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By: Lafiel
Last Updated: Sep 2, 2019
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Matriarch of the Nerazims

A cloaked healer that enable your team to strike anywhere on the map.

Combat Trait

Shroud of Adun
When Vorazun is out of combat for 3 seconds, she become cloaked, gain progressively a shield equals to 15% of her maximum health and her cooldown refreshes 30% faster.

Primary Abilities

8 seconds CD
2 charges
25 mana

Can target allies and ennemies.
If the target is an ally, increase his movement speed by 20% for 3 seconds. If it is an ennemy, reduce his movement speed by 15% for 2 seconds.
Void Spike
12 seconds CD
70 mana

Launch a Void Spike that hit the first enemy touched within 5 meters, dealing 100(+4%) damage and slowing by 15% over 2 seconds its target.
Reconstruction Beam
30 seconds CD
80 mana

Increase for 30 seconds the health regeneration of the target by 25(+4%)HP/seconds.

Secondary Abilities

Orbital Assimilator
Talent 4 active ability
45second CD

Channel for 1.5 second near a destroyed ennemy fort to summon a 1500(+4%)HP Orbital Assimilator that is permanently revealed.
If it is not destroyed after 45 seconds, it expire giving 1500(+4%) XP to your team.
4 second CD
30 mana
Dark Archon ability

Reset your basic attack cooldown, if your next basic attack target a hero, it will silence him for 0.75 seconds and reduce by 30% it's ability damages for 2.5 seconds.
6 second CD
40 mana
Dark Archon ability

After 0.75 second, stun all ennemies in an aera for 0.75 seconds.
Psionic Orb
12 second CD
70 mana
Dark Archon ability

Fires an orb of psionic energy forward, dealing 200 damage a second to all enemies in its path.

Heroic Abilities

Dark Pylon
90 seconds CD
120 mana

Summon a Dark Pylon near your location than last until destroyed or if you summon a new Dark Pylon.

Allies in range of the pylon gain health and mana regeneration. They are also cloaked if they are out of combat for 3 seconds.

Allies anywhere on the map can channel for 3 seconds to teleport near the pylon.
Dark Archon
100 seconds CD
80 mana
Transform Vorazun into a Dark Archon for 10 seconds, her basic attack become ranged and she temporary gain a new set of basic abilities.



E:Psionic Orb


Level 1:
-Argus Cristal (passive): Quest: collect globes to increase maximum mana.
-W: grant 20% life steal to ally's basic attacks against the target.
-E: Ennemy minions dying nearby reduces the cooldown of reconstruction beam by 0,75 seconds.

Level 4:
-Orbital Assimilator (Active)
-W: Blind the target and reduces its spell power by 30% for 2 seconds.
-E: Reconstruction Beam also regenerate mana.

Level 7:

-W:Reduce healings by 60%.
-W:Allies basic attacks deals 60(+4%) additionnal damages to the target.
-W:Increase the slow to 30%.

Level 13:
-Q: Chronomancy gain two more charges.
-E: Reconstruction Beam also build shield over time.
-E: Reconstruction Beam grant "Unstopable" for 1 second to its target.

Level 16:
-Q: Chronomancy also increase attack speed by 15%.
-Q/W: Hit Void Spike on an ennemy slowed by Chronomancy stun him for 1 seconds.
-Strike from the shadow: Cloaked heroes on your team gain 15% spell power, they keep it during 2 seconds after leaving stealth.

Level 20:
-R1: Emergency Recall: the first ally that take lethal damage in each pylon's field is immedialty recalled to the hall of storm
-R2: Twilight Archon: Basic attacks increases Dark Archon's duration.
-Q/W: reduce ennemy target's sight range.
-Pulsar Beam: Vorazun's basic attack become ranged.


The main idea behind that concept was to make a very macro oriented healer, enabling a great variety of teamplays around the map and (as expected for a stealthed hero) ganks.

Her two Heroic Abilities are quite different in that sense: Dark Pylon enable you to setup a fight for your team while they are split all around the map when, on the opposite, Dark Archon gives you a second wind once you have expended your (quite long) cooldowns fighting alongside your team.

I also imagined the Orbital Assimilator as an original and funny tool to bend the way maps are played by adding new ressources and objectives. Since it can be very strong to earn experience out of the usual ways, i added a variety of potential counterplays: you have to buy it at level 4, when you arent likely to know when the first ennemy fort will be destroyed; it is revealed and let some time for the ennemies to react and you will necessarily build it on the ennemy half of the map.

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