Vol'jin (3) by HexerVoodoom

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Vol'jin (3)

By: HexerVoodoom
Last Updated: Jan 17, 2020
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Vol'jin (3)

Multiclass Healer/R.Assassin

Vol'jin filled many roles in life and all of his skills are yet to be seen. The shadow hunter have demonstrated powers over many areas, thus, is a suitable hero for Multiclass, being either Healer or Ranged Assassin.

Combat Trait

Blessing of Bwonsamdi
When enemy dies neraby Vol'jin he receives a charge of Blessing of Bwonsamdi up to 5. Each charge reduces his death timer by 20% and is consumed on Death.

R1 Serpent Ward
Enemies who dies nearby Vol'jin has deathtimer increased by 10%

R2 Voodoo Ward
Allies who dies nearby Vol'jin has deathtimer decreased by 10%

Primary Abilities

Shadow Glaive
Vol'jin throws his glave foward, hitting the first enemy hero it meets, damaging and causing a shadow path to form when the enemy moves.
Allied heroes who moves through the shadow path can go through units and have increased 20% mov. speed

R1 - Serpent Ward
Shadow Glaive deals extra damage and shadow path makes vol'jin stealth. If Vol'jin attacks while in stealth causes extra damage.

R2 - Voodoo Ward
Shadow Glaive silences for 1s and reduces healing received by 25% for the duration of shadow path
Healing Chain
Casts a chain of shadow energy, healing up to 4 allies. Vol'jin will always be healed. The damage healed is then spread around the chain, damaging nearby enemies for the total amount of healing. The damage is shared among enemies, meaning the more enemies, the weaker.
Chain Heal heals for extra 5% for each 20% health missing of each ally, increasing up to 100% if all allies are servely damaged.

R1 - Serpent Ward
Passive: Increases the damage caused by 100%

R2 - Voodoo Ward
PAssive: Healed allies receive extra 100% healing over 4seconds. This extra healing does not causes damage.
Voodoo Web
Vol'jin casts a net of burning shadows that roots enemies and deals damage overtime. If Vol'jin moves, attack or cast abilities before maximum time, the net will break after 0.5 seconds.

R1 - Serpent Ward
Passive: Trapped enemies receive -20 armor penalty

R2 - Voodoo Ward
Passive: Vol'jin can move freely after casting the ability without breaking it

Heroic Abilities

Serpent Ward
Vol'jin wields a fire serpent ward and can cast it to place the ward over terrain.
The ward will damage and slow a single nearby enemy. The spit however will bounce to nearby enemies one at a time. The same projectile can't bounce to a hero already affected by it.

Level 20
Whenever a hero dies, including Vol'jin, a serpent ward is placed over it's dying place.
Voodoo Ward
Vol'jin can chanel his voodoo ward to cast Big Bad Voodoo, covering a large area with his magick. Allies inside the area can't have HP drop below 0.
Vol'jin can be interrupted to cancel it.
After Vol'jin stops the channeling, either by time or interrupt, the effect will wear off after 1 second.

Level 20
Whenever Vol'jin stops casting, a free chain heal will be cast on allies inside the area.
Also, increases armor by 20
Storm Talent
Level 20
Vol'jin wields both wards. The new one however does not grants the passive effects and will rotate on bar once cast (Similar to junkrat)

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