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By: reversedaura
Last Updated: Apr 8, 2017
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Ancient Primal Zerg

A massive subterranean Primal Zerg that isn’t always on the battleground. Emerge anywhere on the map to use abilities, but you are immobile and have no basic attack. Very high health and immune to displacements. Does not have mana.

From the Starcraft wiki:
Zurvan (or the Ancient One) was a primal Zerg of Zerus who had lived for millions of years. He was spawned before the Overmind, and lived to see the return of the Zerg Swarm to Zerus during the Second Great War. It shepherded a deinfested Sarah Kerrigan's rebirth into the Swarm, before challenging her and subsequently being killed and having its essence absorbed by her.

Combat Trait

Usable when Submerged

You are normally not on the map. Activate to pop your head out of the ground anywhere on the map, allowing you to use new abilities but making yourself vulnerable to damage. You are immobile, have no basic attack, and are immune to displacements.
Usable when Emerged

After you have been emerged for at least 15 seconds, activate to Submerge, taking you off the battlefield and fully healing yourself. You cannot Emerge again for 25 seconds.

Primary Abilities

Energized Enzymes
Usable when Emerged

Lob a ball of enzymes to target location, dealing damage to enemies on impact. The ball leaves a pool of enzymes for 4 seconds, dealing damage every second to enemies standing on it and slowing their movement speed by 20%. 6 second cooldown.
Primal Hunger
Usable when Emerged

Stretch out your neck and take a bite at target location after a delay, dealing damage to enemies in the area and pulling them to your location. Enemies are in stasis while being pulled. Enemy minions are instantly killed.

16 second cooldown.
Tentacle Slap
Usable when Emerged


Whenever you Emerge, a Tentacle spawns above your position. Every 5 seconds, another Tentacle spawns around you in a triangle formation for a maximum of 3 Tentacles. Tentacles can be killed individually. Tentacles spawn clockwise or counterclockwise depending on which team you are on.


All Tentacles slam the ground to deal damage in a line area after a 0.5 second delay. The line areas start at each Tentacle and are directed toward target point.

8 second cooldown.

Secondary Abilities

Usable when Submerged

After a 2 second delay, pop out of the ground at target location anywhere on the map to bite at enemies, dealing damage to enemy non-buildings in the area. All enemy minions in the area are instantly killed.

20 second cooldown.

NOTE: You do not actually Emerge or become targetable, the skill animation just looks like your head bursting out of the ground and taking a giant NOM. The Jaws theme plays during the delay.

Heroic Abilities

Fully Emerge
Usable when Emerged

After being emerged for at least 5 seconds, fully emerge your entire body, allowing you to move at 80% normal hero speed and granting you a basic attack that deals area damage.

You can still cast Energized Enzymes [Q] and Primal Hunger [W]. You no longer spawn Tentacles around you. Casting Tentacle Slap [E] deals damage in a wide line area in target direction after a 0.5 second delay.

Lasts for 30 seconds, until you activate Submerge [D], or are killed.

80 second cooldown after the effect ends.
Primordial Gut
Usable when Emerged


While you are emerged, allied heroes respawn next to you.


Stretch out your neck and take a bite at target location after a delay. All allied heroes in the area are instantly transported back to the Hall of Storms. 45 second cooldown.

Talent Tree

Level 1

Hard Headed – You gain 15 armor while emerged.

Too Old for This [D] – The minimum time you must be emerged before being able to cast Submerge is decreased by 3 seconds.

Digestion Master [W] – Quest: Eating caster minions with Feast increases your health regeneration by 2, stacking up to 60.
Reward: After eating 30 caster minions, increase your maximum health by 1000.

Level 4

Electrifying Enzymes [Q] – Increase the slow of Energized Enzyme pools to 30%.

Preferred Prey [W] – Feast and Primal Hunger deal 200% bonus damage to mercenaries, monsters, and enemy summons.

Tough Tentacles [E] – Increase the health of Tentacles by 30%.

Level 7

Digestive Juices [Q] – Enemies damaged by Energized Enzymes or enzyme pools take damage over 5 seconds. This effect refreshes while they are standing in enzyme pools.

Second Helping [W] – Feast reduces its cooldown and the time until you can Emerge again by 2 seconds for each enemy hero hit. Primal Hunger reduces its cooldown by 2 seconds for each enemy hero hit.

Massive Munch [W] – Increase the radius of Feast and Primal Hunger by 25%.

Tons of Tentacles [E] – Tentacles spawn 1 second faster.
Quest: Hit enemy heroes with Tentacle Slap.
Reward: After hitting 20 enemy heroes, increase the maximum number of Tentacles to 4 and the Tentacles now make a diamond formation around you.

Level 13

Splatter [Q] – Energized Enzymes bounces once in the direction of its travel, dealing damage and leaving an enzyme pool in a second area.

Main Course [W] – Feast and Primal Hunger deal 100% bonus damage to enemy heroes and Primal Hunger heals you for 100% of the damage it deals to enemy heroes.

Giant Slapper [E] – Tentacle Slap deals 2% of enemies’ maximum health as bonus damage per tentacle. When fully emerged, Tentacle Slap deals 5% of enemies’ maximum health as bonus damage.

Level 16

Shocking Emergence [D] – When you Emerge, damage nearby enemies and stun them for 0.5 seconds.

Corrosive Fluids [Q] – Enemy heroes standing on Energized Enzyme pools lose 15 armor.

Enraged Tendrils [E] – When you are below 50% of your maximum health, the cooldown of Tentacle Slap is reduced to 4 seconds.

Tentacle Tantrum [E] – Tentacles will now automatically slap at enemy heroes that get close to it. When emerged, each Tentacle will do this separately on an individual 10 second cooldown. When fully emerged, a single Tentacle grows out of your back and will slap at enemy heroes near you on a 4 second cooldown.

Level 20

Attack on Titan [R1] – Fully Emerge no longer has a timer and your basic attacks while fully emerged deal 200% more damage to structures.

Cycle of Life [R2] – While you are emerged, allied heroes’ death timers tick down 100% faster. Reduce the cooldown of Primordial Gut by 15 seconds.

Quick Snack [W, R2] – Increase the range of Primal Hunger and Primordial Gut by 50%. Decrease the delay of Feast, Primal Hunger and Primordial Gut by 50%.

Tentacle Surprise [E] – When submerged, activate [E] to make a full formation of Tentacles spawn at target location anywhere on the map. Each Tentacle immediately slaps at the nearest enemy, prioritizing heroes.

Some Thoughts

Wanted to make an interesting take on a global hero. His Emerge/Submerge grants him more of a global presence than current global heroes, but his lack of actual mobility once on the map means he has to pick and choose his emergence points carefully.

Since he can't move and I envision his abilities to be medium range, I think he would need to have a lot of health because he can't avoid skill shots, which is also why he has a stronger version of Regeneration Master. Even if he takes the talent to lower his minimum emergence time, he still has to stay on the map for at least 12 seconds, which is plenty of time to get killed if he emerges in a bad position.

For the lane phase, I imagine it would be hard to emerge in lane, since you would be taking harassment and be pretty prone to ganks. Since I think his abilities should be mid range at most, emerging behind your fort walls isn't much of an option either. That's why I gave him Feast, to let him wave clear at a moderate rate when he needs to do something on the map, but his full presence is not yet necessary/worth the risk of being ganked. I believe that a 20 second cooldown on Feast is long enough to let enemy dedicated wave clearers still push into his towers. Which is also why he has talents to help with that as well.

For clarification, Primal Hunger is a circular AoE "pull enemies to your location" that would have an animation/warning indicator to make it clear what would be about to happen. Primordial Gut would have similar targeting/animation but it's used to save allies instead.

The idea behind Primordial Gut is that Zurvan is so massive and old, that he's eaten all sorts of things in the universe, all of which exists as some sort of primordial soup in his stomach. Somehow, from this soup... Heroes get respawned, and he pukes them back out. This gave me an interesting idea for a level 20 talent, which would help hasten this process of... birthing heroes.

Energized Enzymes and Tentacle Slap are abilities he has in Starcraft 2, when you fight him with Kerrigan. His full body model exists in that game, so I thought Fully Emerge would be an appropriate heroic option.

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sheepking2000 | May 15, 2017 9:47am
Wow he seems really good!
vonBoomslang | April 18, 2017 5:38am
Love the idea, with one big exception - respawn reduction talents prove to be very detrimental to gameplay.
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