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Guide of the Week: OCM's Ragnaros

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Quote | PM | +Rep by Hades4u » December 27, 2016 7:54am | Report

Hey everyone! This week our featured guide is DefinitelyNotOCM's "OCM's Ragnaros" for Ragnaros, the Firelord.

Below we've highlighted some chapters of DefinitelyNotOCM's guide, make sure to check it out for yourself so that you don't miss out on any useful information on how to properly play [[Ragnaros]!


DefinitelyNotOCM's guide begins with an introductory section where we can find information about the guide's author and also about Ragnaros. Here we find out that OCM is a very experienced Heroes of the Storm player, being a master of Assassin heroes and "flex" play style. Based on his information, Ragnaros can be considered a hybrid between AP and AD, allowing him to be built in different, effective ways.

Build: 3rd degree burns

Moving on, let's discuss about the build that DefinitelyNotOCM finds the most "meta". This build focuses on his melee damage potential and on his Empower Sulfuras ability. This ability allows Ragnaros to deal huge amounts of damage while also keeping him alive, and as for all the assassins, the more you stay alive in the fight, the more damage you're able to inflict to the enemy team.

Make sure to check for yourself DefinitelyNotOCM's guide for Ragnaros, the Firelord. Tell us about matches while following his guide lines and make sure to tell him what you think about his guide!
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Quote | PM | +Rep by Jioir » December 28, 2016 10:40am | Report
I understand that OCM is super pro and all in North America and that this is the mainstream build, but I build entirely into Rag's alt+E and other R to great results in Asia. My results since Rag went to 10k gold last week:
-18 / 20 games so far.
-Worst game was 3 deaths, most games are 0 deaths, a handful of 1s and 2s.
-20-min games result in ≥35k exp contribution and ≥150k siege. More-common 25- to 30-min games have me hitting 50k exp and 250k siege easily.
-Games end with us up 3+ levels.
-Virtually every game I manage to quickly grab 10+ merc camps because of the strength of alt+E with all talents.
-About 50-50 top hero damage for both teams, but that is never pursued at the expense of absurdly high experience gains by way of wiping entire lanes pushed furthest to our core. Two R charges at 20 push the level gap even more. Top hero damage is an accident if it does happen, and enemy teams just cannot catch up from about lv12+.

My main is Vikings (my best winrate hero), and I play Rag for massive exp / utility similar to Vikings. I have had a few 10-min slaughterfests with Rag, but almost all of the 20 games in the past week have been 20+ min with the above results, building entirely differently. I am not certain how things are done in NA, but my way works for me and is way more common in Asia. Try it sometime.

Note: Do not really bother putting E on someone, just alt+E it. Do not knee-jerk R to use on heroes in a lane who just leave that lane when the sound effect plays, wait until a lane is pushed at least 50% of the way to your core. The most common counter to Rag so far has been Hammer unless the Hammer is really bad.

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