt Hammer's Siege Mode
Shadow Strike
45 mana cost, 10 second recharge, 2 charges: In a small cone in front of you, deal small damage and double the effect of Misery for 5 seconds to all enemies hit for 4 seconds. You can not use Shadow Strike within 6 seconds of each use
Dark Fissure
60 mana cost, 10 second cooldown: Target an area and after 1.5 seconds it explodes, afflicting anyone hit with Misery, lasts for 5 seconds

Heroic Abilities

Alone in Darkness
75 mana cost, 80 second cooldown: If an enemy Hero has no other Heroes, minions, mercenaries or structure nearby, they are Relieved to Varimathras. You can also target them and, after a 3 second long channel, teleport to them, dealing large damage
Side Note: The area that nothing can be near a hero is about as big as Kel'Thuzad's Frost Blast explosion
Necrotic Embrace
70 mana cost, 70 second cooldown: Select a target and a circle will appear around them. After 3 seconds it explodes, dealing moderate damage to anyone around them and afflicting the effect of Misery to them for 5 seconds
Side Note: This is about as big as Medivh's Poly Bomb

Tier 1 Talents

Irrational Fear: Misery reduces the spell power of those afflicted by 10%
True Misery: Misery now also reduces all healing effects by 10%
Freezing Doubt: Misery reduces the attack speed of those afflicted by 10%

Tier 2 Talents

Back Cur!: Passive: Marked Pray knocks back whatever hero is hit. Quest !: Hit the intended target with Marked Pray 20 times. Reward: Increase the range of Marked Pray by 20% and it goes though Structures
Inescapable Sorrow: Quest!: Afflict Heroes with Misery for a total of 500 seconds
Reward: Increase the range of Misery by 100% and duration it lasts from abilities or leaving the area of Misery by 2.5 seconds
Unending Shadows: Quest!: Increase the effect of Misery with Shadow Strike 50 times
Reward: Increase Shadow Strike's damage by 20 per hero hit
Quest!: Hit 3 heroes Misery afflicted heroes with Shadow Strike
Reward: Remove the effect 'You can not use Shadow Strike within 4 seconds of each use'

Tier 3 talents

Collapsing Shadow: Increase the center damage of Dark Fissure by 50%, reducing the farther from the center you are
Lingering Darkness: Dark Fissure leaves a puddle of corruption for 4 seconds where it is used targeted, dealing small damage to all inside of it and afflicting those hit with Misery
So Easily Broken: Killing an enemy hero afflicted by Misery increases the effect of misery by 2%, capping at 10%. The increased effect is lost on death

Tier 4 talents

Heroic Abilites Listed Above

Tier 5 Talents

Misery Loves Company: Misery's effect is now increased by 2.5% per every enemy Hero effected by Misery
Shadow Step: Once the Shadow of Varimathras hits a Hero, you can teleport to them by activating the ability within the next 4 seconds
Suffer Together: Increase Misery's doubled effect by an extra 2% for every Hero hit by Shadow Strike
Side Note: Each hero hit by Shadow Strike adds an extra 2% after it is doubled and the extra 2% per hero last the same duration. For a quick math explanation,
x=Amount of Heroes hit
y=Resulting increase.

Tier 6 Talents

Torment of Flames: Misery now deals moderate damage every 1 second
Torment of Frost: Misery reduces movement speed by 20%
Torment of Fel: Misery deals small but slowly increasing damage, capping at 300% damage increase, every 1 second lingers for 5 seconds after the target is no longer afflicted with Misery
Side Note: Torment of Fel's damage does not increase once the afflicted no longer has Misery on them
Torment of Shadows: Misery increases the effect of itself naturally the longer someone is afflicted with it by 2% every 1.5 seconds, capping at an extra 10%.

Tier 7 talents

Torment the Alone: When Alone in Darkness is used, summon two Shadows of Varimathras, who mimic your abilities without the talents and do not increase the effect of Misery. When one of the Shadows of Varimathras die the cooldown of Alone in Darkness is reduced by 12.5 seconds
Share your Suffering: Necrotic Embrace's explosion also afflicts those hit with Necrotic Embrace for 3 seconds. If Necrotic Embrace transfers to each other hero one time, reduce the cooldown of Necrotic Embrace by 5 seconds.
Side Note: The cooldown reduction only works one time. If it transfers to a Hero once the cooldown can not be reduced by that same Hero being afflicted with Necrotic Embrace again. For example, if Varian transfers Necrotic Embrace to Garrosh and Stukov, the cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds. If it transfers to Ranyor and Kel'Thuzad, that would be 10 seconds. If Varian and Stukov then get it transferred to them again it would only be 5 seconds because it was not transfered to Varian, he was first carrier in this case and sense Stukov had Necrotic Embrace transferred to him before it would not reduce the cooldown again. If it goes back to any of them the cooldown is not reduced by another 5 seconds.
I... Will... Kill You All! Every enemy hero killed while afflicted with Misery deals a burst of damage to all others afflicted by Misery and it refreshes the duration of Misery
Trade Pain For Pain: Cooldown 240 seconds: Target an enemy hero, 20% of the damage you take is reflected to them. If they are afflicted with Misery increase the damage reflected to 40%. This effect lasts 5 seconds. Takedowns refresh the cooldown

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Meemaster | July 16, 2018 12:29am
i like this. :D
Dshobz01 | July 16, 2018 11:25am
Thanks dude, glad you like the build :)
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