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By: rgg138
Last Updated: Jan 15, 2020
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Leader of the Draenei

Combat Trait

(D) Penance
cooldown: 50s

Activate to allow the next 3 Basic Attacks within 5 seconds to be used on allied heroes, lauching bolt of holy light to the target, healing them by 270 (+4%) each attack. If used on Naaru (W), heals 93 (+4%) to all heroes within Naaru's range.

Primary Abilities

(Q) Smite
cooldown: 4s

Deals 60 (+4%) damage to the target and reduces their next source of damage by 30%. If the target is at the Naaru's range, receives an additional 60 (+4%) damage and reduces their next source of damage by 60%
(W) Summon Naaru
cooldown: 12s

Summon a Naaru at the target location, instantly healing alliesin an area by 180 (+4%). Naaru heals allies 30 (+4%) every second and interact with abilities. Last 7 seconds. Naaru can be relocated with W button. Its movement speed is 50% of a Hero

Naaru's area is big
(E) Naaru's Judgment
cooldown: 12s

Skillshot originated from the Naaru. Deals 200 (+4%) damage to the first enemy hero hit and decrease their movement speed by 80% fading over 1s

Secondary Abilities

Naaru's Light
(Added by Level 1 Talent)

Charge Cooldown: 12s

Skillshot originated from the Naaru. Heals the first allied Hero hit for 140 (+4%). Stores 2 charges

Heroic Abilities

(R1) Blinding light
cooldown: 150s

Deals 30 (+4%) damage to all enemy heroes nearby Velen. Enemies hit are blinded for 6s
(R2) Beacon of Light
cooldown: 120s

Activate to refresh duration of the Naaru and empower him. For the next 7s, the Naaru deals 100 (+4%) damage to enemies and heal 100 (+4%) to allies per second; and cooldown of Naaru's Judgment (E) recharges 240% faster.


Health: 1848 (+4%)
Regen: 3.85 (+4%)

Mana: 500 (+10)
Mana regen: 3

Basic attack
damage: 80 (+4%)
speed: 0.9
range: 5.5


lvl 1

1. 1- Gain a new ability: Naaru's Light. 12s cd
Skillshot originated from the Naaru. Heals the first allied Hero hit for 140 (+4%). Stores 2 charges

2. D- Penance can also be used to deal damage, dealing 320 (+4%) each attack.

3. D- When a bolt of light from Penance is used, increase movement speed of allies hit by 50% for 0.25s

lvl 4

1. Q- Smite increase range of the next basic attack by 20%. Basic Attacks increase range of the next Smite by 20%

2. W- Summon Naaru (W) also deals 130 (+4%) damage to enemies when summoned

3. E- Slow from Naaru's Judgment no longer fades, but decrease slow amount to 70%

lvl 7

1. Q- Basic attacks reduces CD of Smite (Q) by 0.5s

2. Q- Smite can be used on Naaru to deal 120 (+4%) damage to all enemies within Naaru's radius, reducing their next source of damage by 60%

3. D- Pennance grants 25 armor for 2s for the allies hit

lvl 13

1. W- Increase Naaru's movement speed and radius by 20%. Increase healing per second to 45 (+4%)

2. W- Summon Naaru heals an additional 90 (+4%) to the lowest health Hero within its area

3. 1- Naaru's Light (lvl 1) gains an additional charge. Also reduces its CD by 2s
This talent can only be chosen if Naaru's Light was chosen on lvl 1

lvl 16

1. D- Penance now affects 4 basic attacks within 6s

2. E- Naaru's Judgment also deals an additional damage of 7% of the player's missing health.

3. W- Naaru also deals 15 (+4%) damage per second to enemy heroes. Any time he deals damage, decrease CD of Summon Naaru by 0.1s

lvl 20

1. R1- Increase CD of Blinding Light to 200s, but increase duration of the blind to 10s and its damge done by 700%

2. R2- During Beacon of Light, Naaru's Judgment (E) recharges 580% faster

3. D- Reduces CD of Penance by 25s

4. 1- All Naaru's Light (lvl 1) charges are returned at once
This talent can only be chosen if Naaru's Light was chosen on lvl 1

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matrix123mko (7) | October 5, 2019 2:07pm
Seems cool.
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