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By: rgg138
Last Updated: Jul 30, 2020
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Female Witch Doctor

Combat Trait

Fetish Army
Basic Attacks throw a poison dart at the target, applying a poison that deals 12 (+4%) damage over 2s. Each additional application increase damage by 12 (+4%), up to 36 (+4%) over 2s. When the target has 3 stacks of poison, attacks no longer refresh duration.

Anytime an enemy has 3 stacks of poison dart, summons a dagger-wielding Fetish to attack enemies. Each Fetish last 10s, has 500 (+4%) hp and deals 32 (+4%) per attack.
Fetishes takes damage from AoE and targetable skills, but are immune to skillshots that does not pierce (Snipe, Singularity Spike, Frostbolt...)

Primary Abilities

Acid Cloud (Q)
charge cooldown: 5s
30 mana

Cause acid to rain down, dealing 120 (+4%) initial damage and an additional 20 (+4%) per Hero hit. Leaves a pool of acid that deals 30 (+4%) every 0.25s over 1.5s. Multiple casts in one area will stack.
Stores up to 3 charges.
Piranhado (W)
cooldown: 15s
70 mana

After 1s, summons a pool of deadly piranhas at the target area with a tornado at the center that pulls enemies withing the lake's radius to the center. Only pulls each enemy once per tornado.
Piranhado lasts 3s and deals 75 (+4%) damage per second to enemies standing there. Once an enemy Hero takes damage from this spell, they receives 20% more damage from Zunimassa for 3s
Spirit Walk (E)
cooldown: 20s
75 mana

Zunimassa release her spirit and leave her physical body behind for 1.5s. Her spirit moves 50% faster and cannot be seen by enemies, but enemy heroes can deal damage to the body. When it ends or is cancelled, her body jumps to her spirit

Heroic Abilities

Zombie Dogs (R2)
cooldown: 60s
75 mana

Summon 2 zombie dogs to fight for you for 8s, each dealing 80 (+4%) per attack. They have 1200 (+4%) hp that is consumed over the duration and, when they are killed, they explode, dealing 325 (+4%) damage to nearby enemies
Haunt (R2)
Passive: Basic attacks also cast a spirit to haunt the enemy Hero, dealing 147 (+4%) damage over 7s. Only one Hero may be affected with Haunt from basic attacks

charge cooldown: 45s
45 mana

Haunt another enemy Hero with a skillshot originated from the affected target with Basic Attack Haunt. Stores up to 2 charges. When 3 enemy heroes have Haunt, they lose 20 armor for the Haunt duration


Health: 1284 (+4%)
HP regen: 2.675 (+4%)

Mana: 500 (+10)
Mana regen: 3

Attack Damage: 90 (+4%)
Attack Speed: 1,111


lvl 1

1. Q- Quest: for each enemy hero hit by Acid Cloud increase bonus damage per hero hit by 0.5, up to 20
Reward: Hit 40 enemy heroes to increase area by 25%

2. W- Passive: increase range of Piranhado by 20%
Quest: deal damage to enemy heroes inside the lake of piranhas 100 times
Reward: reduces CD of Piranhado by 3s

3. D- Increase duration of Fetish by 2s. Regeneration globes increase duration by 5s and heal all Fetishes you have at the moment. Also passively increase movement speed of each Fetish by 20%

lvl 4

1. Q- Increase duration of the Acid pool by 1.5s. Acid pool slowly increase area by 10% per second, up to 30%

2. Q- Increase damage of basic attacks and the poison from Poison Dart by 50% to enemies inside the acid pool

3. D- Every 10s, your next basic attack casts 3 poison darts in a row, each dealing 33(+4%) damage and applying a poison stack to the target.

lvl 7

1. E- Increase movement speed bonus of Spirit Walk to 100%

2. D- For each Fetish active, Zunimassa gains 5 armor. When a new fetish is summoned, the duration of the olders one are increased by 2s

3. - Basic abilities cost 20% less mana, but they cost an additional 3% of Zunimassa's maximum health. Passively regenerates 1% of maximum health per second

lvl 13

1. Q- Anytime the damage per second from the acid pool deals damage to enemy heroes, decrease CD of Acid Cloud by 0.375s

2. W- Increase area of Piranhado by 20%. Reduces movement speed of enemies inside the lake by 35%

3. E- At the end of Spirit Walk, your body explode, dealing 324 (+4%) damage to nearby enemies. Reduces CD of Spirit Walk by 3s for each enemy hero hit and by 1.5s for each enemy non-hero hit

lvl 16

1. W- Piranhado now has 2 charges with a 5s cd between uses. Also increase damage bonus enemies hit by Piranhado takes to 25%

2. E- Right after Spirit Walk, increases all damage done by 75% for 2s

3. D- When you attack an enemy with basic attacks, all the Fetishes also throw a Dart to that target, dealing 60 (+4%) damage. But reduces duration of Fetish by 2s.

lvl 20

1. R1- You passively have a zombie dog with 900 (+4%) hp that deals 60 (+4%) damage per attack. That dog respaw 30s after being killed

2. R2- If an enemy Hero is killed while Haunt is active on them, reduces CD of Haunt by 30s and CD of all basic abilities by 2s. Also increase damage of Haunt to 175 (+4%) over 7s

3. - When you take fatal damage, enter the spirutal realm for 2s and heal for 50% of you maximum life. This effect cannot occur more than once every 60s

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