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Yogg Saron

By: Challenge
Last Updated: Apr 20, 2018
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Yogg Saron

Hope's End

Yogg Saron is a Warcraft Specialist, a dark omni-presence summoner that is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

Yogg Saron is a unique hero who does not directly fight in the battlefield but rather spreads his corruption and influence on it. He cannot be killed directly but killing off his minions and summons grant experience like normal heroes, and will temporarily halt his corrupting influence. He is sort of the ultimate global hero, but he does NOT have a actual, heroic body he can occupy. This means he will struggle on maps that require bodies to contest points, but excel on maps like cursed hollow. The skill in playing him would trying to be effective as you can everywhere on the map while also being impactful in team fights with choosing the right minion to evolve


Additional Notes:
-Replaces core. Has no basic attacks and cannot move. Functions literally as a core
-Summons and Minions expiring naturally does not count as killing them.
-Yogg Saron will periodically whisper enemy heroes throughout the game thats shows in their chat when certain situations occur, such as yogg saron getting a takedown, one of his minions destroying a fort, etc. This does nothing its just thematic. MADNESS WILL CONSUME YOU!

Combat Trait



Damage from your abilities apply insanity to enemy heroes for 6 seconds. This effect stacks. At 5 stacks of insanity, the target is feared for 1 second and removes any positive armor.

-Feared in place rather than running like Guldan's horrify

-Is like stun but doesn't trigger any talents that work against or with stuns

Faceless Ones

Passive (Unlisted)

Minion waves are now replaced with the faceless ones.

-Because Yogg saron is your core, he spawns his own minions. Otherwise functions 100% the same as normal minions when not interacting with his Q ability, brain link

-In order shown, Melee, Mage, Ranged, Catapult, and Spider minions (Tomb of the Spider queen)

Primary Abilities

Brain Link

Global Point and Click
60 second cooldown
8 second channel

Extend your will fully upon one of your faceless basic minions, giving you full control of them and evolving them, increasing their health by 150%, attack damage by 200%, and movement speed by 10%

While in control the The minion is empowered, granting a new Q and activating the W ability.

-While under brain link, the minion is now considered a hero and can contest objectives, capture mercenary camps, and other things a hero can.
-Minions who die under brain link grant full heroes exp and will "kill" yogg saron. While dead, he cannot cast any abilities and is considered "dead" like a normal hero until he respawns
-The animation for channeling is a clear and distinct visual que to let enemy players know where exactly yogg is mostly focusing his efforts at. It will upgrade the basic minion (think super saiyin transformation) and will grant a mini map icon until killed

Warrior Minion (Warrior role, melee)
Blunt strike that reduces enemy movement speed by 50%, deacying over 3 seconds. Applies 3 stacks of insanity.

Wizard minion (Support role, ranged)
Shroud an ally, causing them to pulse dark energy, applying 1 stack of insanity every second for 5 seconds.

Ranged minion (Assassin role, ranged)
Line skillshot that silences the first enemy hero for 0.25 seconds, and applying 1 stack of insanity.

Catapult minion (Specialist role, extra long ranged)
AoE skillshot that deals large damage to enemies and knocking them back based on the proximity to the center. Applies 2 stacks of insanity.

Spider minion (Specialist role, melee)
Drops a pool of poison under you dealing damage to enemies over 5 seconds and applying 1 stack of insanity each time it deals damage.
Crusher Tentacle

Medium cast range
Must be casted in range a Faceless one or C'Thraxxi
3 second cooldown

Instantly summon a Crusher Tentacle for 15 seconds that attacks nearby enemies. Prefers to attack heroes. Deals 50% bounus damage to heroes. Attacks apply 1 stack of Insanity

Crusher Tentacle Stats:
Attack damage-32
Attack speed-1 per second

-Only attack in melee range
-Simiilar to turrets from gazlowe and probius

Summon C'Thraxxi

Global AoE targeted
30 Second Cooldown
Cooldown begins upon death

After a 3 second delay, spawn a massive C'Thraxxi general that you can control. Last until killed. Deals 50% bonus damage to heroes. Attacks apply 1 stack of Insanity

C'thraxxi Stats:
Attack Damage 128
Attack Speed 1
Movement Speed- 125%

-Can be controlled as a pet like Water Elemental, Ultralisk, and Banshees
-Although he can be seen being summoned, he cannot be damaged until hes fully active
-Is also considered a hero and will be able to contest objectives and grant quest progress

Heroic Abilities

Eye stalker

45 second Cooldown

Summon a large eye stalker to guard the area for 15 seconds. Every second the eye stalker will apply 2 stacks of Insanity to the lowest health hero in the area.

1542 health

-Guards the area like phoenix or gargantuan

Faceless manipulator

Global point and click
90 second Cooldown

After a 2 second channel, summon a clone of an enemy hero for 15 seconds. Will prefer to attack heroes.

-Uses veteran AI

Special Mount

Unholy Frenzy

60 Second Cooldown
2.5 second channel
Cooldown begins once Brain Link is used

This ability will interupt yogg saron's brain link with his minion,making the minion go feral and revert to its lane minion AI. It will also revert back to a regular minion

-Brain Link cannot be recasted on a minion who already transformed
-Allows yogg a chance to avoid the "death" punishment but there is a cast time so it can be interupted.

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Challenge (8) | April 6, 2018 12:13pm
Did some big update to this one
cpt.haxray (1) | July 7, 2017 11:52am
A clarify for murky if he ever looks at this: Yogg's health is separate from the core's health. Yogg's health is used for the minion summons. Attacking the core still damages the core normally(Or at least I assume though).

That being said, i think the faceless ult right now is way too strong. You get a 20 second(thats a LONG time) copy of an enemy hero, making up for yogg's biggest weakness. They have an aura that stacks insanity(Which is pretty much: every 5 seconds, all nearby enemy heroes get stunned for a second, which is crazy by itself.) AND can only be damaged by the specific hero copied. I would either remove the aura, or remove the only damaged by copied target part.
Murky2 | July 8, 2017 6:08pm
yeah i caught that :/
Murky2 | July 6, 2017 12:42pm
I think that having a core that can be healed would be a bit op no? I think that if Yogg Sarron was in the game he would have receive 50% less healing. Other than that i LOVE this idea, having a hero that is the core is some serious thinking outside the box, but even if he was the core what if he had an inverted ragneros ability? For a secondary ability he could roam around the map but still have same abilities and the core will have the health Yogg Saron left it with. Making it a bit les risky but in this state he'd have half of his normal hp and cant ride mounts. (Edit, oops didnt read top part fully)
Challenge (8) | July 6, 2017 1:01pm
Do you mean like an avatar of sorts? not sure i quite understand the suggestion.

On that note, i had an idea where hed teleport in an inflict insanity to those who was facing his direction like his boss fight but it seemed op on paper since you have to face someone in order to deal damage to them
Murky2 | July 8, 2017 6:09pm
but still, healable core?
Murky2 | July 8, 2017 6:09pm
that idea was before i realized the core's health was seprate
Challenge (8) | July 6, 2017 8:33am
added second heroic, still working on it!
cpt.haxray (1) | July 4, 2017 3:26pm
This is prob one of the cooler yog-Sarons, with giving him a way to actually be 'killed' while not having a proper body, and health being his main mechanic. That being said, I think Brain Link's downside is way too risky for its upside, as minions really don't do much even with a 25% attack boost, even with the 300% health.

As an idea for his madness ultimate, it should allow him to activate it to instantly give all enemy heroes 4 stacks of insanity, and insanity stacks can't go below 4 for 5 seconds, with a 120 cooldown. In other words, if he times it right, a global 1 second stun, with a free 1 second stun anytime they get hit by one of his minions. Might need to be shorter than 5 seconds though.
Challenge (8) | July 4, 2017 6:36am
Please, please give feedback and suggestions if you have them! I really want it on this concept
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