Vol'jin by HexerVoodoom

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By: HexerVoodoom
Last Updated: Nov 3, 2019
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Something Between Ranged Assassin and Support
The objective of this concept is to capture both support and assassin nature of a Shadow Hunter. I've done many troll concepts, including Shadow Hunters amd Whitch Doctors but this is meant to be more realistic, considering we will only get one more troll.
However, there ate still room for Queen Talanji and Kazakus

Combat Trait

One with the Shadows
Entering bushes grants stealth.
Vol'jin has true sight.
For every second still, Vol'jins sight radius increases by 1. Rapidly decay as he moves.

Primary Abilities

Shadow Hunt
Shots a powerful Shadow Arrow that hits the first hero it encounters.
Causes low damage amd the Hero damaged leaves a shadow path as it walks. Vol'jin can walk over thr path, passing through units and gates, and receiving extra mov Speed.
Next attack against target causes double damage

Talents allows to increase widht and quest to pierce more heroes; causes the arrow to slow enemies and increase basic attack against slowed targets
Healing Chain
Creates a healing chain, connecting allies and healing them. For each point of missing health of connected allies, more powerful is the healing.
It is a weak single target healing but increases it's power as allies are grouped and injured, making a poor healing for sustain and peeling but great for bursty team fights

Talents increases chain range, causes it to damage enemies according to how much healing was done and to remove debuffs from low health allies such as slows
Serpent Ward
His signature totem, the Serpent Ward can be placed to spit fire on enemies, prioritizing heroes. It is immune to magical damage and can only be destroyed by auto attacks or when it time expires.
4 serpent wards can be active at time. New serpents have less mana cost for remaining duration of the older active.

Talents are about increasing health and adding extra effects, like AOE damage around it for wave clear, DoT and Splash,true sight and range and a healing aura

Secondary Abilities

At level 1 Vol'jin must pick a Loa

Gonk: shadow hunt gives extra speed bonus; serpent ward also increase allies mov and atk speed

Shadra: enemies close to Healing Chain are slowed. Serpent Ward spits slows

Hir'eek: vol'jin has life steal; Serpent ward grants life steal aura to allies abilities.

Kragwa: Vol'jin's abilities have increased range; serpent ward has armor aura

Heroic Abilities

Big Bad Voodoo
Creates a big area around himself where allies health can't drop bellow 1. Must be channeled. Do not affect Vol'jin. The effect persists for 1 second after channeling ends.

Level 20: Increases the area of effect. if Vol'jin is stunned, casts Healing Chain automatically. If Vol'jin dies, his spirit casts Big Bad Voodoo (shares a separate cooldown)

The extra second allows the healing chain to be a good combo, allowing you to heal them for maximum bonus. Vol'jin however can be stunned or killed as he is vulnerable
Serpents Pit
Summons 6 Bluefire serpent wards around targeted area, which must be destroyed in order to be passed through. Bluefire serpents are as powerful as Serpent Wards but ignores armor. This wards does not count to wards limit.

Passive: serpent ward becomes Bluefire Serpent Ward

Level 20: increases serpent wards health and duration. Removes maximum wards limit at a time. Also causes it's time to refresh and to be affected by Healing Chain
Pact with Bwonsamdi
Level 20
Killing enemies increases their deathtimer by 10 seconds.
Each kill reduces his deathtimer by 10 seconds
One with Darkness
Level 20
Trait can be used to summon shadow dagger in every bush, damaging enemies inside or close enough.
While having vision over bushes, can cast Serpent Ward in any of them

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