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By: Xhevo
Last Updated: Aug 5, 2018
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Prophet of the Naaru

Description: A strong area of effect support that can easily keep an entire team alive.

Attack Type: Ranged
Health: 1420
Health Regen: 8.35
Resource: 500 Mana
Armor: 0
Attack Speed: 1.1
Attack Range: 5.5
Attack Damage: 70

    Area healing
    Zone control

    Crowd control

Combat Trait

Beacon of Faith
For every 1% health an allied Hero is missing, increase Velen’s healing to them by 1%, up to a maximum of 50% bonus healing. This bonus does not affect Velen. Additionally, allied Heroes move 10% faster when moving towards Velen.

Range: 10

Primary Abilities

Light of the Naaru
Cooldown: 3 seconds
Cost: 30 Mana
Place a sigil on a friendly Hero which heals them for 205 (+4% per level) health after 1.5 seconds. While the target is inside Circle of Healing, any excess healing will be evenly distributed between other allies inside the circle, and other allies inside the circle will be healed for 25% of the initial heal amount.

Range: 7
Circle of Healing
Cooldown: 16 seconds
Cost: 60 Mana
Bless the ground beneath you with holy energy, creating an area that heals all allied Heroes for 1050 (+4% per level) over 10 seconds.

Radius: 7
Range: 3
Holy Blast
Cooldown: 6 seconds
Cost: 25 Mana
Unleash a blast of concentrated holy energy, dealing 160 (+4% per level) damage to enemies in a cone and knocking them back.

Angle: 40°
Range: 5.5

Heroic Abilities

Holy Ward
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Cost: 60 Mana
Create a holy barrier around yourself that incinerates any enemy that enters, dealing 105 (+4% per level) damage every second and slowing enemies by 60%. Lasts 5 seconds.

Radius: 5.5
Velen's Chosen
Cooldown: 80 seconds
Cost: 60 Mana
Bless an allied Hero, granting them 20% increased damage for 10 seconds. For the duration, any damage they deal and take causes them to radiate light, healing them and allied Heroes around them for 20% of that amount.
Cannot be cast on Velen.

Range: 5.5
Healing Radius: 5.5

Tier 1 Talents

Divine Aegis
Light of the Naaru grants its target a shield that blocks 50% of the amount healed (including overheal).
Symbol of Hope
Increase Beacon of Faith's movement speed bonus from 10% to 20% when allied Heroes move towards Velen.
Clarity of Will
(!) Quest: Hit enemy Heroes with Holy Blast 20 times.
(!) Reward: Reduce the cooldown of Holy Blast by 2 seconds and its Mana cost by 10.

Tier 2 Talents

Cooldown: 30 seconds
Place down a Lightwell that heals the lowest health allied Hero for 50 (+4% per level) every 0.25 seconds. Lasts 5 seconds.
Radius: 5.5
Range: 5.5
Trail of Light
Light of the Naaru heals its target over 1.5 seconds instead of after 1.5 seconds. Increase the base heal amount by 15%.
Increase the radius of Holy Blast by 50%.

Tier 3 Talents

Light of the Naaru makes its target Unstoppable for 1 second. This cannot affect Velen.
Searing Light
Holy Blast slows enemies hit by 30% and increase its damage is increased by 20%.
Increase the healing amplification threshold of Beacon of Faith from 50% to 99%.

Heroic Tier Talents

Holy Ward
Create a large dome of light around Velen that damages and slows enemies.
Velen's Chosen
Bless an allied Hero, granting them increased damage and causing them to radiate healing light.

Tier 5 Talents

Ice Block
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Activate to place yourself in Stasis and gain Invulnerability for 3 seconds.
As long as you remain inside your Circle of Healing, its duration does not expire.
Enemies hit by Holy Blast deal 30% reduced damage for 2 seconds.

Tier 6 Talents

Share in the Light
An untalented Light of the Naaru jumps to a nearby allied Hero after its duration ends, up to 2 times, healing for 50% of the previous healing value. Each consecutive bounce detonates 0.5 seconds earlier.
Inner Focus
Being Stunned or Rooted casts a free Holy Blast around Velen. This effect has an 8 second cooldown.
Ray of Hope
Holy Blast heals all allied Heroes inside your Circle of Healing for 20% of the damage dealt.

Storm Tier Talents

Dome of Light
Allied Heroes inside Holy Ward gain 20 Armor. Decrease its cooldown by 20 seconds.
Not All Who Wander Are Lost
Velen is now always affected by Velen's Chosen.
Storm Shield
Cooldown: 45 seconds

Activate to give all nearby allied Heroes a Shield for 20% of their maximum Health for 3 seconds.

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matrix123mko (5) | July 3, 2018 9:22am
I like this. Feels like true Velen.
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